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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Ewok_Jedi, Dec 10, 2013.

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    Is it, or will it ever, be possible to edit the chat system to where we can have several 'channels' for varying distances?

    What I mean is for example:

    Local = 25-50 Blocks away
    Shout = 75-100 Blocks away
    Emote = Done in a certain format that prefixes whatever is typed with your character's name, to resemble an action.
    Whisper = 5-10 Blocks away

    Basically, different types of chat that can be heard at different distances, and perhaps with different formatting (colors, prefixes, etc.), perhaps using commands to switch (such as /local or /say, or /shout or yell, and /me or /e for the emotes).

    It would open up some more serious potential RP options, for those roleplayers among us who might want to make an RP server/community with their friends. Currently, we only have server-wide and planet-wide communication, as far as I know. As well, a private message system would be nice, and perhaps a group chat, but being able to make our own would be awesome in general, at least ones of varying distances.

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