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    While they are technically a race, in the sense that they use player-sprites, the StarChildren should definitely be NPC's because they are, in the simplest terms, godlike.

    StarChildren are god-like entities that freely roam the universe. They are "born" with the formation of new stars. They derive their very life-force and essence from the star that they were born with, and while it is true that the light of a star can travel lightyears through the vacuum of space, it still defines a very specific territory for the individual StarChild. When the star dies, so does it's associated StarChild.

    They appear as beings with glowing outlines containing a view of a vast, black cosmos inside.

    StarChildren, for whatever reason, are born with specific genders depending on their Linked Star. If the star is a Dwarf Star, it's associated starchild will be Female. Females tend to have longer lifespans as a result (Dwarf Stars tend to last much longer), but also appear dimmer and do not possess as much power as their Male counterparts. Their heads emit long, wispy trails of light and gas throughout the universe as they travel through their territory, which allows Males to locate them in the vastness of space.

    If the Link-Star is born as a Giant, however, then the associated StarChild will be Male. Because of the raw power coursing through Giant stars, Males have incredible power in their domain and much wider domains as well. However, because Giant stars are the shortest-lived, Males also have much shorter lifespans than their female counterparts. As a result, they are incredibly active in their territories. Males have much brighter outlines, and their heads spark in sharp, absolute rays rather than long, wispy tails.

    StarChildren also act differently towards any sentient lifeforms in the domain of their star-territory.

    Females are generally more sociable and more likely to interact and aid sentient beings in their domain. Because of their limited power, however, their ability to do so may be lacking depending on the calamity.

    Males tend to be less sociable. Because their territory is much grander than a female's, it's possible that a Male StarChild has many sentient creatures under it's domain, which can be difficult to keep up with all at once. Adding to this trouble is the shorter lifespan (in comparison to females, that is) which leads a Male StarChild to devote a majority of it's time seeking a mate within it's known territory. If they choose to be benevolent to any sentient beings in it's domain, however, their considerable power makes the Male StarChild well suited to protecting them from cosmic threats.

    StarChildren, as a whole, hold a belief not to interfere directly with "mortal" affairs. They restrict their interventions solely towards averting natural disasters, particularly of the cosmic variety (incoming asteroids, etc). Although it is very rare for any StarChild to go against this belief, the majority of those that do tend to be Males. StarChildren that go against this belief are often referred to as "Rogue".

    StarChildren are capable of completely restoring your energy if encountered, and will often do so out of the goodness of their hearts. On top of this, they can grant you a SUPERCHARGE, which doubles the damage output of all your energy weapons, and prevents your energy gauge from depleting for a period of time. SuperCharges CAN be stored in special batteries and used later (and the StarChild may even have some prepared for you). If you live in an area ruled by a ROGUE StarChild, they may ask you for favors in exchange for SuperCharges, depending on their whims.
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    Also, I'm not sure if you'd consider this OP, but it'd be neat if you could befriend one and have it become a NPC in your 'contacts' list [not really sure how that works].
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    Befriending one would make you a hero, because you just befriended a freaking god.

    I love the Female StarChild sprites lol
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    dude they look amazing :DD I dare say, it should be playable!~
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    Tiy has got many things to work on. It would make the game release on, like december, because of the many epic playable races around.
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    It could be post release but I don't mind either way.

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