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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Failbird105

    Failbird105 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Solar Cowboy
    as the name suggests he is a cowboy made from the core of a star
    (Okay so I would just like to say: yes he is made from the core of a star, yes he is based on the Novakids from starbound, yes I have been looking at a lot of starbound stuff today)

    Speed: ++++++
    Jump: ++++++
    Regen: ++++++

    • Revolver: Fire off six shots dealing 120% damage each before reloading, can be fired as fast as you can push the button
    • Bang: Fire a double-barrel shotgun piercing all enemies in range for 160% damage
    • Firedash: Turn into a ball of fire and dash forward dealing up to 250% damage to all enemies nearby at the end of the dash
    • Supernova: Charge up and unleash a massive explosion of fire dealing up to 500% damage to all enemies in range and setting the ground on fire
    Feel free to alter the damage on some of the attacks if you feel that they are too powerful
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    • TunnelratARC88

      TunnelratARC88 Void-Bound Voyager

      Cobalt (The Wisp)


      Speed: +++++
      Jump: (Heat Jump stands in for the standerd jump.)
      Regen: ++

      - Inceneration Blast ( Shoot a short beam of Fire at enemies, burning them for 30% Of there current health. [ No stun or knockback])(apearance and range is the same as the standard Wisp's main attack.)
      Fire Shot ( Fire a ball of super heated gas that does 110% damage, and pierces all enemies in front of it. [ No Knockback, Moderate Stun]) (apearance and range is the same as the Greater Wisp's main attack.)
      Heat Jump ( Blast yourself high in to the air, Causing a small explosion that does 130% damage! [Small Knockback, No Stun])
      Show Of Force (The more things you burn the more powerful you will get! Be careful That power will run out and when it does... You will feel all the pane you caused. [Note, it will take twice as long to recharge as it did for you to deal the max damage. If the maximum damage is done you will be damaged to 1 HP])
      Ps. Please don't cluter up this thread, reply to me with a PM, If you're interested with this class.

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      • Guggerbunk

        Guggerbunk Space Hobo


        Through the use of Poison Needle the Assassin deals very little damage but gains Focus, allowing him to ignore cooldown on his melee options of Grim Dispatch and Departure if you so choose. If you prefer you can be a very patient sort you can accumulate Focus until you unleash a Grand Assassination, decimating the hordes all at once. Try not to get hit or you'll lose some of your Focus! (-10 Focus per hit)

        Speed: +++--
        Jump: +++++
        Regen: -----
        - Poison Needle: (base fire rate 1/sec) throw a poisoned needle in a straight line for 1% damage and adding one stack of Focus (100 stacks maximum). All targets hit suffer a permanent 1% per second DoT. DoTs stack. Fully pierces enemies. No knockback at all.
        - Grim Dispatch: (4sec Cooldown) - melee range sword strikes do 220% 2x damage and causes 100% bleeding damage for two seconds. Always criticals against bleeding targets. Minor knockback. Can be used during cooldown for -5 Focus stacks.
        - Departure: (8sec Cooldown) - swipe with the sword for 80% damage while falling back a good distance. Evades. 4x Caltrops are dropped on the ground during the maneuver. Caltrops do 40% damage and slow on contact with enemies. Can be used during cooldown for -20 Focus stacks.
        - Assassinate: (60sec Cooldown) - consume all Focus stacks for a grand attack. Leap into the air, position yourself over an enemy, and drop straight down with blade extended, dealing 50% damage per Focus stack consumed. Consuming more Focus results in a more impressive strike, increasing the size of the hit zone. At 100 stacks consumed the impact detonates, hitting half the screen around your character.
        • Dolphinflavored

          Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

          EDIT: Removed picture, and a new idea!
          EDIT 2: Removed Clockwork Knight entirely. (It was already posted as something very similar. it's better this way!)

