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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    Fear the swarm. (Looks like a big green-brownish insect cloud)
    Speed: +++++
    Jump: +++++
    Regen: +++++
    • Raid: (The swarm sends out a couple locust to munch on the enemy, dealing 45% damage per locust. The locust won't stop attacking the enemy targetted until the enemy has died. [Locks on target])
    • Disease: (A locust burrows into the flesh of a single enemy, first contact dealing 50% damage, and dealing 25% damage every second. [Minimal Knockback on first hit])
    • Parasite: (A single, invunerable insect is sent out to suck out health from the enemy, and retrieve it back to the swarm, regaining health. 20% damage done and taken. Lasts for 10 seconds. [Vampiric Effect])
    • Decompose: (Part of the swarm rushes up to five enemies at once, each doing damage based on how low its health is, insta-killing the enemy if its health is lower than 25% its original amount. Divides the swarm, temporarily decreasing the players maximum health by one-third. [Moderate Stun])

    Embrace your inner shine. (A ball of trapped light, some escaping through cracks in the orb.)
    Speed: +++++
    Jump: +++++
    Regen: +++++
    • Sunburn: (A crack in the orb releases a sudden beam of highly-compacted light, burning the enemy, dealing 90% damage. No afterburn. [Minimal Knockback])
    • Repair: (Regens 150 health in a period of 10 seconds. Using any other ability, or becoming damaged, stops the regeneration. Sunburn does not interfere.)
    • Focus: (Focus several escaping beams of light on an enemy to the left or right of the player. Starts at 70% damage, then increases by 15% each second the beam is in contact with the enemy, rising up to 145%.)
    • Release: (Break the orb, blinding all enemies that are present on the screen. All damage to affected enemies is tripled. [Huge Stun + Minimal Knockback])
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    • Forever

      Forever Phantasmal Quasar

      Gains permanent stat bonuses upon killing an enemy. Hard to play but gets easier as you get towards end-game.
      Speed: +++++
      Jump: +++++
      Regen: +++++

      • Smash (Swings in front of him for 100% damage. [Heavy Knockback])
      • Charge (Charges forward, hurting enemies for 75% damage. [Minimal Knockback + Minimal Stun])
      • Blast (Pushes all nearby enemies away from him, dealing 50% damage. [Moderate Knockback])
      • Takedown (Attacks directly in front of him for 400% damage. [Minimal Knockback + Heavy Stun])
      Speed: +++++
      Jump: +++++
      Regen: +++++
      • Flame (Fire a stream of fire doing 25% damage at a fast rate. [Minimal Knockback])
      • Ignite (Sets enemies in front of him on fire for 200% damage over 8 seconds. [Minimal Knockback])
      • Trailblazer (The ground he walks on is on fire for three seconds, dealing 25% damage multiple times. [Minimal Knockback])
      • Hellstorm (Engulfs himself in a ball of fire, dealing 300% damage to enemies near him. [Heavy Knockback + Minimal Stun])
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      • silversteinrulz

        silversteinrulz Space Hobo

        1.Has any one suggested a kind of dummy attack? I would like to be able to throw a kind of Monkey Bomb, from call of duty zombies (draws attention and maybe stuns for a second)? I am prone to get into situations the i just have to jump around 30 enemies.
        2.Also what about multiple 0s cool down attacks like you could have a dagger with high damage say 200% and a lance that does 120%
        3.Next what about attacks that could be very powerful like 300% damage but cost speed of a bit of health? maybe like a gamble for survival at low health
        4.Lastly i would really like to be able to configure some stats of characters, like give the commando a bit of speed at the cost of regen or something.
        • kagenn

          kagenn Pangalactic Porcupine

          A high profile criminal thug with average stats. Utilises the ball and chain attached to both his hands as weapons and movement abilities. Items obtained provides a slightly higher bonus (such as activation percentage, longer damage over time effects, etc) and consumable items have a lower cooldown time. Has a lockpick, which has a very low chance of opening chest without paying the cost (requires the amount of gold specified).

