Pixel Christmahannakwanzaakuh Tree

Discussion in 'Winter Holiday Contest' started by lizard455, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. lizard455

    lizard455 Big Damn Hero

    Here comes Santa...
    starbound christmahannakwanzaakuh tree day.png

    I'm still pretty new to pixel art, but I really like the art style of Starbound. Any feedback is appreciated.

    Added Presents... thanks for the suggestions. Tried to put a background, but it came out bad, so I just kept it clear...
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  2. Frey Cloudseer

    Frey Cloudseer Cosmic Narwhal

    Looks really nice but maybe you should add gifts or a background of some kind, some colors that are different from the ornaments and such to make it pop out more. Really nice though!
  3. lizard455

    lizard455 Big Damn Hero


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