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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. The Demon of Borders

    The Demon of Borders King Homestuck 4.13

    Slow AoE Melee - Up and down, up and down, up and down...

    Speed: +++++
    Jump: +++++
    Regen: +++++
    • Arremer: Swoop down in a wide arc. Slight stun. 100% damage. Air-only. Immunity while in use.
    • Executioner: Slams the ground with your sword. 120% damage. Additional .15% damage for every % of health the enemy is missing. Air-only.
    • Torch: Throws a torch that deals AoE damage in a waves. (( Think of Ghouls 'n Ghosts' torch. )) Launches enemies upwards. 20% damage x5.
    • Infinity Candle: Starts with 100 seconds of cooldown that don't, well, cool down. Dealing damage removes 1 second of Infinity Candle's cooldown. Gargoyle gains health-on-hit based on the remaining cooldown, up to .5% health regen per enemy hit. When the cooldown ends, Infinity Candle auto-activates and grants Gargoyle's attacks ignite for five seconds. Ignite damage does not reduce Infinity Candle's cooldown, but does heal Gargoyle.
    Ranged Crowd Control - Like a million suns.
    Speed: +++++
    Jump: +++++
    Regen: +++++
    • Pocket Rocket: Dashes a fair distance by riding a rocket. Using the skill again while in use causes the rocket to explode, sending you skyward at the cost of taking damage from the explosion. 40% damage from the dash, 100% damage from the explosion. Immunity during the dash.
    • Shock and Awe: Charges a grenade that stuns enemies on impact. Throwing arc depends on time charged. 80% damage. Short stun. Can deal self damage.
    • Greaser: Throws a bottle of oil at your feet to create a slick surface. Enemies knocked back into the slick continue sliding all the way through. 80% damage and short stun if the enemy is knocked into a wall. Can be ignited for an effect similar to Gasoline.
    • Stampede: Launches ten bouncing grenades in quick succession that explode on contact with enemies. 30% damage per grenade. High knockback.
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    • blorx

      blorx Aquatic Astronaut

      The basic idea for this class is that none of it's abilities cool down while standing still, which may or may not be compatible with the current code, but I figured I'd suggest this anyway. I'm not sure how I'd want cooldown reducing items to interact with the class' abilites, but that is a tweak that can be made last.

      Feel free to tweak the stats as necessary for this class to be balanced.
      Speed: +++++
      Jump: +++++
      Regen: +++++

      • Force Beam(2.5ish): Launch a cone of force and knock back[ all enemies in from of the character in a large cone, with a decent range, for 125% damage.
      • Shockwave: Release a small shockwave around the player, which deals 150% damage and stuns all enemies hit for 2 seconds [knocks back all enemies in an even smaller radius around the player as well].
      • Freeze(12s max): Gain a short (maybe 4 seconds) burst of great speed and invincibility and create an ice trail that lasts 6(or however many) seconds where you walk that greatly reduces enemy movement speed. The invincibility ends if a skill is used. The cooldown of this skill scales both with time spent invincible and distance traveled, up to a maximum of 12 seconds (with a minimum of maybe, 4 seconds) . Any enemies nearby you when you activate the skill, or if you pass through them while this skill is active, will be frozen for 1 second.
      • Annihilate(12s?): Release a massive amount of energy in front of you, dealing 1000% damage spread across all enemies that are hit by the attack (so if it hits 5 enemies they all take only 200% damage).
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      • draconisilver

        draconisilver Void-Bound Voyager

        Warp Mapper:

