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RELEASED CN More Farming v7.11.183

Want to spice up your kitchen with a multitude of ingredients, well now you can, again!

  1. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    ColonolNutty submitted a new mod:

    CN More Farming: Revitalisation - Want to spice up your kitchen with a multitude of ingredients, well now you can, again!

    Read more about this mod...
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  2. Lord Humungus

    Lord Humungus Big Damn Hero

    Back when it was More Food Mod I made some suggestions for both biomes to insert various plants from the mod in as well as Frackin Universe biome insertions if you want to make a patch to bridge the 2. Here's an extremely preliminary updating of it.

    For Reference: Rainbow is apparently called "Colourful" on the wiki, so I'm going with that.

    artichokeMFMseed > Garden, Savannah, Giant Flower(Artichoke is literally a flower so why not?)
    asparagusMFMseed > Garden, Savannah, Forest, Spring
    bambooBMBshoot > Garden, Forest, Jungle, Spring, Oasis
    beetMFMseed > Garden, Savannah, Oasis
    bellpepperMFMseed > Garden, Jungle, Colourful, Desert, Savannah, Oasis, Decayed
    blackberryPBJseed > Garden, Forest, Spring, Swamp, Savannah, Tundra, Decayed, mushroom patch
    blueberriesPBJseed > Forest, Swamp, alpine, Tundra
    broccoliMFMseed > Forest, Garden, Spring
    brusselsproutMFMseed > Forest, Garden, spring
    cauliflowerMFMseed > Forest, Garden, Spring
    cocoaMFMseed > Jungle, Colourful
    cucumberMSMseed > Savannah, Oasis, Garden, Spring
    dragonfruitMFMseed > Savannah, Oasis, Desert, Decayed, Colourful, Giant Flower(Grows in tropics, but for balance reasons stick in only this and the previous one)
    garlicMFMseed > Savannah, Oasis, Spring
    gingerMSMseed > Jungle, Colourful, Ocean(spice islands), Giant Flower(jungle)
    greenbeanMFMseed > Savannah, Garden, Spring, Forest
    jalapenopepperMFMseed > Garden, Jungle, Colourful, Desert, Savannah, Oasis
    oatsMFMseed > Garden, Forest, Savannah
    onionMFMseed > Savannah, Oasis, Spring
    peaMFMseed > Garden, Spring, Forest, Savannah
    peanutPBJseed > Spring, Savannah, Garden
    raspberryPBJseed > Garden, Forest, Spring, Swamp, Savannah, Decayed, Tundra, Oasis, Colourful, Mushroom Patch
    reedBMBsprout > Garden, Forest, Jungle, Swamp, Oasis
    rutabagaMFMseed > Forest, Spring, Garden
    strawberryPBJseed > Garden, Forest, Spring
    sugarbeetMFMseed > Forest, Spring, Steamspring
    sweetpotatoMFMseed > Garden, Jungle, Ocean, Giant Flower
    vanillabeanMFMseed > Jungle, Colourful, Giant Flower

    If you feel really ambitious/are a fan of FrackinUniverse, here's the FU biomes in case you want to do what Crispy did with his mod and include stuff in FU's biomes. To get the relevant info, go with the gifhub version so you can get the .biome files.

