Civilized Planets

Discussion in 'Other' started by hamish8421, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. hamish8421

    hamish8421 Orbital Explorer

    civilized planets with hotels, cafes, restaurants, gun shops, market, parks, aquariums, water parks fun parks, museums, airports, miltary base with planes and army tanks, laser tag and so much more but the message would be to too long and maybe the black market where you can buy illegal weapons like nuclear bombs and rocket launchers, plants, armour, and slaves. you could make money but cutting wood, cupturing baddies and making and designing stuff!
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  2. Painkiller784

    Painkiller784 Void-Bound Voyager

    The idea of civilized planets with buildings and shops and other people would be great, but from what I can tell the current system for NPC Ai that's been implemented is not entirely optimized.
    Maybe in the future wen the game can handle large amounts of NPCs on weaker computers, that would be a great time for this.
    Even if it results in another universe wipe I wouldn't mind, as civilized planets would be a wonderful addition!
  3. RaxiisLycan

    RaxiisLycan Aquatic Astronaut

    agreed, it would fit with the general idea of the game. The non-human races already have advanced tech, why wouldn't they have larger civilizations? How long do you guys think it would take to do a mod to optimize the NPC AI?

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