        Speed: +++++
        Jump: +++++
        Regen: +++++

        • Warpling (Fires a medium sized 'black hole' that zaps enemies nearby for 25% 4 times a second. Knockback is towards the warpling. Pressing a second time causes the Warpling to explode for 150% damage. Explodes after a set distance. [Minimal Knockback]
        • Drag (Summon a miniature point of void a set distance in front of you, causing enemies to be pulled towards it, dealing 100% damage. If an enemy collides with a Warpling along the way, they take an extra 200% damage. [Moderate Knockback])
        • Port (Teleport to the position of your Warpling, damaging nearby enemies for 250% and causing the Warpling to explode, stunning nearby enemies. [Minimal Knockback + Minimal Stun])
        • Warptouched (Causes your Warpling to massively expand, doing an extra 25% damage each small hit, and when it explodes, will immediately spawn another Warpling and reduce all cooldowns other than this ability to 0)
        Percentages may be a tad off, but the premise is there. A class capable of controlling the Warp space technology used to travel the galaxy. They can open small portholes out of the universe, and use them to travel around. Long cooldowns and placement heavily reliant on a single ability make this class a heavy hitter, but unable to survive well if surrounded.
        Edit: Damage brought more in-line with Engineer. Could still be a bit off.
        • cdogcdl

          cdogcdl Cosmic Narwhal

          Back in his normal life, the chemist was doing top secret research into some very important advances in improvised munitions of chemical weapons. This means he knows how to use his surroundings (deceased enemies, see Blood Contaminant) to create powerful weapons and stims with little resources.
          Speed: +++++
          Jump: +++++
          Regen: +++++
          • Vile Tube (Chemist throws a test tube of corrosive material at enemies, falls after a short time breaks on contact with enemies or the ground. When the tube breaks it leaves a small puddle lasting for <1s. Damage on contact with enemy: 100% damage, lasting for 3 seconds, decreasing by 20%/second. Damage on enemy stepping in puddle: 40%, puddle disappears.)
          • Blood Contaminant: (Chemist alters blood samples gained from kills to poison enemies. Contaminant thrown as a flask that breaks on impact. When broken, contents fall to the ground and leave 3 puddles. Puddles last for 10 seconds. Effect on enemy contact with puddle: 80% damage, lasting for 5 seconds, increasing by 15%/second, puddle disappears. Slows for 5 seconds.) Has no cooldown, instead gain 1 per kill, up to 5.
          • Protective Mist (Chemist releases a cloud of toxic mist that lasts 5 seconds and is slightly larger than a vagrant. When enemies enter the mist they are paralyzed (stunned) and are dealt 20% dmg/sec for the duration of the mist.)
          • Makeshift Stims (Chemist injects himself and his teammates with makeshift combat stims that last 3-6 seconds (random duration). The stims boost movement speed, jump height, and attack speed. Buffs are scaled according to to effect length, with the highest boost level at 4 seconds and the lowest at 8.
          Note on uses of abilities:
          Vile Tube is Z, basic attack as always, technically ranged, goes slightly further than engineer's grenades.
          Blood Contaminant is X, you get one per kill. Used for crowd control.
          Protective mist is C, can be considered an escape tool as it stops nearby enemies in their tracks.
          Makeshift Stims are V, it is used to supercharge your team's movement and attacks for a short time.

          Thought of another.
          Broken HAN-D :
          This is a malfunctioning HAN-D model on its way in for repairs. It is unstable.
          Speed: +++++
          Jump: +++++
          Regen: +++++
          • Laser Discharge (Broken HAN-D builds a laser charge in his eye. Holding down builds up the charge for more damage. Button tapped: 75% damage. Fully charged (held for 2.5s): pierce 3 enemies, 150% on 1st, 110% on 2nd, 80% on 3rd.)
          • Static Discharge (Broken HAN-D releases an electric shock to the 5 nearest enemies on screen. Does 80% damage and a 3.5s Stun.)
          • Leak Coolant (Broken HAN-D spills coolant on contact with tiles for 3.5 seconds, coolant puddles last 5 seconds and disappear on contact with enemies. Coolant freezes enemies for 2 seconds and does 70% damage/second.)
          • Rocket Arm (Broken HAN-D launches part of his arm like a missile and it seeks the nearest enemy. On contact there is a small explosion radius within which is dealt 150% damage to each enemy. Rocket arm has a 4 second cooldown while Broken HAN-D generates parts with a maximum of 4 arm parts.
          Note on uses of abilities:
          Laser Discharge is Z, like all basic attacks. This makes Broken HAN-D different from HAN-D because he is ranged.
          Static Discharge is X. It can be handy when you need to keep your distance but have no line-of-sight.
          Leak Coolant is C. It can be a handy getaway tool that does some damage also, and lines up enemies for you.
          Rocket Arm is V. When used a part of your arm shoots off like a normal rocket and seeks enemies, one part is granted 4 seconds with a max of 4.

