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Discussion in 'Other' started by GammaNu, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. GammaNu

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    When i try to join a server, i would love to see a screen with all actives mod on the server, all my active mod, and be able to :
    • load in my client the missing server mods (from steam-workshop as trusted source, or directly form the server with a security disclaimer)
    • deactivate some extra client mod to please server rules.

    As a server administrator, i would love to be able to :
    • expose to client all server active mods with there version number and integrity check/hash comparison
    • be able to tag some mod as required or optional to play on my server
    • be able to forbid any client mod not matching with the server's ones
    • be able to use a white/black/grey list of client mod allowed on this server. (A white list with explicitly allowed mod (and there hash for integrity check. A black list of explicitly forbidden mod (with integrity check), and a default policies for unknown mods, that log there name, hash and ideally source in a server log file (with a notification in tchat for admins player) with this log, admin will be able to add unknown mod in white or black list after a look or a try).
    With this and server stored player, i think we could have awesome custom user experience on various servers.
  2. numidark

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    No news for any update of starbound for this ? :)

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