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Bug/Issue Charged Watering Plants Next to Pond

Discussion in 'Support' started by imperton, May 17, 2018.

  1. imperton

    imperton Space Hobo

    Found an issue preventing the user from charging the watering can to water plants while near body of water.

    Tried to water plants while next to water source (small pond near eastern road on standard farm map) and although the player sprite was facing north toward the plants with the body of water on the east side, the player could not charge the watering can (iron watering can). Instead the player repeatedly watered single tiles while left mouse button was held.

    Moved to the west so a tile space was between player and water source and the watering can could charge to water multiple tiles again. Moved back and the issue persisted where the watering can would not charge.
    • Gelex

      Gelex Intergalactic Tourist

      I can confirm this issue as well, although my issues are on the left (west) side of the bodies of water. I am running GOG 1.3.11 version, while playing in multiplayer as a farmhand. I was able to reproduce the bug on both bodies of water in the standard farm, by standing on the left (west) side of the bodies of water and then trying to charge the watering can (copper watering can).
      • One More Day

        One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

        Yeah, I just had this next to the smaller of the two ponds on the standard farm too.

        Didn't think to check out the larger pond, because by the time I'm farming down there it's fall and everything is watered by sprinklers anyway, and the can is just for the cat bowl at that point

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