          EDIT: The amount of Rocket Arm parts Broken HAN-D has is indicated by how much of a right arm his sprite has. 4 parts is a whole arm and hand. 3 parts is missing a hand. 2 has humerus and elbow. 1 is just the humerus. Of course 0 is lack of an arm.

          EDIT: The amount of blood contaminant the chemist has will be indicated by a 5-level meter on a tank he wears as a backpack... the meter will look like a battery bar.
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          • KlickIt

            KlickIt Void-Bound Voyager

            Lemurian Outcast/Escapee (?)
            A hostile native species that was held captured for testing/experiments in secret and at one point was able to get away to sneak into the escape pod and hide. Once the pod landed, the Lemurian had no choice but to work with the others inside in order to survive.

            == The Lemurian relies on hit-and-run tactics, but is more then capable of getting into a fight should the moment come to it. Using Lunge to close the distance and follow up with a Tail Spin, as well as a Power Swipe and Bite combo can be quite of arsenal of dangerous attacks.

            Speed: +++++
            Jump: +++++
            Regen: +++++
            ~~ Skills ~~
            Bite: Perform a strong bite for 120% damage. [Moderate push/Minor hit stun] \\0.9 Attack Speed\\
            Lunge: Jump forward a small distance, swiping at targets for 130% damage. [Minor push/Moderate hit stun]
            Power Swipe: A strong but short distance swipe attack to knock back enemies for 240% damage. Can Stun at a 20% chance. [Major push/hit stun]
            Tail Spin: A powerful spin attack, hitting nearby targets three times for 3 x 150% damage and evade attacks for 2 seconds. [Minor push/Major hit stun]
            ~~ Skill info ~~
            Bite - Your standard overall biting action used for primary attack. Gives a bit of a push to ready up for the next bite.
            Lunge: An attack used for quick distance to get away or to jump into a crowd of enemies. (Think Commando's roll, but a low height jump in a small arc overhead)
            Power Swipe: Need to rush though and make a path? Hit em hard and push them out of the way, as well as being able to stun some enemies, too.
            Tail Spin: Using your whip-like tail, you can smack enemies away to give you some breathing room to work with so you can readjust yourself to the next attack, or should you be hurt badly enough, useful as an escape; Going with a 10 second Cooldown since it's used like an emergency button in a way. (Has slightly shorter range of the Dynamite Toss from the Bandit; Hits on both sides)

            ---- Info ----
            Why a Lemurian?
            Let's say that whatever ship the other classes were on, had a Lemurian that was captured, experimented on, and was studied by scientists to learn more about them in secret, so no one knew at the time. Eventually, during the chaos or however it is you got stuck on the planet (thus, having you get to the escape pod that you select your character at) be it though a malfunction on the ship and has the people evacuate, or if an attack happened and caused panic and everyone needed to abandon ship. Whatever the reason, the Lemurian managed to escape as well. Being on the ship for so long, as well as being put though tests to check the Lemurian's Intelligence (which is naturally high) has allowed the Lemurian to adapt and understand how our simple machines and tools work, allowing the creature the ability to gain adaptive use of the items that you find on your travels.