    artichokeMFMseed > Desert Oasis, Meadow,
    asparagusMFMseed > Tidewater, Meadow, Haunted Forest, Mountainous
    bambooBMBshoot > Primeval Forest, Rainforest
    beetMFMseed > Birch Forest, Taiga, Haunted Forest, Eldrich Forest
    bellpepperMFMseed > Desert Oasis, Cactus, Primeval Forest(prehistoric looking fruit to go with raptors plus implied subtropical)
    blackberryPBJseed > Apple Orchard, Taiga, Mountainous, Peach Orchard, Meadow, Pear orchard, Haunted Forest, Coniferous Forest, Taiga, Pear Orchard, Winter Glade, Alien Forest(Because Raspberries and blackberries are such adaptable invasive species.)
    blueberriesPBJseed > Taiga, Winter Glade, Bog, Birch Forest, Coniferous Forest
    broccoliMFMseed > Meadow, Haunted Forest, Eldrich Forest
    brusselsproutMFMseed > Haunted Forest, Eldrich Forest
    cauliflowerMFMseed > Forest, Garden, Winter Glade
    cocoaMFMseed > Rainforest, Rainbow Wood, Primeval Forest, Ancient Glade
    cucumberMSMseed >Meadow, Desert Oasis, Garden, Flower Forest, Rainbow Wood(to go with related neonmelons)
    dragonfruitMFMseed >Cactus, Rainbow Wood, Desert, Primeval Forest(This is more because of it being a weird fruit tbh)
    garlicMFMseed > Meadow, Flower Forest
    gingerMSMseed > Rainforest, Rainbow Wood
    greenbeanMFMseed > Meadow, Flower Forest, Mountainous
    jalapenopepperMFMseed > Cactus, Primeval Forest(prehistoric looking fruit to go with raptors plus implied subtropical)
    oatsMFMseed > Meadow, Taiga, Coniferous Forest, Taiga
    onionMFMseed > Savannah, Desert Oasis
    peaMFMseed > Apple Orchard, Meadow, Haunted Field, Haunted Forest
    peanutPBJseed > Rainforest, Rainbow Wood, Primeval Forest
    raspberryPBJseed > Apple Orchard, Taiga, Mountainous, Peace Orchard, Meadow, Pear orchard, Coniferous Forest, Taiga, Pear Orchard, Winter Glade, Chromatic, Eden, Irradiated, Alien Forest(Because Raspberries and blackberries are such adaptable invasive species.)
    reedBMBsprout > Bog, Black Slime Bog, Estuary
    rutabagaMFMseed > Taiga, Meadow, Tidewater, Coniferous Forest
    strawberryPBJseed > Taiga, Meadow, Birch Forest, Eldrich Forest, Haunted Forest, Flower Forest
    sugarbeetMFMseed > Taiga, Meadow
    sweetpotatoMFMseed > Rainforest, Rainbow Wood, Primeval Forest
    vanillabeanMFMseed > Rainforest, Rainbow Wood[/QUOTE]
  3. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    Hey that's not a half bad suggestion, and now that it's in a github repository, I bet it'll be even easier to get those updates in there little by little. I don't understand how anyone could play without Frackin' Universe. On a side note, I've been working on reviving the Survivalist mod and maybe one day it'll be able to be run along side it as well. Everything must needs FU compability!
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  4. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    I'm trying to understand what you meant by "both biomes" at the start of your comment "I made some suggestions for both biomes to insert various plants from the mod" Both biomes from where? Do you mean biomes as in both mods (and which mods did you mean at that), or are you referring to starbound biomes like forest/garden/jungle? or was that just a typing error? @Lord Humungus
  5. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    Anyways, I'll get on that
  6. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    Wow, I had to read it a couple times and finally got it, this format made more sense in my brain:

    I made some suggestions for both:
    1. biomes to insert various plants from the mod in
    2. as well as Frackin Universe biome insertions
  7. xaliber

    xaliber Scruffy Nerf-Herder


    Small, nitpicky suggestion: since there is no Iron Crafting Table in 1.2, shouldn't the furnitures (blender, coffee machine, etc) be in Wooden Workbench or Industrial Workbench (furniture1 or furniture2) instead?

    Also since we can craft fridge now, I don't think we need another recipe for fridge, as it has become redundant...
  8. Lord Humungus

    Lord Humungus Big Damn Hero

    I need to play FrackinUniverse more instead of just my usual screwing around, but when I do I'll be able to add more biome/minibiome suggestions for crops to grow in. In the meantime I dug up a few more old additions/edits I also proposed that Mackinz didn't put in.

