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    Ok, and the final note is : It's awesome!
    There you go, it's over, the review it's finished, now go buy it... IT'S AN ORDER!

    Alright, i'll tell you why Chroma Squad is such a good game, in some terrible english cause i'm not north american.

    Now Chroma Squad Is a ''TACTIC RPG BASED ON SUPER SENTAI''.

    What? You don't know what ''Super Sentai'' is? Well, it appears you didn't live in earth by the last 12 years! But since i gotta chew the information for you, this here is super sentai VVV


    Super Sentai is a style of show about colored knights in uniforms that save the world, or something like that, pretty much power rangers.
    Super Sentai, you, you, Super Sentai, Super Sentai, you, now you know each other? Great. Proceeding.

    Something i love about this game is the tactic rpg part, since i really like fire emblem and dofus. It's also great of how it introduces people who aren't used to this battle system, since it doesn't just explains the mechanics in a tutorial that's super simple, intuitive and fast, the game is also super simple, intuitive and fast!
    All you gotta do is click on the character you want to make an action, move him to an area, and make him attack enemies with just one click.

    The fighting is really simple, but complex at the same time, because if you play without thinking, you'll probably fail the missions, that's why it's called ''tactic rpg'', because you must think well in every action.

    The game graphics are in 16 bits sprites, and so, making a really clean, light and stylish visual for the game. The sounds of the game are also 16 bits, but are very well placed, making you get into the game soundtrack, while enjoying the gameplay.

    And the story, i thank lord Sun that it was made with a ton of creativity.

    In the game, you play as 5 stuntman actors that worked on a Power Rangers style series, but the director was a douche and didn't comprehend the artistic integrity of the series, like just throwing the characters there without any story, making the stuntmen fire themselves and create their own Super Sentai recording studio, and that's where you, the player, gets in. Your mission is to make a Super Sentai program sucessful, starting with a simple studio, selecting actors, and growing on audience and fans.

    When i first saw the story, i said ''NAH, I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DID THIS!''. But after playing for hours and hours, i said ''WOW, I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DID THIS!''.
    Because the developers could simply make everything real, with a real menace, and real battles, but since it's a studio, and all the enemies are actors hired by yourself, it brings a really rich story and hilarious jokes, like the narrator's misspelling words, enemies entering the scene in anticlimatic ways, which forces them to re-do the entry in the recording set, and many problems that many content creators have to go through, like not having enough money to make episodes, so you're forced to choose better the publicity corporations to make shirts of your series, or TV advertisement, and even SOCIAL MEDIA SPAM.

    What's more ironic, is that the developers of this game were sued by the creator of Super Sentai, that i'm not gonna say the name here, what if he sues me aswell? You never know.

    So, this game is basically a --Super Sentai Studio Tycoon--

    I don't know if this was well explained, or if i made a good job, but i guess it's good enough, the game is super cheap on steam, and it's too much worth it. I wanted to say much more, but if i do, i'd be spoiling it, so i'll just leave it for you to discover.

    Ok, and the final note is : It's awesome!
    ...Now go buy it now... Order.

    I really don't know how to make a decent thread
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    Not sure if I'm allowed to link it but it's on Steam for $15USD for anyone that's interested.

    Metacritic: 75
    Steam: 95% positive

    Reviews are almost always saying extremely positive things.

    Personally I feel like $15 is a bit steep for a game that doesn't really have replay value (also I'm not that much of a Power Ranger fan) so I probably won't get it. However if you love gameplay that resembles games like Fire Emblem and you either like Power Rangers or feel that it will give you a nostalgia trip then I'd say it's worth the purchase.

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