            -- What about joining again with the other Lemurian on the planet? -- Well, being on the ship for so long without others of it's kind has made the Lemurian Unstable and distrusts any who look similar to the Lemurian, which would account for the reason of fighting it's own kind due to being experimented on as the science team used mock-up costumes to try and befriend the Lemurian. (Which caused several scientists to get killed in the process)
            --- ...and the other players/classes? -- The Lemurian understands that survival is key on this planet, so being allies with those that escaped (instead of being tested on) will help the Lemurian (and the other classes) live longer instead of becoming another fallen soul on the unforgiving world that it is; Surviving alone is no easy task, so why make it harder then it needs to be?

            (I really do like the Lemurian species! I'd totally love to play as one.. c: )
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            • Dave Combine

              Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

              A large snake-like figure capable of many spells, including turning enemies into stone. Some find his unsuiting head to be humorous, that is, until they die.

              Speed: +++++
              Jump: +++++
              Regen: +++++

              Peck: The Basilisk pecks an enemy, dealing 75% damage. Has a 3% chance to deal 20% posion damage per second for 5 seconds.
              Dash: Charge through enemies surrounding you for 1 second. Each hit deals 60% damage, and stuns the target. [Minimal Stun, Minimal Knockback]
              Armored Scales: The Basilisk hardens its skin for a substitute to armor, reducing all physical damage by 50%, and all magic damage by 25% for 4 seconds. (assuming there is physical and magic damage...)
              Petrifying Gaze: The Basilisk unleashes his fury through sight; turning every enemy within an AoE into stone. If the enemy's health is below 15%, Petrifying Gaze 'crumbles' the enemy, instantly killing him/her. (Effect does not apply to all types of bosses.) [Maximum Stun]
              • Goo Poni

                Goo Poni Sandwich Man

                The Droid
                A large turreted droid that focuses on putting out an endless stream of damage. It's turret allows the droid to fire independently of the hull, firing forward and backwards similar to the Huntress.

                Speed: +++++
                Jump: +++++
                Regen: +++++

                Gatling Fire: Fire the main chaingun of the droid. Attack speed steadily increases as the droid continues to fire at the cost of slower and slower movement. Knocks back small enemies.(lemurians, spiders, small wisps)
                Cannon Fire: Fire the secondary cannons of the droid. Four medium power hits dealing splash damage and knocking back most non-boss enemies.
                Leap: Leap forwards in the direction of the hull's facing to get out of harm's way.
                Ground Pound: Slam the Droid's hull into the ground blasting enemies up and away from the Droid.

                The Droid, visually, would look similar to the Temple Guards, a walking hull with a minigun mounted in lieu of the Guard's rocket pods. Items that improve attack speed like the Soldier's Syringe should have no or little effect on the Droid's upper firing limit of it's basic attack, instead improving the speed at which the gun "spins up". The high rate of fire and low damage of the Droid's basic attacks would mean good synergy with random proc items like the Ukelele, the AtG, Telescopic Sight or Plasma Chain. At full firing speeds, the Droid will slow to a crawl. Ceasing fire for a couple seconds will restore the Droid's normally rapid movement though it will need to spin up it's gun again.
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                • Sorry, writing on my brothers phone no fancy colors


                  Speed +++
                  Jump ++
                  Regen ++++

                  Hammer Swing (1 sec)
                  Obliterate anyone who stands in your way with the trusty hammer you got for birthday when you were little.
                  150% damage strong slow swings

                  Battle horn (60 second cooldown)

                  You blow the horn giving you and teammates a 50% attack boost.

                  Shout (5sec cooldown)

                  You make a noise so loud, even aliens run away.

                  Makes enemies run away panicking.
                  • Another one since my brother liked it. One more thing. Stop making things like " Basilisk ". The character must be humane in shape! There. Ready?


                    Speed + +
                    Jump +
                    Regen + + + +

                    Bazooka Blast (1sec)

                    Shoot a rocket at the enemy dealing 160% damage.

                    Penetration Pistol (6sec cooldown)

                    Shoot a penetrating bullet that deals 160% damage to the first enemy it hits, 120% to the second, and 80% to the last.

                    Jet Flight (8sec cooldown)

                    Fly for a short period of time, Annihilating anyone in your way.