          Speed: +++++
          Jump: +++++
          Regen: +++++
          • Squash! (Slams the ball and chain in front of him, dealing 150% damage where the ball lands, and 75% between the ball and player. [Minimal Knockback + Minimal Stun])
          • Excuse you! (Flings both balls in front of him, launching him through enemies and dealing 50% damage in the process. At the end of the fling, enemies hit are dealt 120% damage and stunned. [Moderate Stun])
          • Boooom! (Slams the balls on the ground, sending a shockwave towards the direction he is facing and pushing them backwards while dealing 150% damage to those hit by the shockwave. Launches himself back the opposite in a small arc. [Heavy Knockback])
          • Too Crowded! (Links both ball and chain, and spins around for 2 seconds. Deals 250% damage to enemies hit and knocks them back. [Moderate Knockback + Minimal Stun])
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          • Shrooblord

            Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

            That's kind of the whole point. :p
            Nah but I'm really not sure what the hard numbers in percentages mean for your in-game experience. I'll think about it a bit and tweak him right now. Editing previous post...

            Done. Thoughts? :)
            • Restarter000

              Restarter000 Intergalactic Tourist

              No font changes because I am extremely boring and lame.
              No name because I am extremely uncreative ._.
              Edit: Forgot percentages D: Here we go.
              Double edit X3 Speed 3/5, Jump just regular, Regen 5/5.

              Monkey King Bar type weapon, not always visible, just when attacking.
              Main Attack: True Strike: Moves a short distance and smashes down with weapon. Minor knockback. has somewhat of a cd so it's not super spammable. 150%
              Spark Trip: Quarter of the screen, pulls in and stuns enemies for 2 seconds. 6 sec cd. 200%
              Dark Pillar: Shoots up pillar of damage, short knock up to all enemies in front, short range. 4 sec cd. If in mid-air it knocks you up a short distance, like the miners last skill, but if on the ground it doesn't. 125%
              Final Focus: Charging skill like miner, shock wave blasts out in front, knock back and heavy damage for more charge. 5 sec cd. 185% - 600% (charge a bit longer than miners)
              • Mianso

                Mianso Black Hole Surfer

                Speed: +++++
                Jump: +++++
                Regen: +++++

                Clicking with the mouse on an item will destroy it to gain 50/75/100 hp depending on the tier
                Foreing fruit and mysterious vyal can be kept but their effects do not trigger(same with other passive healing items).

                Iron punch:(Use the robotic arm to deal 140% damage in a small area in front of you [Minimal knockback])
                Fire punch:(Hit the ground with your fist dealing 75% AoE damage and of course ingiting the area[Huge knockback])
                Robotrick:(Stands still and gets invulnerable for 1s. Heals 25% of all the damage you would recieve)
                Overload:(Sacrifices 75hp to deal 50% AoE[Huge knockback + minimal stun] and get all stats doubled and abilities cooldown(aside from overload) halved for the next 3s)
                • Nixeras

                  Nixeras Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  A cross between a classic ninja magus and a cybernetic powersuit, the shinobi is capable of traversing difficult terrain with ease. They primarily fight by disorienting and distracting enemies, then striking from the shadows when they are at their most vulnerable. (Included is a picture I feel will be good reference for the style of the character, not that this much detail is ever going to be used in game.

                  As a note: This is not my art and all credit for the picture goes to Sikartist, it's not meant to be used to design this character should the devs decide to make it, only as a point of reference since it is closest to what I envisioned in my mind.

                  Speed: +++++
                  Jump: +++++
                  Regen: +++++
                  • Ryu no Tsume (Dragon's Claw) (A few quick slashes with two small daggers for 60%x 3 damage. [Minor Knockback])
                  • Kaeru no Ken (Flaming Fist) (Throw a piercing fiery kunai in front of you, after piercing two enemies it sticks in the third it hits and explodes. Initial damage is 90% and the explosion causes 130% damage as well as a moderate stun. [Medium Knockback + Moderate Stun])
                  • Kage no Sejun (Shadow Step) (Swiftly teleport to just behind the furthest onscreen enemy and deal a critical backstab for 200% damage. You leave a decoy at your starting location. If activated again within a short period it will teleport you back to your starting location, swapping with your decoy. [Minimal Knockback])
                  • Shizuka no Arachi (Quiet Storm) (A blast of slashing wind and leaves causes all nearby enemies to take 160% damage and knock them away, stunning them for a long time. [Moderate Knockback+Major Stun])
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                  • Nyarlathotep