    Here's a few dead mods to consider incorporating somehow once MFM's content has been updated. Mostly earth plants, but there are some that can be argued to be genetically modified and even a couple alien crops.


    ccapple > Apple Orchard, Garden, Forest, Birch Forest. Apex are already implied to be human-like so why not an Apeple? The Apeple being a bush and not a tree fits with the near-parallelism.
    ccocoapod > Jungle, Colourful, Rainforest, Rainbow Wood, Primeval Forest. Probably redundant, but it can be redeemed as a plant that literally produces chocolate. Sorta cheaty, but hey it's a SF game so genetic engineering is possible. "Chocolate Bush" as name.
    ccjelon/jelon(theyre basically the same) > Garden, Colourful, Rainbow Wood, Primeval Forest, Spring, Rainforest, Jungle, Ancient Glade, Desert Oasis
    ccdungroot > Garden, Savannah, Swamp, Bog, Rainforest, Fungal. This poisons you if you eat it. Crispy planned recipies but none yet, but keep it in for variety/to punish people who make the mistake of eating it.
    ccmushroom > Forest, Primeval Forest, Fungal, mushroom patch, Lightless sphere, Deadwood, Birch Forest, Taiga Apple, Orchard, Pear Orchard, Flesh(lives on rotting material), Eyeball(See flesh's reasons), Dark Primeval. Rename it to Portabello.
    ccorange > Savannah, Desert Oasis, Ocean, Primeval Forest(subtropical), Primeval Glade(see the previous one)
    ccpumpkin > Forest, Primeval Forest, Rainforest, Garden, Eldrich Field, Eldrich Forest, Haunted Forest, haunted graveyard
    ccshadowbulb > penumbra, lightlesspshere, Dark Primeval, haunted forest, eldrich forest, eldrich field, haunted graveyard
    crystalplantseed > Crystal Swamp, Crystalline Plain
    ccgoldencarrot > Colourful Rainbow Wood
    ccgoldenbanana > Colourful, Rainbow Wood
    ccgoldenapple > Colourful, Rainbow Wood

    A minor outdated mod: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/prickly-pears.15/

    prickleypears > alien desert, desert, cactus, arid, red waste, desert oasis, savannah

    another old mod: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/hedge-cactus-bamboo-petrenkos-farmables.250/

    cactusseed > desert, cactus, alien desert, Scorched Desert. Rename to Saguaro. Think of this as another source of cactus material
    bambooseed > Primeval Forest, Rainforest, Jungle. Rename to great bamboo and make it drop more bamboo than normal bamboo.

    Yet another: FFF http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/fff-farmable-fuel-and-food.140/

    cottonseed > garden, forest, flower forest, Spring

    This one's a food mod you can mine for recipes: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/mo-food.835/

    A bit of a quirky one: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/holiday-tree-mod.1147/

    holidayfir > Winter Glade, Taiga, Alpine


    rattan > jungle, rainforest, primeval forest, dark primeval, rainbow wood, Ocean


    soybean > garden, forest, primeval forest(grows in subtropics), Rainforest, Jungle

    Another race mod with a crop. http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/mantis-race.1133/

    resinberry > primeval forest, dark primeval, flower forest, Spring, hell hive, hive, Rainforest. FU has resin as an item so perhaps you can craft it from resin berry.


    eggplant > rainforest, ocean, jungle, alien forest, garden
    coconutpalmseed > ocean, Rainbow Wood, rainforest, colourful, Jungle, desert oasis


    palsterstickseed > desert, desert oasis, wasteland, alien desert, fungal, savannah, alien, mushroom patch, Tar(alien)
    garpberry > colourful, rainbow wood, alien forest, alien, fungal, mushroom patch, Tar(alien)
    finkel > fungal,, mushroom patch swamp, bog, blackslimebog, Tar(alien)


    avikanspiceplantseed > desert, desert oasis, jungle, alien desert
    avikancactusseed > desert, red desert, alien desert, desert oasis, cactus

    Last one: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/floran-fly-trap-new-crop.2235/

    flytrapseed > primeval forest(goes with raptors), ancient glade, bog(Where lots of carnivorous plants live), swamp(see previous), jungle, alien forest, alien, tentacle(biological abomination so it fits),

    some old additions to existing ones.