                    Landmine (10sec cooldown )

                    You put a landminebon the ground, detonating whenever an enemy steps on it.
                    • Stovepipes

                      Stovepipes Void-Bound Voyager

                      This looks fun!

                      Melee/Ranged: Uses ghosts to aid in combat.
                      Speed +++++
                      Jump +++++
                      Regen +++++
                      • Cursed Stab (Stab the area around you, dealing 100% damage. Enemies killed by your abilities create ghosts, like the ghosts created from Happiest Mask and Jar of Souls. [Minimal Knockback])
                      • Crossbow (Fire a long range arrow that pierces through enemies but decreases in power for each "pierce". The first enemy hit takes 200% damage, but each subsequent enemy hit takes 40% less than the one before it. [Moderate Knockback])
                      • Possession (Assume control of the nearest enemy for 5 seconds. Enemies controlled by you attack other enemies and are likewise attacked by enemies. If an enemy is killed while it is possessed, it creates a ghost.)
                      • Cloud of Mist (Deals no damage, but stuns enemies around the Medium for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, enemies under the effects of the Cloud of Mist take 150% extra damage until the stun wears off. [Very Heavy Stun])
                      • boommage314

                        boommage314 Tentacle Wrangler

                        this is my first go at this so it might be not the best...

                        The swarm:
                        or some mass of a certian kind of small thing in a compact area (im thinking like maybe a rouge tiny imp statue).
                        Speed: +++++
                        Jump: +++++
                        Regen: +++++
                        • Combined Arm Force (smack your "arm" down 120% damage . [Moderate Knockback + Minimal Sun])
                        • Toss (Throw one of your friends at the enemy for 150% damage per time it hits, stays attacking till death or 10 seconds (if he dies cooldown is reduced to 0). [Minimal Knockback + Moderate Stun])
                        • Removing weight (Toss one of your friends that made up the "body" or "shell" into the air, speeding yourself forward with him landing back on you.
                        • Swarm(everything in the swarm leaves the "body" or "shell" on the ground and attacks all the enemies for 20 seconds, dealing 150% damage per hit. end by pushing the button again(cannot move at this time). [Moderate Knockback + moderate Stun])
                        • agentoranej3

                          agentoranej3 Intergalactic Tourist

                          Space CowBoy
                          Uses a ranged laser revolver And looks like a cowboy with a few mechanical parts
                          Speed: +++++
                          Jump: +++++
                          Regen: +++++

                          • Horse Mech: Gains speed and jump 5 But only has Regen 1 for the next 5 seconds
                          • Electro Lasso: throws a lasso at an enemy stunning them for 2 seconds and dealing 60% damage
                          • Laser Rifle: fires a laser rifle shot dealing 150% damage and Piercing through all enemies in it's path
                          • Buffalo-Droid Stampede: Summons a Buffalo-Droid That charges towards an enemy Exploding on contact dealing 200% damage to all nearby enemies

                          Time Traveler
                          Uses a Melee weapon Based on your time period haven't decided what he should look like possibly similar to Doctor who
                          Speed: +++++
                          Jump: +++++
                          Regen: +++++

                            • Time Warp: Teleports the player ahead a Little bit
                            • Time Beam: Teleports an enemy you target to a random place on the screen
                            • Time Stop: Stops time enemies cant attack or move for the next 3 seconds but your cooldowns stop also
                            • Time Travel: Cycles through your time period changing your weapon Medieval: Uses a Great sword slow but deals 125% damage
                          Rome: Uses a Spear has a bit more range than a standard melee attack
                          Future: Uses a Lightsaber like weapon fast but deals 75% damage
                          Prehistoric: Uses a Giant Club that is extremely slow but deals 125% damage and stuns for .5 seconds
                          • Zweistar

