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This mod allows you to condense logic circuits into a microchip.

  1. Sectrix

    Sectrix Phantasmal Quasar

    Sectrix submitted a new mod:

    Chip Maker - This mod allows you to condense logic circuits into a microchip.

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  2. Sectrix

    Sectrix Phantasmal Quasar

  3. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Cosmic Narwhal

    Why not to make a feature for a "truth table" ( as in logisim)? [I did attach an image as example]

    For instance, inputs port number are crescent from lower to upper entrances , same for the outputs, when interacted, it shows me: if input 1 is 0, if input 2 is 1, if input 3 is 1...then output 1 is 1, output 2 is 1, output 3 is 0, and so on.

    I know it sounds like a hassle, but the good part is that the user could name the outputs and inputs easily as they see fit ( and it should be rather easy for you to code and test too, maybe even grab the code from logisim if it's openware ( I don't remember).

    Also, if it's freeware and has a good forum for assistance it could help you greatly to build things that are currently limited such as timers and test it. I don't know much about programming since I almost never do it, but I find this to be a good idea, so please consider it!

    And if it's not, tell me why, I won't be bothered or offended :)

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  4. Sectrix

    Sectrix Phantasmal Quasar

    Including a truth table editor was something I considered, but didn't include, because I assumed most users wouldn't know what that was or how to use it. I wanted to keep it as familiar as possible to make it as easy to use as I could. Now that you bring it up, I will probably include it in the next major release. It won't be hard to add, as the chipmaker already makes a truth table internally when testing the circuit. Adding a manual truth table editor would allow the user to skip the whole build and test step.

    As far as incorporating timers and latches and such, truth tables don't work for those. The key difference is that without latches and timers in a circuit, outputs are always the same for a given combination of inputs. With latches and timers, the outputs could be different for the same combination of inputs. The only way to solve this is to develop an algorithm to evaluate a circuit like Starbound does internally. I've spent some time trying to think one up, but so far it hasn't worked for any arbitrary circuit.

    As soon as I can develop one, and when I find the time, it's definitely something I want to put in.
  5. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Cosmic Narwhal

    Hmm, should you be stuck, it shouldn't be hard to find help in a programming forum as I've said, and if you put a codex explaining how to develop a truth table and the inputs/outputs sequence it should make it fairly easy to the gamer, plus a more extensive description here.

    Putting up an intuitive UI should greatly help the users, even those without any knowledge in programming. Either way, you could make avaliable both ways, or the item with the very working code but with a different interaction from the user (i.e. items "Chipmaker" and "Chipmaker ( truthtable)" ).
  6. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    Cool mod. Something I've wanted for a while and will have to give a try at some point.

    If you want some different art for your microchips, feel free to use the art for my macrochips, form my Hull Plating mod (some assembly may be required). I saw your mod and immediately thought of them.

    Here's the images that seem most appropriate, cropped down to the unpainted versions:

    These were designed to use the pipe template for blocks.

    If you like, I can easily make you a handful of customized arrangements in whatever dimensions you like. I can easily do colored versions, as well.
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