                    Nyarlathotep Void-Bound Voyager

                    Speed: +++++
                    Jump: +++++
                    Regen: +++++
                    • Whip (Use a whip to damage all nearby enemies for 120% damage. [Minimal Stun])
                    • Tame (Tames a single monster, the tamed monster will follow the player and damage nearby enemies similar to a ghost. The tamed monster is much stronger and has more health. [Lasts for a minute] )
                    • Sacrifice (Sacrifices all your tamed monsters in exchange for health and a boost of speed, attack speed and damage. The amount of health and boosts the skill gives depends on the amount of tamed monsters you currently have. [Lasts for 10 seconds])
                    • Cloud of Calming (Throws a sack of special powder that calms monsters, taming them. All enemies inside the cloud are tamed for 15 seconds, while the tamed monsters are inside the cloud, the duration of being tamed will not go down. Tamed monsters using the Cloud of Calming skill are at the same strength and health level as they were before they were tamed. [Cloud lasts for 5 seconds])
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                    • Venom

                      Venom Pangalactic Porcupine

                      A fast and quick, regenerating symbiote class that can shape his body into any form he wants.
                      Has the ability to devour mobs with low health to restore his own. Let the hunters be hunted!

                      Speed: +++++
                      Jump: +++++
                      Regen: +++++

                      Death bite: Using his impressive jaw and giant set of teeth the symbiote will bite his enemies to dust for 100% damage on all enemies (Close combat)
                      Whip slash: Uses his arms to slash enemies twice in a quick succesion in front of him with quite an impressive range for 110% damage x2 (Mid ranged: 3 second cooldown)
                      Absord: By feeding on the weak the symbiote class can devour anyone in front of him to heal 50% HP. (Close combat: 12 second cooldown).
                      Acid spit: With the acid that builds up in the symbiotes system, he can use it as a weapon and spit rapidly 5 times for 430% damage total. (Ranged: 7 second cooldown).

                      Extra skill as maybe replacement for another:
                      Fluid movement: By turning his body into a liquid state, he can avoid his enemies and suprise them from behind. (Cooldown 6 seconds).

                      (Yes the class is somewhat related to Venom, I mean why not?).
                      • Venom

                        Venom Pangalactic Porcupine

                        Dont let it discourage you to do so! I'm still curious.
                        Please write it out anyway. :)
                        • Shrooblord

                          Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                          Symbiote... has someone been playing Spider Man 1 on the PS1? ;)
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                          • Joskineide

                            Joskineide Astral Cartographer

                            An overall fast mele character witch is more efective against large amounts of enemies at once
                            Speed: +++++
                            Jump: +++++
                            Regen: +++++

                            • Slash: An quick slash, a bit faster than the miner, with a wider range but does less dmg (around 100%-70% dmg)
                            • Windslash: An strong wave that does more dmg the closer it is to the player (250%-50% dmg, acording to range)(with like 5 Hans-D side by side(?) max range)
                            • Quickdraw: After a 1 sec casttime, you dash trough enemies hitting them 1-3 times each (with each blow dealing about 150% dmg) (cooldown reduced by 1 sec with each crit) (15 sec cooldown)
                            • Blood Thirsty: Each 25 enemies you kill you can activate this skill, granting you 100% critchance and 10% lifesteal for 10 seconds (lifesteal does not work with windslash)
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                            • Venom

                              Venom Pangalactic Porcupine

                              No, i've actually been playing Ultimate spiderman for to long. (And to much).
                              • Restarter000

                                Restarter000 Intergalactic Tourist

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                              • Tojo

                                Tojo Existential Complex

                                Methodical Ranged attacker that relies on careful planning rather than running and gunning

                                Speed: +++++
                                Jump: +++++
                                Regen: +++++

                                • Piercing Shot: Draw your bow for up to a maximum of 3 seconds increasing damage (80%-350%), piercing capabilities (0-10), and knockback power (0-10). Each second consists of a stage 0s being the weakest but with no pierce or knockback, 1s having minimal damage, pierce and knockback etc, etc.
                                • KickFlip: Powerfully kick the first mob in front of you knocking it and some surrounding mobs back [Moderate Knockback] then launching yourself at a 45 degree angle gaining invulnerability for only the kick. Kickflip can also be used in midair to dodge oncoming attacks
                                • Spike Trap: Place a trap on the groud that lasts for 2 seconds when activated by the first mob to touch it after the .5 second arming time. The first mob to touch it is dealt 180% damage and all subsequent mobs are slowed by 60% for 3 seconds as well as aflictted with bleed damage that does 50% damage for 5 seconds
                                • Explosive Arrow Fire an arrow wrapped in explosives that tick for 4 seconds after hitting the first mob or piece of terrain deals 300% in a moderate AoE with a [Minor Stun]
                                • Treadlight

                                  Treadlight Existential Complex

                                  Okay, I'll give this a shot. I'm going to try to make a class that's all about timing.