                            Zweistar Industrial Terraformer

                            Space Tourist:
                            Speed: +++++
                            Jump: +++++
                            Regen: +++++
                            • Vacation Photos: Take photos of all enemies a short distance in front of you. 2 second stun, no damage.
                            • Littering: Drops garbage that does between 10% and 60% damage to anything it hits. Can carry up to 3 at once.
                            • Enrage Locals: Makes all on-screen enemies aggro on you, but causes all attacks on them to be critical.
                            • Souvenir: Takes all of your money and gives you a random use item. More money means a better item. 20 second cooldown.
                            I pretty much designed the space tourist to be a joke character, so... here it is.
                            Edit: added a concept, though it isn't very well done. Artistic I am not.
                              Last edited: Nov 13, 2013
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                            • DJFlare84

                              DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

                              Not sure if this type of character has been suggested before, but I just had to.

                              ~THE THRASHER~
                              Click to see a fake screenshot featuring The Thrasher!

                              The Thrasher is a lead-guitarist in a punk/rock/metal band.

                              Speed: 4
                              Jump: 3
                              Regen: 2

                              Thrash it!:
                              Thrasher strikes a chord on his Guitar, generating a pulse that hurts all enemies within a small AOE around him.
                              (In-Game Description: Shock enemies around you for x damage.)
                              Properties: Primary Attack (no cooldown). Melee. High stun. Light Knockback. Rapid-Fire.

                              Boom Box: Thrasher drops a huge (player-sized) amplifier on the ground. Whenever Thrasher uses "Thrash It!", the Boom Box will generate an additional pulse around itself at the same time. Thrasher can drop up to 4 Boom Boxes at any time (they cooldown like the Engineer's turrets).
                              (In-Game Description: Drop a 30-second amp to generate additional punishment when you Thrash It! Hold up to 4.)
                              Properties: Similar HP and cooldown properties to Engi's turrets. Same attack stats as "Thrash It!".
                              Additional Notes: The sound-waves from the Boom Box should be counted as Thrasher's own attacks concerning items such as Leeching Seed, if possible.

                              The Axe: Thrasher swings his Guitar like a golf-club that tosses away all enemies within melee range, also leaving them stunned. They fly in an arc.
                              (In-Game Description: Smack away nearby enemies for x damage, flinging them away.)
                              Properties: Close Ranged. High damage. High stun. Insane Knockback. Short cooldown.

                              Thrash Rally: Thrasher wails on his guitar for a second, causing all the enemies on screen become confused and attack each other, ignoring him and his allies temporarily.
                              (In-Game Description: Make all enemies on-screen attack each other for 15 seconds.)
                              Properties: Screenwide Support Ability. LONG cooldown.
                              (Notes: Might make it so each enemy individually has a high chance to become confused so sometimes one or two ignore it?)

                              ((NOTE: Damage values not listed so they can be set as desired for balancing if implemented into the game.))
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                              • LazerusKI

                                LazerusKI Phantasmal Quasar

                                Heavy Gunner:
                                Equipped with a Heavy Gatling-Cannon.
                                Moves with a normal speed until he fires.
                                Speed: ++
                                Jump: ++
                                Regen: ++++
                                • Hail of Bullets (Nearly constant fire, one bullet per 0.1s, each bullet deals 15% damage - its the mass that counts. 50% movement while shooting, needs to spin-up for 3s to reach maximum RoF [Minimal Knockback])
                                • Roar (enemys run away in Fear for 3s, no damage) 10s cooldown
                                • Charge (Charge through the enemys, deals 80% damage and knocks them down [Moderate Stun]) 5s cooldown
                                • Overdrive (charge up your arsenal, removes the wlaking-speed debuff, spinup time and increasing the damage. 0% Spin-Up time, 30% damage, Normal movement for 5s) 15s cooldown
                                A Walking High-tech Arsenal
                                Speed: +++
                                Jump: +++
                                Regen: ++
                                • Plasmablast (blue glowing plasmaball, deals 150% damage [Minimal Knockback])
                                • Charge-Beam (Charge up for maximum damage of 500% at 3s, 50% movement while charging) 5s cooldown [Moderate Stun])
                                • Jet-Boots (2s Hovering while incernating the ground below, 90% damage) 8s cooldown
                                • Orbital Strike (Drops a small Target-marker, after a few seconds it will summon a laser-beam from the sky, causing massive damage over time. 2s Beam, 50% each 0.2s -> 500%dmg) 30s cooldown
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                                • AbeX300