    artichokeMFMseed > Alien Forest(florans liked the looks of them), mutated(looks alien enough)
    asparagusMFMseed > Alien Forest(see artichoke's entry), Spring, Mutated(see above)
    bambooBMBshoot > Ancient Glade
    beetMFMseed > Alpine, Haunted Graveyard
    bellpepperMFMseed > Flower Forest
    blackberryPBJseed > Alpine, Flower Forest, Spring, mutated
    blueberriesPBJseed > Alpine, Tundra, Spring
    broccoliMFMseed > Flower Forest
    brusselsproutMFMseed > Ancient Glade
    cauliflowerMFMseed > Flower Forest, Giant Flower(literally a flower)
    cocoaMFMseed > Ocean(tropical)
    cucumberMSMseed >Flower Forest, Spring
    dragonfruitMFMseed >Spring(colorful), Giant Flower(pseudo-tropical), Badlands
    garlicMFMseed > Spring
    gingerMSMseed > Colourful(pseudo-tropical minibiome)
    greenbeanMFMseed > Spring, Alpine
    jalapenopepperMFMseed > Ocean(to go with other spices), Badlands, Alien Deert
    oatsMFMseed > Spring
    onionMFMseed > Alpine, mountainous
    peaMFMseed > Pear Orchard, Peach Orchard
    peanutPBJseed > Dark Primeval
    raspberryPBJseed > Birch Forest, mutated
    reedBMBsprout > Tidewater
    rutabagaMFMseed > Alpine
    strawberryPBJseed > Alpine, Spring
    sugarbeetMFMseed > Alpine, Spring, Mountainous
    sweetpotatoMFMseed > Spring, Ocean(polynesians kept spreading it IRL so why not?
    vanillabeanMFMseed >Ocean(spice islands)

    Other ones needing additions to their biomes:
    ccshadowbulb > bioluminescence, mutated
    avikanspiceplantseed > ocean(spice islands)
    avikancactusseed > badlands
    cactus(the vanilla cactus) > badlands
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  9. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    I'll update the issue in github to reflect it
  10. carson3003

    carson3003 Phantasmal Quasar

    I cannot express how much I love you for fixing this mod
  11. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    Well, you could come up with ideas for improvement, and even log bugs when you find them
  12. 777Dan777

    777Dan777 Cosmic Narwhal

    i can't seem to craft some of the kitchen appliances. i went into the github and saw you used an obsolete crafting station instead of its cheerful giraffe version.
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  13. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    obsolete? I created that one myself and recently too, are you not seeing the recipe for the crafting station in the Inventors Table 2? Oh wait, I'm thinking of Yes Chef, hah, yeah I'll get on fixing the appliances in this mod
  14. carson3003

    carson3003 Phantasmal Quasar

    Was just about to mention being unable to find any of the crafting stuff for this mod
    It may be worth mentioning that this mod has its own Cocoa plant, which has since been implemented into the base game
  15. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    Fixed it, although now that I think about it, I haven't tested whether the appliances themselves work, I'll get on that
  16. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    Not just that, but a few other things as well, such as sugercane (which the default crop could just drop the same item), I'll add an issue to the repository to address the duplicates
  17. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    Actually there isn't a separate sugarcane crop :p it straight replaces the sugarcane drop to give you a different item
  18. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    I removed Cocoa here is the changelog for it (also in the description):
    • Remove the Custom Cocoa seed and Raw Cocoa
    • The Custom Cocoa Seed and Raw Cocoa can be converted to the base game cocoa seed and cocoa pod at a farming table under the Farming tab (same location as the Hoe)
    • Any custom cocoa plants planted will drop the base game cocoa seed rather than the custom one, and they will drop cocoa instead of raw cocoa
    • In order to get chocolate you must go through the entire process now, rather than going straight from cocoa pod to chocolate, you'll have to use a multitude of tools
  19. 777Dan777

    777Dan777 Cosmic Narwhal

    i used some of the appliances. they work.
  20. ColonolNutty

    ColonolNutty Ketchup Robot

    I made sure they worked, cause I didn't want to give you access to broken crafting :)

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