          Cargo Inspector (Or Inspector for short)
          Health: +++++
          Speed: +++++
          Regen: +++++

          This character has the ability to kite like the Huntress
          Stamp-Gun: In the future you can shoot stamps from guns! Why? Because of the future!! Shoot stamps from a gun continuously (one every .2 seconds) dealing 20% damage per stamp. Walk at a slower rate (30% slower).
          Approve: Mark the next 10 stamps to do 85% damage and 15% DoT. (Stacks twice.) Killing an enemy with an approved stamp grants extra gold and XP. +25%.
          Reject: Throw a padlock on the nearest enemy (Seeks out enemy (affects a group)), slowing for 90% and dealing 20% DoT.
          Laser Pointer: The must-have inspecting apparatus for every uniform inspector. Point your laser pointer as long as you hold it down. (But you have to stand still to aim it in the right spot.) Deals 190% damage per second. ( would require a little testing for damage values
          Super-Accurate Laser Pointer: (Charged Scepter) You Don't have to stand still. You can't change direction in the middle of shooting it though, and (for balance) it deals 165% DPS

          To unlock: Buy all chests on every level (except the last one).
          Approve 50 enemies. Unlocks: Chest Counter (couldn't come up with a backstory or anything...)
          Reject 100 enemies. Unlocks: Use item-Rusty Padlock (stops the nearest few enemies completely. Again, no backstory).

          I believe this character makes a lot of sense to be on the escape pod at the time of the crash, and would work well in MULTIPLAYER. It also makes sense for him to have a LASER POINTER, AND A STAMP GUN, IN THE FUTURE.
          Base Health: 160; Health per level: 40
          This character isn't exactly a tank, but more like a ranged crowd-controller. He would help characters like the sniper, enforcer, acrid, mercenary, HAN-D, and bandit in multiplayer.

          Cargo Inspector.png

          Shadow(er) (Shadow just sounds cooler, but most character's names end with -er.)
          This character is... a shadow. If you're wondering why he was on the ship at the time of the crash, he wasn't. His story is: A survivor crashed on the planet and died, and his shadow was brought to "life" because the pod landed on a cursed shrine, and all the magic fused into the survivor's soul. Since the survivor is obviously a psycho deep, deep, down, he was brought back as a shadow.
          As to who's shadow it is? I don't know, it could be either the last character you played, or the Cargo Inspector above..

          Health: +++++
          Speed: +++++
          Regen: +++++

          Cast -1s: Cast your shadow straight ahead to smite your enemies for 65% damage. Character will be mobile when doing so.
          Foreshadow -5s: Make an arch over your enemies, consuming their shadows. Grants 1% health per enemy in the arch, does 0 damage, and moves you 10 character lengths over. Also grants one stack of Impact. See below. ALSO instills fear into the enemies that were foreshadowed for three seconds
          Impact -1s: For each three shadows consumed using foreshadow, you may release a tall, concentrated explosion wave in only one direction, dealing 300% damage to all enemies, knocking them back, and stunning them for 3 seconds.
          Seek -10s: Seep into the ground (go invisible) for 4 seconds, allowing you to move faster, and instill fear in any enemy you touch. This deals 100% DoT. The damage-and the fear-would last for 6 seconds.

          This character is very strong and moderately fast, but cannot regenerate unless you put effort into it. Also, items like sprouting egg, or mysterious vial, do not spawn. (Bustling fungus will be allowed :D) In multi-player they just can't be picked up by Shadow.
          He can instill fear using foreshadow, seek to the opposite side of the group you just foreshadowed, then use impact to push the enemies back. Cast will kill any stragglers.
          Here is a link to sketches of what Forecast and Impact look like
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          • Blazark

            Blazark Intergalactic Tourist

            Lightning fast melee, the drifter uses it knowledge of abilities and skills to survive, it utilizes its cloak to its advantage, in addition to that, the Drifter moves smooth and is well paced.


            Sakura: Perform a 3 hit combo by twirling the cloak about and using your fists.

            Code Black: Spread the honor, use your cloak to sweep opponents.

            Zero Hour: Use the art of the shadows and hide in the darkness.

            Path of Orange: Truly unleash the hidden paths of justice and the mastery of combat by discharging a devastating attack.
            • Pronundrum

              Pronundrum Poptop Tamer

              Just offering a somewhat grounded character design.

              The Explorer
              Adventurer Sprite.png
              A rugged, worldly (or other-worldly in this case) refined survivalist; Driven by curiosity and thrilled by adventure. One could easily call it a homage to the likes of the character Indiana Jones.