                                  AbeX300 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  It's probably pointless for me to do a character suggestion at this point, but here's my first time trying to do one (along with a different layout):

                                  Ice Mage
                                  Health: + + + + +
                                  Power: + + + + +
                                  Mobility: + + + + +
                                  Utility: + + + + +
                                  • Solidify: Swing the ice rod for 140% damage, slowing down and knocking back enemies for 1.6 seconds. (0.8s Cooldown)
                                  • Blizzard Nova: Emit an ice blast around you for 200% damage, and freezing enemies for 1.25 seconds. (5s Cooldown)
                                  • Arcane Blessing: Give a magical blessing, causing you and your allies to have cooldowns speed up by 25% for 6 seconds. (28s Cooldown)
                                  • Ice Blast: Send out an ice shard that goes up 425% damage and 3 seconds of freezing, depending on how far it traveled. (7s Cooldown)

                                  • Ice Mage
                                    • Has 90% movement speed (6.25% slower than Engineer).
                                    • Gender is female.
                                  • Solidify
                                    • Deals 175% damage per second if constantly used.
                                    • Effectively has a 0.6-second cooldown with Arcane Blessing.
                                    • Has a light stun and moderate knockback effect.
                                  • Blizzard Nova
                                    • Deals 40% damage per second if constantly used.
                                    • Radius is approximately a Rock Golem's height.
                                    • Effectively has a 3.75-second cooldown with Arcane Blessing.
                                    • Applies a slow effect on bosses.
                                    • Doesn't have stun nor knockback.
                                  • Arcane Blessing effectively has a 20-second cooldown after the effect wears off.
                                  • Ice Blast
                                    • Deals up to 60% damage per second if constantly used.
                                    • Travels at 20 miles per hour.
                                    • Requires traveling for 0.55 seconds to get the full effect.
                                    • Effectively has a 5.25-second cooldown with Arcane Blessing.
                                    • Applies a slow effect on bosses.
                                    • Doesn't have a stun effect, but has light knockback.

                                  Basically, while she doesn't have an escape mechanism unlike most characters, and she has below-average stats overall, what makes up for it is the support-factor.

                                  She might not have the best killing power, but what she can do is slow the enemies to buy her some time by either fleeing or putting some hurt onto them. With that, she not only can be helpful in multiplayer, but she can take care of herself as well.

                                  Again, first time with making a character, and since I don't really have a rough sheet as to what the stats of current characters are (aside from the fact that Commando's Q has a 0.4s cooldown, Enforcer's Q being 0.75s, Bandit with 0.3s (by holding Q), Huntress with 0.5s, and HAN-D with 0.95s), I can't make the best numbers for this kind of thing.
                                  • Squire Ned

                                    Squire Ned Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Here's one just for funsies:
                                    The Linker
                                    With latent teleportation abilities, the Linker's primary weakness is the fact that his abilities require careful timing and consideration.
                                    While every one of the Linker's abilities have a cool-down, they can be used in conjunction to get into and out of dangerous situations. In addition, the Linker's light gear means that he can move extraordinarily quickly, something that is necessary given his low damage output.
                                    Speed: +++++
                                    Jump: +++++
                                    Regen: +++++
                                    • Phase: Move the Linker ahead of his position, dealing 80% damage to foes he passes. (2s. Cooldown)
                                    • Loop: The Linker moves between the three toughest enemies on screen, dealing 200% damage on impact and 50% damage to every foe passed. (6s. Cooldown)
                                    • Mark/Recall: If no beacon is already placed, the Linker places a beacon. If a beacon is placed, the Linker returns to it and it is removed. (4s. Cooldown both times)
                                    • Tag: The Linker marks every foe in a large radius*. Up to three marks can be placed on a foe. These foes take 50% more damage per mark whenever hit by the Linker's abilities, and take 25% per mark of the potential damage if not hit. (10s. Cooldown)
                                    * I'd suggest around 1 Mother of Beasts' length in any direction, anything clipped is marked.
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                                    • P.Alex

