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    Ok preface: I love this game, and the best part outside of the crit conditions, variety of units, cool grooves, and Advanced Wars inspiration, is definitely the multiplayer mode. I've had a blast playing with friends, some of whom have never tried and strategy game before!
    Anyways, I think a cool and interactive way to expand on the multiplayer experience and investment in the game would be to add clans! Clans could be like up to 4 members or 8 or something, and they could earn prestige through winning matches. There could be a tier system for individuals and clans (sort of like league of legends) where if one lower levellevel pre player beats a higher level player, they earn more points, and vice versa.
    There could be tourney's or perhaps just a global and regional set of standings and some kind of incentive to climb the ranks like bonus content.
    That all being said, I realize this may be too ambitious, and but the core of it is that it would be cool to have some form of clan based play.
    Perhaps even clans could go head to head based on a map, where say each team can choose three maps as "home Dominion" and can ban up to three maps as well. Then, they face each other in a neutral map first. Whoever wins gets to attack by playing on one of the other teams "home" maps. If you lose, the other team chooses one of your own maps. Whoever is first to win on all of the other teams map wins the matchup.

    Just some ideas, let me know what you all think! Maybe I'm just crazy.

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