              Speed: ++++++
              Jump: ++++++
              Regen: ++++++
              As could be expected, a simple model with an adventurer's styled hat, equipped with a whip. The whip ties the dichotomy of long range characters (Huntress) with active melee characters (Mercenary).
              • Lash: Swings the whip in a flowing forward motion, resulting in a winding trail in front of him, with just a small loop behind him on the backswing. This hits a small area behind him (about 1.5 character lengths) and about 8 lengths in front. Holding down the attack button will swing with about the same speed as the huntress's base attack, stacking similarly with attack speed. Little to no knockback, dealing 90% damage to enemies struck in front (down to 50% for those hit with the backswing). In my mind, this can be used without hindering movement much as the huntress given it's slightly limted range.
              • Crack! or Sonic Boom!: Causes the Explorer to stand still a moment, lashing his whip in a straight line in front of him about 12 character lengths. Deals 200% damage and stuns enemies hit for 2 seconds. 8 second starting cooldown sounds reasonable, akin to Akrids stun.
              • Clear Out: The explorer slams his whip down in front (about 3-4 character lengths) of him with such force it launches him up and forward (about 2x normal jump height), and knocks back all enemies struck, dealing 170% damage. Alternatively, if used while landing from a fall or jump, it will not launch him up but still knock back all enemies and deal 170% damage. While in this animation he is immune to damage. 6-8 second cooldown.
              • Play with Fire: The explorer is engulfed in flames for 6 seconds (increasing to 10 seconds by level 20), dealing 80% AOE damage to enemies in his vicinity every second. Additionally, sets his whip on fire, adding and additional 50% damage on each swing (or perhaps just multiplying damage by 1.5x), and causing enemies hit to burn for 200% damage over 3 seconds (can only proc once per enemy). Further, provides Fireman's Boots effect on all ground traversed for 30% damage for each second standing on fire. 15-18 second cooldown.
              All damages and cooldowns are very general estimates created on a whim, but i feel the character would fit nicely into game both story-wise and playwise. Feel free to critique or use this as a basis as you will. I enjoy the game and look forward to all new content.
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              • Pronundrum

                Pronundrum Poptop Tamer

                Another quieted amalgamation. Please pardon the youtube posts if they are bothersome, as i'm unsure of the rules on these forums. They are purely for reference.

                Sentient Droid
                Without explanation, a number of droids fused together on impact with the planet and gained sentience.

                Speed: ++++++
                Jump: ++++++
                Regen: ++++++

                The sentient droid is a cluster of droids, similar to a very simplified Voltron. A laser drone for a head, attack drone as a chest, and missile drones for legs. (perhaps a healing drone as a back-piece)
                Sadly i haven't delved into any sprite work given the sporadic nature of these postings. Shouldn't be hard to imagine.

                • Minigun: Fires the standard attack gun projectile of a drone, with slightly longer range (just over half screen) with the same starting cadence that normal machine gun drones have and 100% damage. After using another move, the attack speed of Minigun is increased by 40% (to a reasonable cap with other attack speed buffs) for 4 seconds. It would make for a nice visual to have the same auto-aim feature as the huntress by having the torso spin to fire at targets while the laser (head) face the direction of movement.
                • Barrage: The sentient drone fires multiple (4) missiles from each of it's missile-drone legs in both horizontal directions, exploding on contact with a small AoE dealing 60% damage with each missle and causing medium knockback. 5 or 6 second cooldown.
                • Disperse: The drones break apart, dealing 80% damage to nearby enemies, then reassemble 2 seconds later. While spread they are immune to damage and are fully mobile on the 2-d plane (can travel up/down/left/right). Cooldown between 8-10 seconds. Bonus points if you can use the same sound as in Mach Rider :D

                For reference, refer to the NES game Mach Rider (example starts around 50 seconds in)
                • Face Lazor: The Drone's laser head blasts a line starting from the ground extending horizontally about 3/5ths screen length dealing 350% damage to all enemies struck with minor knockback. Additionally, all other drones the player has picked up will fire continuously for 1 second when activated.

                Again for reference: Superman from Injustice: gods among us. Example starts around 7 seconds.