                                      P.Alex Industrial Terraformer

                                      Le's have a go at dis:


                                      Health: ++
                                      Damage: ++++
                                      Mobility: +++
                                      Utility: ++

                                      - Grampa's Best: Fires a gunshot dealing a minimum of 100%. Damage output increases at closer distances to up to 200%.
                                      - Back Off!: Strikes forward with a whip, causing 120% to 200% damage to all enemies in front of you as well as knocking them back, increasing damage with distance to you.
                                      - Land Fishing: Throws a chain forward to a set distance. If it collides with the level structure, you will be pulled forward. If it hits an enemy, it will be pulled towards you, dealing 150% damage and stunning it. Stuns will be applied to bosses depending on if they can be stunned at all. While pulling or getting pulled, you're dodging all incoming attacks.
                                      - Grande Finale: Temporarily boosts all your abilities. Grampa's Best's damage is amplified and can pierce through a couple enemies with damage loss. Back Off! gains a stun. Land Fishing acts quicker, has longer range and can pull in multiple enemies.
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                                      • DJFlare84

                                        DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

                                        ~THE CAPTAIN~
                                        Click to see a fake screenshot featuring The Captain!
                                        The star quarterback for the Zeta Colony Bunker Busters, The Captain is on board the ship, being on his way to a publicity stunt when the attack occurs!

                                        Speed: 2
                                        Jump: 3
                                        Regen: 4

                                        The Captain's primary attack has him spike the football on the ground in front of him, doing slight AOE damage as it explodes. If this attack is performed in the air, he throws the ball directly down but at a slight forward-moving angle, and it explodes on impact with an enemy or surface.
                                        (In-Game Description: Spike the ground at your feet to explode enemies for x damage! Throws down in mid-air.)
                                        Properties: Primary Attack (no cooldown). Melee. High stun. Light Knockback. Medium-Fire

                                        Hail Mary: The Captain throws the football directly forward. This attack can be charged to achieve more distance and power. Release the button to throw. Pierces through enemies. Damage becomes stronger and pierces more enemies the longer you charge (at max power, infinite pierce).
                                        (In-Game Description: Throw the ball straight forward to pierce through a crowd of foes! HOLD THE BUTTON to charge for distance & power!)
                                        Properties: Piercing attack. Ranged. Damage scales with charging. Light Stun. Moderate Knockback. Moderate Cooldown.

                                        Goal Rush: The Captain becomes impervious to damage as he shoulder-tackles his way across the field, dealing repetitive damage to foes in his path at a moderately higher speed than his normal running. He can rush for a maximum of 5 seconds, at which point he resumes normal walking speed. Cancel early by releasing the button. He will also stop if he hits a wall. The Captain cannot turn, but can jump while he rushes, meaning this skill can be used to achieve longer jumps.
                                        (In-Game Description: Make an invincible charge across the field, hitting enemies repeatedly as you go for up to 5 seconds!)
                                        Properties: Melee Rush. High DOT. Light Stun. Strong Knockback. Short Cooldown.
                                        Notes: Over the course of the first second, the Captain gradually picks up speed, having him start off at a standstill.

                                        Sack 'em!: The Captain performs a short-ranged dive and falls flat on the ground, creating an impact AOE. All enemies in the impact zone are STUNNED for 8-10 seconds!
                                        (In-Game Description: Tackle enemies nearby and stun them for a while!)
                                        Properties: Melee Attack.

                                        ((NOTE: Damage values not listed so they can be set as desired for balancing if implemented into the game.))
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