                                  No class name or any stylizing yet, as I do that best when drawing or spriting.

                                  Going to get into specifics with these, rather than just "out of five."
                                  I'm assuming that base damage is the same across all classes.
                                  Size is standard, not like HAN-D's double size.

                                  Speed: Pixels Per Frame: 2 (might be too fast)
                                  Jump: Tiles Jumped Over: 2.2
                                  Regen: % of Health Gained Every Nth Frame: 2 every 45th

                                  Abilities will be described as concisely as I can, it's hard when you don't know what's going to explode. I'm not going to use color coding for cooldowns, as those present a range of possible cooldowns, rather than specifics. All attacks other than 3 deal equal damage to self if hit as it does to monsters. Knockback to self is minimal, unless otherwise specified.
                                  1. "Unnamed" (0.25s cooldown) Can only be used on ground. Stand still for 3 or so frames (needs testing) to drop a miniscule explosive that explodes 15 frames later with a blast that isn't much larger than the explosive. Has no knockback, and deals 80% damage.
                                  2. "Unnamed" (4s cooldown) Throw an explosive 4 tiles up, has same gravity physics as player and is affected by Rusty Jetpack type items. When it lands, the blast reaches 2.6 tiles in both directions, not including the tile it lands on. Blast has average knockback away from its center, and deals 280ish% damage. Grants a movement speed boost for the duration the explosive is in the air, double that of the Bandit's 3.
                                  3. "Unnamed" (14s cooldown) Uses similar animation to 1. Sit down to arm an explosive that beeps every 20 frames, and explodes on the third beep which is higher pitched. Cannot move until it explodes, which will launch the character into the air 6.4 or so tiles (needs testing). Blast is elliptical, going out 1 tile in all directions, and dealing 465ish% damage, knocking monsters back away from the center of the blast at least 4 or so tiles (needs testing).
                                  4. "Unnamed" (6s cooldown) Can only be used when falling from at least 6ish tiles, and within 2.75 tiles of the ground. Throw two equivalent explosives, one at 210°, and the other at 330°. Explosion is rectangular, reaching 1.4 tiles high, and 0.6 tiles outwards. Deals 160% damage each, with minimal knockback away from the center of the blast.
                                  This isn't perfectly balanced, but I hope you get my idea. All values may be changed as needed. And abilities may be reorganized as needed. I might make example sprites for the bombs and blast ranges.

                                  EDIT: I changed a couple of things to balance it.
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                                  • Shrooblord

                                    Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Wow that's very... specific. :laugh:

                                    Ancient Slave
                                    This slave has been in captivity all his life, serving masters far and wide and searching low and high for a purpose in his life. That is, until he crashlanded here, on this rotten planet. He has broken his chains (sort of) and learnt to use what he's learnt over the years to his advantage. Natives, behold! The true captive is he, who thinks himself free!

                                    Speed: +++++
                                    Jump: +++++
                                    Regen: +++++

                                    • The Chains that Bind You: (A semi-ranged, semi-melee attack. When the Ancient Slave whips the broken chains around his wrists, he hits enemies in a line within the proximity of a varying 2-4 'own widths'. [The attack has a 5% chance to Slow enemies on hit.])
                                    • Burden: (The weight of a hundred years of service rest on your shoulders! During combat, the Ancient Slave he has a random chance of 30% to gain a stack of Burden when he either deals or receives damage. This stack caps out at 7. Upon using Burden, all stacks are consumed as his pain is relieved and the Ancient Slave is granted a 10% Attack Damage bonus for every stack. The effect wears off after 4s.)
                                    • Loyalty: (PASSIVE: When this ability is not on cooldown, a hit from The Chains that Bind You that resulted in a Slow will permanently grant the Ancient Slave an Attack Speed bonus of 3% until he teleports out to the next level. Items like Prison Shackles that affect the ability to Slow to NOT stack with this ability. Only 'natural' Slows from The Chains that Bind You will cause Loyalty to stack. When a stack is created, the ability goes into cooldown.)
                                    • Freedom: (The Ancient Slave let's out a deafening cry as he breaks from his Master's grasp and realises his freedom, hurting nearby enemies for 200% damage. [Moderate Knockback + Slow on Hit])
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                                    • needsomemiracle