                As i mentioned before, all damages and cooldowns are very general estimates created on a whim, but i feel the character would fit nicely into game both story-wise and playwise. Feel free to critique or use this as a basis as you will. I enjoy the game and look forward to all new content.
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                • Woulfz

                  Woulfz Intergalactic Tourist

                  The Mage/Jack of all trades
                  The Mage/Jack of all Trades has three stances, Red, Blue, and White. Each used for a different purpose, while each stance is not very strong by themselves he has the ability to be far more versatile than anyone else alone
                  V- SWAP! - Swap your active stance (Red -> Blue -> White)

                  With ancient scepter V - OVERLOAD - Overloads your current stance, dealing an aoe explosion that knocks back, damages and stuns anything caught (8sec)

                  This ability changes your active stance, not much to say
                  All abilities have same cool down across stances

                  ---Red abilities--
                  Z- Flame strike - Sends a blast of flame forward from you dealing damage (%TBD - 0 second CD

                  X - Flame Pillar - Sends out an underground shockwave that blasts the first target it hits into the air, stunning briefly and dealing damage (%TBD 5 second CD)

                  C - Flame sphere - Send out and omnidirectional wave of fire dealing large amounts of damage to anything it hits, piercing and decreasing for each target after the first (10 projectiles, in a circle around the player.)

                  ---Blue Abilities---

                  Z- Frozen crystals - Launches an ice crystal forth that shatters dealing minor (VERY LOW) damage and slowing slightly in an aoe

                  X - Arctic Storm - Sends forth a blast of water and ice, slowing all enemies caught, with a minor chance to freeze any enemy hit. Pierces, with a range equal to what is visible on screen ( 5sec cd)

                  C- Glacieize - Shoot a seed of a glacier at an enemy, freezing the enemy and all surrounding enemies on contact for two seconds (8 sec cd) (Contextual, if underwater (sunken tomb) Freeze all enemies on screen)

                  ---White Abilities---

                  Z- Breeze - Glide just above the grond, moving at an increased speed (Continues as long as ability is held down moves at about acrid slime speed)

                  X - Gale - Dash forward, pushing enemies away, you are invincible during the dash (roughly half the mercenaries dash in length, using does not cause you to stop. (like a roll) )

                  C - Storm - Dash upwards and whirl, sending out a battering shockwave of wind, knocking all enemies back, dealing minor damage and stunning any enemy that comes in contact with a wall (.3 second stun)

                  • BrainHorse

                    BrainHorse Poptop Tamer

                    I MADE ONE
                    i dont know if any of this has been done before, but i made this before i joined the forum, and it has some references to a guy called the spoony one, and his character dr.insano

                    The scientist specializes at unleashing pain upon that masses in creative ways! use Laser-Guided Purge and My Children to strike crowds from great range, and Photon Strike to keep enemies off your tail, and finally Astonish makes short work of close range targets. NOW GO SPREAD THE WORD OF SCIENCE!

                    format taken from the character profiles on the wiki: http://riskofrain.wikia.com/wiki/Classes
                    BaseHealth:155/105, HealthPerLevel:32, ArmorPerLevel:2, AttackSpeed:Fast, BaseDamage:12, DamagePerLevel:3.5, BaseHPRegen:0.8, RegenPerLevel:0.4

                    Astonish: Electrify nearby FOOLS with the power of SCIENCE for 3X40% damage
                    creates a constant stream of lightning as long as the button is held down that travels a few blocks in front of you, hitting all within the aoe

                    Laser-Guided Purge: Send a laser in a line across the ground for 80% damage, whatever surface is hit erupts in damage dealing 130% damage
                    like the laser that the imp overlord uses, except this would be a good time to clean up the code for that so it does what the graphic would imply

                    Photon Strike: Draw masses of energy to yourself from the heavens dealing 500% damage and stunning enemies for half a second
                    the strike deals damage in a line above you, and in a explosion radius around you, only the explosion around you has knock-back or stun

                    My Children: Release science abominations, they proceed to fly around and deal 120% damage to all around them
                    AI essentially acts like a friendly jellyfish, but with an aoe attack, they last 30seconds each, and take 45seconds to recharge, up to 3 can be stored

                    Wonderful Creations: Upgraded form of my children when ancient scepter is found, X2 aoe size, +2 max storage, +10% damage

                    give feedback!
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                    • MisterHittwe

                      MisterHittwe Space Hobo

                      Genesis Commander:
                      Inspired by a couple heroes from the Dota series (more specifically, Magnus and Ursa). The main focus of this hero is to be the ubermensch of crowd control (the act of commanding a group of enemies to a favorable position). The more enemies that he can cluster together with his skills, the more damage he is able to do. However, the counterweight to his style-of-play is the fact that he is pitiful against single-target DPS, which could be a painful handicap if executed improperly against Bosses. ATTENTION: Side notes are expressed by a decreased font size and a parenthesis expression.
                      Speed: +++++
                      Jump Height: +++++
                      Regen/Health: +++++


                      Empowered Strike: The Commander strikes nimble but with gradual power; slash with great speed (4 attacks per second) for 45% initially, but gain 7.5% damage for each strike against every unit hit, this ability has a timer of 2 seconds before the attack power will be reset to 45%. (This basic attack goes through all monsters, much like HAND-E's basic attack, this attack causes enemies to be stunned for 0.125 seconds and causes minimalistic knock-back. The range is in between the melee range of Acrid and HAND-E.)

