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Discussion in 'Art' started by ChibiBerry, Aug 17, 2016.


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  1. ChibiBerry

    ChibiBerry Void-Bound Voyager

    Herro people! I'm ChibiBerry and I'm a 19 years old self-taught digital artist.
    When I'm not busy with school, I'm usually drawing or playing some random free games on my computer.

    I'm from Aussie land but my first language is Italian, so my English might fail me. Sorry in advance~

    I like all kinds of food, but my favorite must be Japanese/Asian food and especially strawberry!. I like about every food, ranging from pizza to ice cream!

    I use a free art program called Fire Alpaca [​IMG], easier to install than most free artist programs. I'm left handed and I'm half color blind, I use a drawing tablet, I'm not the best at shading or detail, I'll still try my best!

    Tips make me very happy but are in no means necessary!

    Enough about me, what about you? Tell me about yourself!


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  2. ChibiBerry

    ChibiBerry Void-Bound Voyager


    123.png cheshiam dorks.jpg cheshiretrainer.png chibifrisk.png chibimouse.png undyne.png chibisignature.gif music.gif 111 - Turtol.png 112 - Yandere Chan.png 117 - puddicheshi.png 119 - Cheshire lee.png 124 - cheshiamyugioh1.png 125 - kang_da.png 127 - Dinglefuzz.png 128 - AobaBunny.png 129 - Sans.png 133 - Akrill_Janna.png 134 - Akrill_Ahri.png

    Look at more of my art work, look at following links!
    ** I apparently can't link things so welp, will be edited later! **

    I know my animations frames are very poor, but you gotta start somewhere~


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  3. ChibiBerry

    ChibiBerry Void-Bound Voyager


    Currently NOT doing requests, Sorry!

    *≫ Username:
    * Colored Or Not:
    Which Race (If Starbound related) :
    * Gender:
    * Picture Reference:
    * Written Reference:
    Anything else:
    Extra payments/Tips:

    Everything with a * at the start of it be fill out. Don't leave them blank!

    Put your forum "@Username" here.
    Would you want one or two people drawn. I do LGBT couples too.
    *Colored Or Not:
    Would you want your art work to be colored or not.
    *Which Race (If Starbound related) :
    If you're requesting one of the races of Starbound which one are you requesting? Example- Novakid.
    Please tell me what gender(s) I'm drawing.
    *Picture Reference:
    Please put all images in a [spoiler][/spoiler]. This is where you put your minecraft skins or anything you feel like you need to show for me to get a better idea
    *Written Reference:
    Since minecraft skins are so limited to what you can do, please put a lot of info explaining your request.
    Must keeps on avatar:
    Things you want me to draw for sure on your avatar, I may change things.
    Anything else:
    Is there any extra details or anything else I've forgotten to mention.
    Extra payments/Tips:
    No tradeable currency so this isn't relevant.


  4. ChibiBerry

    ChibiBerry Void-Bound Voyager


    [x] - Pastel | Other Samples -
    Male, freckles, pink blindfold, Bunny ears, blue hair, long baggy sleeves with star plushie/teddy, pink scarf, white stockings (a little higher than knees), blue sheep (or penguin if you want) slippers, pink baggy hoody with pockets.
    [x] - Sheepie | Other Samples -
    Male, White hair, white horns, white floppy ears, freckles, blushing face, ghost plushie/teddy, white hoodie with long sleeves, white long fluffy tail.
    [x] - Artist OC | Other Samples - Kago - [X]
    Male, blonde hair, freckles, blushy face, right eye-blue, left eye-yellow, cool blue hoody (hood on head), navy/cool blue hip bag, rainbow laced shoes, grey skinny jeans, spike collar with silver heart charm. Can be holding a drawing tablet or giant pen.
    [x] - Normal OC | Other Samples - [xxxHazukixxx] - [Arrietangel23] -
    Male, Black hair, bangs/fringe covers eyes, freckles, red hat with eyes with ear flops/or ear muffs with a bunny skull design (can do your own hat style), shy and timid pose, red baggy hoody with black gloves, blue skinny jeans with red boots, checked jacket wrapped around hips.
    [x] - Demonic OC | Other (Prefer) Samples - [x] - [x] - [x] - [x] - [x] - [x]
    Male, Blue or white hair/ears/tail(s), 4 horns (2 normal and 2 goat like/curved), dark grey skin, freckles, blue blush if drawn with blush, right eye-blue, left eye-yellow, white area of eye is black. Outfit can be however you want.
    [x] - Wizard Apprentice/School Boy| Other Samples - Rebby The Poro - Arminius Merivale - Jaycee A - 1llbleed - P h o b ! a - k i r i s v n a - Celestial Buttplug
    A wizard school student/apprentice, who is a little bit sadistic and monotone, but always smiling, he can have either Black, Silver, Blonde or Navy blue hair. Freckles, a humble or sadist simple, eyes are usually closed in a fox like manner, but left eye is yellow, right eye is blue- or both black. He has really lose boots with tight black jeans with a gray fire print going waist down to the knees. A very baggy jacket with a lose black/gray shirt which is longer on one side, hanging over his hip. Has a bow with a heart at the center around neck and an oversized hat which casts a shadow over his face.

  5. ChibiBerry

    ChibiBerry Void-Bound Voyager


    For Future Use

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Mega flapper

    Mega flapper Existential Complex

    I like your art! Great job!
  7. Hel

    Hel ✨ Johto's Finest ✨ Forum Moderator

    My gosh... The spam :O

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