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Discussion in 'Player' started by LackeDragon, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. LackeDragon

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    Ok that's what I thought :p
    If people really got troubles with that, I will do the pngs for that.
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    • Sugar-Fable

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      Another issue a few people have had I've found a fix for is wanting hair and ears to be a different color. If you unpack the hair and color the ears and hair how you want, then repack and set it all the way to white in the game it should work. Just thought I'd share~ (Sorry if I have already, I don't remember lol)
      • Medallion Star

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        I think a good idea would be to have the image overrides for each creature (wolf, fox & cat) and have them set up so that there's one per nose. Ex. "male_face0_nose0" = wolf, "male_face0_nose1" = fox, "male_face0_nose3" = cat, and the same for females.
        Could we make something like this available on the front page? Cuz I don't know how to unpack mods (I downloaded gimp but still can't figure it out) and it would be nice to have all the faces available. :)
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        • LackeDragon

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          That's actually an idea. It would maybe make all the species available in Get Dressed...but I would need to be able to test all of that before.

          For the unpacking, follow what I wrote in the first post. I linked a tutorial for modding which included unpacking etc...
          • rainrtw

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            Great minds think alike, that was one of the first things I did when I found this mod earlier today. That and tried to reduce the blinking abnormalities, think I got that decently under control now.
            Near the top middle right'ish part of farmer_base and girl version are the eye blinking bits. Kind of mysterious how it uses those pixels but if you look at the 4 sets of eyes there, delete the 3 skin toned lines, and the bottom most row with just a black and white dot.
            Then in game you reduce the black flickering, and remove the extra eyelid issue.

            What I mean by that is the eyelid travels to 1 pixel below the eye, which is unnoticeable on the featureless vanilla face, but especially on the white fox cheeks it looks very odd for the colored eyelid to cross so deep into the white.

            Anywho, tired as heck right now, been up way to late messing with this stuff. If I have time tomorrow I may toss together an example/pack of what I am talking about, in case it is not obvious.

            PS: Also for the grouping all species into one GetDressed overide, it works pretty well I think. I use face 0 for the 3 furries here, and face 1 left at default, since at times just the ears and tail are cool too. Nice to have both options. Still as the tail is bound to the hair It does limit you to one tail type per install. Could Pick 1/3 of the Hair in game, those that look coolest with ears, and repeat them, over righting the other vanilla hairs. Thus 1/3 less hair, but of those left there could be one for each tail type.

            PPS: Sweet mod, thanks for putting this together!
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            • AndreasDragon

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              I would like to see a Dragon Added.
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              • Sugar-Fable

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                Just use only the hairstyle file.
                • LackeDragon

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                  As said by Sugar, only use the "hairstyles" file and you're good to go.
                  • ArtiusTheFox

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                    Me when finding this mod:

                    (Sidenote: I had to use a save editor to change my character's skin color to purple to match my characters purple hair.)
                    (Also sadly the purple skin doesn't match my nice purple hair since the skin is like a light purple but it works.)
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                    • Foxy the raving fox

                      Foxy the raving fox Void-Bound Voyager

                      cool thing is... cats were added
                      • Foxy the raving fox

                        Foxy the raving fox Void-Bound Voyager

                        • treadnaut

                          treadnaut Intergalactic Tourist

                          Will dragons be coming in future?
                          • LackeDragon

                            LackeDragon Phantasmal Quasar

                            It's something I want to do. But when is unknown due to time and personnal issues.
                            • Rydel

                              Rydel Void-Bound Voyager

                              So, for now, Lackedragon's mod... lacks dragons.
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                              • LackeDragon

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                                Oh no you didn't! èné
                                • ShadeVial

                                  ShadeVial Space Hobo

                                  You could make it work with (or more likely add an add-on file as the mod itself is one just file) compatible with the bald mod as a lot of anthro characters don't have human-style hair and have just animal floof on there heads. Edit: Oh and another idea, would it be doable to make it so the color of the ears and tail be that of the skin instead of the hair?
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                                  • LackeDragon

                                    LackeDragon Phantasmal Quasar

                                    It's actually complicated as they're not the same files.
                                    Hairstyles give you a lot of freedom to add ears, tail etc...
                                    While the farmer file, or in other words, the one with the skin color, is really restrictive on how many pixels you can add, which is often 2 or 3 max in height. It also very complicated to add anything without breaking something in the animation process => See the actual issue with the blinking animation for female.

                                    So except if I have time to see if I can make that compatible with another mod that doesn't require so much precision for the farmer file or/and replace/overwrite it virtually, I fear it will stay that way.
                                    • Sugar-Fable

                                      Sugar-Fable Phantasmal Quasar

                                      It's possible to make the ears/tail match the skin color. Open the hair file and edit the ears/tail on the style you want to match the skin color as well as what color you want for the hair and repack, then choose that style in the game and set the color to totally white.
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                                      • LackeDragon

                                        LackeDragon Phantasmal Quasar

                                        Thanks for the idea Sugar, it's indeed a possibility. But I personally can't do that for EACH user :D
                                        But that's a good option if as a user of the mod, you know how to pack/repack and have some editing experience.
                                        I linked some modding tutorial in the first post if needed ShadeVial.
                                        • Sugar-Fable

                                          Sugar-Fable Phantasmal Quasar

                                          Oh yeah I know it'd be too much to ask you to do that for everyone :rofl: I just meant for those who want to do it themselves, it's possible~

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