                      Polarized Meditation: The Commander forces any and all monsters away from his current location to his left or his right (around 1/4th - 1/5th of the lateral screen size, I don't know what units GameMaker: Studio uses), for 150-600% damage, the farther the monsters are from the initial area of the strike, the more damage they receive. Upon activation of this skill, the Commander heals himself immediately for 15% of his max health + 5 * the amount of enemies affected by the blasts. (Cool Down of 7 seconds)

                      Centripetal Crush: The Commander deals a devastating blow to enemies near him, initially damaging for 60%, but cause 30% extra damage for every enemy caught within the area of effect, the effect is further increased if an enemy is killed with this attack, causing the cool down of the skill to be halved, gives the Commander a 30% attack speed boost for 4 seconds, and every unit on screen is stunned for .75 seconds, the killing blow boost can only be activated once per activation of the skill. (The range would be somewhere around the range of HAND-E's 4th ability, but applies to both directions of the Commander. For clarification, lets say there are 12 enemies caught within the slam, it would do 60%+30*(12), which would be an extra 360%, totaling at 420% of your attack damage for the slam. Cool Down is 8 seconds.)

                      Unified Destiny: The Commander forces every unit within a large radius of him to be sucked onto his current position and stunned for 3 seconds. This skill does not affect bosses. (The range is around 1/4th to 1/5th of the lateral screen range, again, no clear representation of the units. The Cool Down is 20 seconds.)

                      As you can see, the premise of this hero is his ability to control large crowds in a multitude of forms. His 2nd skill can be used as a high damage nuke to hurt enemies for a large percentage, or it could be used for a weak escape mechanism, or it could be used as a way to gather enemies into a centralized location for him to wreck havoc on them. The caveat with him however is considerable weakness to single-targets, such as bosses; leaving him to a very weak spot for the final battle, requiring drones and/or effective kiting. Since his 4th skill does not affect bosses, the effective strategy would be to gather every enemy he can and lure them towards the boss, since his basic attack affect everything it hits. Without a dedicated escape skill, such as the Commando's 3rd skill or the Bandit's 3rd skill, the Commander suffers from his slow speed and measly jump height, his 2nd skill acts as a way for him to survive long enough in crowds without getting torn apart. The Commander shines into the middle-late game, where the majority of enemies are kitable and weak to stuns, however, he starts to really taper off into the late game, where a considerable amount of bosses begin to spawn, bosses that are not affected by his 4th skill (YES I KNOW ITS A RIP OFF OF REVERSE-POLARITY.) He is subject to any stat-changes that might help his balance, so don't freak out if something strikes you as "overpowered".

                      In all, I hope you appreciate the amount of diversity that this character could bring to the table, no characters might ever be added to Risk of Rain, but that doesn't mean i didn't have fun thinking and devising this hero. Thanks for reading if you actually got to this point. :)

                      • mulderman

                        mulderman Yeah, You!

                        Something I came up with today. Think of the fighter as a cross between the Acrid and the Mercenary. Fast but not extremely powerful.

                        Speed: +++++
                        Jump: +++++
                        Regen: +++++

                        • Combo (Do a 3 hit combo, the final hit is an uppercut knocking the enemy back slightly. The first 2 hits do 30% damage each. The uppercut does 50%)
                        • Wrap-around ( Dash past an enemy, turning around and do a critical hit) [invincibility frames while dashing]
                        • Dive kick ( After jumping, do a dive kick straight down dealing 150% damage)
                        • Energy beam (Fire an energy beam that pierces enemies for 250% damage. The range is kinda like the Acrid's Neurotoxin..
                        • Dolphinflavored

                          Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

                          This one's pretty complicated
                          Sorry for posting again. I have ideas :3
                          He has a big coat...
                          Staccato (0.5 sec. Holding Z down shoots every 0.6 sec.): Separate your notes! And your enemies! Shoot a definitive, short, detached note, knocking back enemies and dealing 140%

                          Subito Ritardando (It’s Italian. 5 sec.): Fire a note at your enemies slowing them down and dealing 300% damage.

