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RELEASED Cloud's Multi-Buster Sword

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by Aimay, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

    Cloud's Multi-Buster Sword
    A mod to add Cloud's Buster Swords from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children to Starbound. These weapons are meant for early-mid gamers and are made and bought in an anvil.

    This mod adds 7 new swords to Starbound, each is a different version or part of Cloud's Buster sword from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children and you have to pay 150 pixels to buy each part and another 250 pixels to combine each part together.

    The image at the bottom is the final version of the sword and the only part to be two handed, meaning you can choose several different combinations of the sword together. Although the final version is the most powerful.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    REDIRECT http://community.playstarbound.com/...lades-buster-sword-winchester-rifle-etc.1542/
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  2. Therevan789

    Therevan789 Big Damn Hero

    Can you make the instructions easier to understand?
  3. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

    Instructions where? How to make the full sword? Or how to implement the mod?
  4. Therevan789

    Therevan789 Big Damn Hero

    How to install the mod.

    PS:I love the idea of combining the parts of the sword to create the full sword.
  5. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

    It's simple, all you have to do is find the folder that contains the Starbound assets data, this should be in your computer hard drive in the Steam-Steamapps-Common-Starbound folder.

    From there just place the files where the folders in the download tells you.
  6. Therevan789

    Therevan789 Big Damn Hero

    "Place in folder of swords" Where is it? in recipes folder of weapons? or in items/swords?
  7. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

    The folders name is 'Place files in items-swords-other' So yes, click on the items folder, then Swords, then other and place the sword and PNG files there.

    The recipes go in recipes-starter-plain.
  8. RobertRevenge

    RobertRevenge Pangalactic Porcupine

    Is there only supposed to be one sword file and one recipe file?
  9. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

  10. Albus Rabbit

    Albus Rabbit Subatomic Cosmonaut

    The fusion swords are actually collectedly called the First Tsurugi, also nice mod, I wish there was a way to actually put them together and split them like the oblivion mod of the First Tsurugi.
  11. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

    I could make it so you can split them but right now the only way to do that would be to add another 3 recipes that I think would clutter the screen. AND to put them back together it'd cost another 250 pixels.

    Right now it costs 2,250 pixels to get the final sword. Which for early-mid gamers is quite a bit.

    But if you think it'll make the mod better I can add it if you request.
  12. MoonyJello

    MoonyJello Existential Complex

    Nice, now I can kill penguins in style!

    Next up is an Omnislash Tech right >_>
  13. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

    If I can make a tech that gives a boost to energy and weapon speed, sure!
  14. ErenJaeger

    ErenJaeger Intergalactic Tourist

    So should we put this player.config file that include '[ item name]',?
  15. Albus Rabbit

    Albus Rabbit Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh just a quick question have you got other squenix weapons like the gunblade with close range explosion effect like in FF8?
  16. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

    You have to copy the text from the .txt document into your player.config.

    As of right now it isn't possible to have a weapon that is both a gun and a sword, I could make it fire and swing at the same time but that would get annoying fast. So right now, no, sorry.
  17. Albus Rabbit

    Albus Rabbit Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ah actually I was thinking more of the original FF8 design then the dissidia and KH one, the dissidia and KH one acts like a gun with projectiles and everything but the FF8 version actually only acts a sword with an explosion effect on hit which I thought could be possible with the current effects with Starbound.
    Well anyway I can't wait to see what other RPG and Squenix designed weapons you come up with :) keep being awesome.
  18. depressed_fox69

    depressed_fox69 Orbital Explorer

    Im having problems with the mod its not working after i followed instructions..? help?!!
  19. Aimay

    Aimay Big Damn Hero

    If you've placed the files in the right folders and copied the text out of the .txt file into the right part of the player.config then it should work fine.

    If you have done these things and its still not working, try restarting the whole game. If it STILL doesn't work, you dun messed up.
  20. depressed_fox69

    depressed_fox69 Orbital Explorer

    where is the Player.config? just to make sure i found right one otherwise i think i gotta restore my starbound

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