                                      needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      No name yet, because it really doesn't matter. The crunchy stuff does.
                                      This class is about AoE & crowd control. Both grenades benefit from AoE items like gasoline tank, behemoth, etc.

                                      Speed: +++++
                                      Jump: +++++
                                      Regen: +++++
                                      • Tranquiliser. Regular ranged attack that also slows the target. 0.5 sec cooldown, 90% damage, 40% slow.
                                      Does not stack with itself. Stacks with monster-slowing items. Benefits from the item that adds piercing property. The only one of the three offensive abilities that affects bosses.
                                      • Gravity Sink. A grenade that attracts every common and elite mosnter towards itself. 10.0 sec cooldown, 4.0 sec duration, 280% damage over 4.0 sec.
                                      Basically it inflicts a low DoT and applies a flat speed modifier to every target in its effect area, directed towards the sink; therefore, creatures are moving faster when approaching the mine and slower when trying to get away from it. Fast creatures like wisps can slowlycrawl their way out of the effect area, whereas slow monsters like lemurians are effectively locked near the sink for its duration. Does not affect bosses.
                                      • Exclusion Field. A grenade that pushes common and elite monsters away from itself and holds them at bay. 10.0 sec cooldown, 4.0 sec duration, Heavy Knockback.
                                      Initially knocks targets back and prevents them from coming closer than a certain distance both left and right (also up, if that's feasible). This distance is longer than the weakest wisp's range (effectively making the player who stands near the grenade immune to their attacks) but shorter than the green wisp's range. Does not affect bosses.
                                      • Ionise. Adds lightning property to a standard attack for a limited time. 13.0 sec cooldown, 5.0 sec duration.
                                      This is supposed to make use of abilities 2 and 3. It shines when attacking tight packs of enemies, but it's also effective, albeit to a lesser extent, simply as a short DPS boost. Stacks with ukulele.
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                                      • needsomemiracle

                                        needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        Class idea #2.
                                        This class is about blowing up monsters with other monsters.

                                        Speed: +++++
                                        Jump: +++++
                                        Regen: +++++
                                        • Grenade Launcher. Regular mid-range attack. 0.75 sec cooldown, 100% damage, 20% splash damage, Minimal Knockback.
                                        Grenade flies the distance of about 4-5 chests before hitting the ground. If it hits anything closer, it explodes. The AoE is desinged to be very modest and only good for chipping away negligible amounts of health. Stacks with Behemoth.
                                        • Sticky Grenade. Ranged attack that marks a monster. 3.0 sec cooldown, 25% damage, Minimal Knockback.
                                        Appetizer. Flies in a straight line. Only one target can be marked at a time. If a second monster is hit, the mark switches to the latter. This ability is weak on purpose, as killing is not what it's for.
                                        • Detonate. Explodes Sticky Grenade, dealing damage proportional to target max health. 3.0 sec cooldown, damage: 250% + a fixed % of target max health, splash damage: 100% + a fixed % of target max health, Moderate Knockback, Minimal Stun.
                                        Main dish of the day. This ability doesn't need to be scaled much with level as it automatically scales in damage with stronger monsters as they appear. If the explosion doesn't kill the marked monster, it can be marked again. Whether or not it can be used on bosses is debatable: if not, this class loses most of its oomph, if yes, the boss might die too easily. Maybe the "fixed percent of target max health" could be ignored when the mark is put on a boss, leaving just 250% damage and 100% splash damage.
                                        • Corpse Explosion. Explodes a dead monster body. 5.0 sec cooldown, splash damage: 200% + a fixed % of target max health, Moderate Stun.
                                        Dessert. Flies in a straight line. It's supposed to trigger on left-away corpses from larger enemies like golems. For the sake of usability this shot should pass through living monsters. This is the ability of choice when you need to slow down a group chasing you (via stunning).
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