                          Crescendo (Starts out at 1 sec. then scales each level up to 10 sec.): Start running. Then start running faster, and faster, dealing more and more damage as you go. This lasts for 2 seconds at level one, but as you level up, you add 0.4 seconds to the duration. Gain a damage reducing shield, blocking 60% of all damage. Base damage when you start running is 120% damage to anyone touching you, then increases by 35% each second you’re able to run. It is possible to attack while running.

                          Compose (18 sec.): This is what’s really complicated. When V is pressed, all other icons for attacks turn into notes, and a musical staff appears above your head. (I’m going to explain to those who don’t know what this means.) Pressing Z will add a random note anywhere on the staff. Pressing X will add a random style to the next note added (Style means like, short, long, fast, stuff like that.) Pressing C will add a random dynamic (Dynamics are the volumes at which musical pieces are played. E.g. mezzo-piano, mezzo-forte, forte, fortissimo. Fortissimo being the loudest.). Pressing V will “execute”, or perform, rather, the composition you just made. Now the way the damage works is that when you press V, a “list” of requirements is made (Requirements meaning what your piece must have to do the most damage possible. (You won’t be able to see the list though!!)) This list is also random. The more things you have in your composition, on that “list”, the more damage you do. Here’s an example.

                          Someone presses V. The icons change and a staff (A musical staff, not a weapon.) appears above this person’s head, and the list for the composition is made: 5 styled notes, 2 regular notes, and 1 dynamic change-the character doesn’t know it though. Say the person presses Z and Z alone, about 10 times, and decides to perform it. The chances are, the list of requirements that was made didn’t call for 10 notes in a row, so this person will not deal very much damage.

                          These are the damage stats: Every requirement met will deal 200% damage. Unless you cancel the composition (Hold V), you will always do 200% damage no matter what. The list can have a maximum of 10 requirements. The composition also has a limit of 10 notes. So if you somehow get all the requirements, you will deal 2000% damage to all enemies in a large AoE.

                          The composer uses slowing attacks and does large amounts of damage. The crescendo will have a one second cool down early-game, and will get stronger as you level up, letting you get around, and deal gradual damage to groups of enemies.
                          • KalvinHobbez

                            KalvinHobbez Orbital Explorer

                            The Regulator (Or the Extremist)
                            Speed: ++++++
                            Jump: ++++++
                            Regen: ++++++

                            The Regulator is a man about temperature, harnessing the utility between both ends of the spectrum. Ice and fire is distributed between his skills, utilization of both sides resulting in strong combinations. Not very tanky or even fast, he makes up for this lacking in the crowd control and damage over time he can generate. Using Flamethrower to chip the health of groups while using Cold Ray to maintain these groups, it's best to pile enemies up into one area for the maximum amount of damage to be dealt. Using Set Ablaze for running away or when jumping over groups will be the best usage of it, as the same will go for Freeze Bomb. Set Ablaze in combination with Freeze Bomb will lead to massive control over groups, Cold Ray and Flamethrower simply add on to this.

                            "...and so he left, fire in his heart frozen over."


                            Can be held for continuous fire, dealing 3x50% damage every second an enemy stays within range of the fire. Renders him immobile when in use, but he's able to switch directions after every 3 "hits" on an enemy.

                            Cold Ray:
                            A short pause that will stop movement when used and then will fire a burst of energy a short range that will freeze up to three enemies yet knock back all enemies in contact of the beam. Knockback is minimal, yet still helpful.

                            Set Ablaze:
                            Alike Cold Ray, will require a slight pause before true activation of the ability. Set Ablaze will not stop your movement in the air, however. You are able to jump and use this ability, affecting any ground below you alike To The Stars or the Minefield would. Damage is done per second, 450% damage being in total how much an enemy may be dealt.

                            Freeze Bomb:
                            Place a bomb without pausing your movement and it will explode after a second or so. The explosion results in a mid range cloud that will slow enemies left in it. The duration of the cloud in the animation is not entirely correct in length, as the cloud would last longer than that. The slow would be around 20% or so, all numbers for this character not set in stone, of course.

                            I apologize if any of these images or the long post disrupts the thread, heh...but this is my first character, if no one else could tell. I got Risk of Rain just about a week ago and am very hooked on the game. An aspiring developer myself, I find it alike a game concept I've had in mind for a while...but, er, very much better. Being I have not done much spriting and have been in a very wanting-to-make-stuff mood, I deciding to have some fun spriting exercises by making my own character in the RoR style! Analyzing how characters and other such objects moved in the game, I was able to learn the style to some extent but also see some nice details in the existing sprites. These details are admirable due to how much action goes on in the game and it's hard to ever notice such things, so props to the devs for such a thing. I do have other characters I've made, but I want to try and keep this post short-ish and leave it at one, heh...feedback is appreciated, regardless. :3
                            • sgt. cookie

                              sgt. cookie Space Hobo

                              Here's one:
                              Melee/DPS Skirmisher

                              A hit and run character, deals low damage, but does so at an incredible rate.

                              Jump: +++++
                              Regen: +++++
                              • Dash: (Runs forward at about 80% normal speed, dealing 50% damage a second. Speedster is not invulnerable while attacking.)
                              • Animation: Standard running animation, except large white "slash" arcs are in front of the Speedster.
                              • Flash Step: (Instantly zips forward about as far as the Commando's roll, dealing 75% damage to all foes passed through. Speedster is invulnerable during attack.)
                              • Animation: The Speedster disappears, a thick white line appears and then the Speedster appears at the end of the line
                              • Adrenaline: (For 4 seconds, movement and attack speeds are increased by 25%)
                              • Animation: The Speedster glows yellow for the duration.
                              • Ten thousand slashes: (This attack is identical to Dash, however, it only lasts for 5 seconds and attacks 10 times a second for 5% damage each time.)
                              • Animation: Identical to Dash, except there are numerous small arcs, rather than one large.
                              • Clione

                                Clione Astral Cartographer

                                I see I'm not the only one who thought up an assault rifle class. Well, I guess I'll give my take on it.

                                speed: +++++
                                jump: +++++
                                regen: +++++
                                The Soldier is a single-minded character focused entirely on offense. He has no defensive or evasive abilities. Use Grenades to thin out small crowds of enemies. Concentrated Fire is powerful, but has a large cooldown. Remember to use AP Ammo to power up your abilities!

                                Gains + 1 % move speed per level.

                                Assault Rifle: Fire your weapon for 3 x 35 % damage. AP Ammo fires five shots for 40 % each and pierces up to three targets. [minimal knockback]

                                Grenade: Throw a grenade forward that bounces up to three times before exploding for 250 % damage. Explodes on contact. AP Ammo throws two grenades for 170 % each. [moderate knockback] [moderate AoE]

                                Concentrated Fire: Hold C to fire up to ten shots for 30 % damage. Jumping or releasing C ends the skill prematurely and restarts the cooldown. AP Ammo fires up to twelve shots for 35 % each and increases attack speed by 10 %. [moderate knockback]

                                AP Ammo:
                                Upgrades your next attack.

                                With Ancient Scepter
                                Explosive Rounds: Upgrades your next attack. Adds an explosion effect similar to the Brilliant Behemoth for + 10 % on each attack. This effect stacks with the Brilliant Behemoth. enemies killed by an attack powered up by Explosive Rounds have a 10 % chance to explode for 100 % damage.

                                I doubt there will be any new classes added to the game, but I tried to make a balanced character who would fit in with the other classes.

                                I'm inept at art, so I didn't try to make a sprite.
                                • Decahexahedron

                                  Decahexahedron Yeah, You!

                                • KalvinHobbez

                                  KalvinHobbez Orbital Explorer

                                  I use a program called Aseprite, but I bet other people have their different preferences. I made those sprites from scratch and animated that way with the program, was pretty fun doing it as well~
                                  • Decahexahedron

                                    Decahexahedron Yeah, You!

                                    Ah. Okay. I did some searching around after I asked that and found a website. Thanks for the reply.
                                    • KalvinHobbez

                                      KalvinHobbez Orbital Explorer

                                      You're welcome! Would be nice to see more people making some nice looking sprites for character concepts. Probably would catch the eye of some devs some day. I may also do some sprites of other people's characters if requested, but no guarantees! Just offering is all, I like spriting anyways :3
                                      • Clione

                                        Clione Astral Cartographer

                                        So if I were to make a base sprite for you to work with, you would consider making a better sprite for my character? I'll get started on that after this run, I suppose. I'll try and make it not suck.

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