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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. buttfield

    buttfield Space Hobo

    Strange Imp

    "...and so it left, speaking heresy through unseen lips."
    Unlocking: An imp with a blue eye has a chance to appear on any level when the teleporter is activated. It has roughly triple a normal imp's health, but it is not an enemy (it will not attack players), and does not need to be defeated to progress. Other enemies in the level will try to kill the imp. If the imp appears and survives the level, all players will unlock the Strange Imp as a playable character.

    HP: +++++
    Regen: +++++
    Speed: +++++

    Rend: Slashes at enemies in front, hitting twice for 75% damage each hit. Hits at about the same speed as Bandit's Blast (when the button is held).
    Burn: Shoots a small, blue version of the Imp Overlord's laser attack for 240% damage. Comes out fairly quickly. Cooldown of roughly 4 seconds.
    Move: Teleports forward, stunning enemies near the endpoint for 1 second. Travels about twice as far as Blink. Cooldown of roughly 6 seconds.
    Overlord: Become an Imp Overlord for 6 seconds, increasing damage dealt by 30%, reducing damage taken by 10%, moving 20% faster, and gaining larger hitboxes and hurtboxes. You cannot turn into an Overlord in an area where one would not fit (the skill will not activate at all, and it does not go onto cooldown), and Overlords cannot climb ropes or ladders. Cooldown of 30 seconds. Cooldown does not begin until the transformation is over.
    Ancient Scepter Upgrade - Alpha Overlord: While transformed, two Strange Imps will assist you in combat. They act like the ghosts created by Happiest Mask and Jar of Souls, and deal 75% damage per attack.
    • Bluepanda

      Bluepanda Void-Bound Voyager


      Trained from the monks of the temple, he set off to seek adventure and treasure in new lands.

      Ability 1 0second
      Deal 160% damage to enemies.

      Ability 2 4 second
      Back Swing
      He swings his sword from the back and to the front dealing 320% damage to all enemies near to him

      Ability 3 6 second
      Leap strike
      He leaps into the air in the direction he is facing. Upon landing he strikes the nearest enemy with 270% damage

      Ability 4 10 second
      Shock Drive
      He strikes the ground with his sword causing a blue wave, which damages all enemies by 360% damage.

      To unlock him you must play as mercenary and reach the temple of the elders and challenge the Guardian.
      • DianaWinters

        DianaWinters Starship Captain

        Speed: +++++
        Jump: +++++
        Regen: +++++

        Semi Auto (Fire a single shot for 120%)
        Riflebutt (Knocks back and minimally stuns all enemies within a short range in front of the player for 140%)
        Backstep (Jump back a short distance, invincible while doing so.)
        Barrage (Fire ~10 shots in quick succession for 145% each, can not move while doing so. Stuns and knocks back moderately.)


        Note: I'm horrible at pixel art, so this might be a bit choppy, basically the example gif with a gun and different colors. Side note, feel free to use any set of colors, I picked these because blue and black is one of my favorite color combos.
          Last edited: Jun 8, 2015
        • Edomaro

          Edomaro Void-Bound Voyager

          That looks fantastic, but the main dev has completely abandoned Risk of Risk to develop "Deadbolt" or something like that... yeah... and it's fairly easy to know because they lack communication on this forum and his tumblr page is filled with the new game propaganda. This game could be so much more if it was developed further, but you know how it is... modding tools and a workshop integration would give a nice kick to this game.
          • Kawa11 P0tat0

            Kawa11 P0tat0 Space Hobo

            As a fan of this game for quite some time now i have been wanting more characters to play and this one so far seems like the best idea would fit in the game really well.
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            • Ixantir

              Ixantir Ketchup Robot

              I agree this would be really great, plus his placement in the menu could just be him hovering next to commando on the character selection screen, when you choose him he could blink
              • Kevalas

                Kevalas Void-Bound Voyager

                THE EXPERIMENT
                Speed: ++++
                Jump: +
                Regen: ++
                Lash (The experiment stretches it arm out and swings it like a whip, dealing 120% damage to enemies in close range)
                Impale (The experiment thrusts his arm into the ground and causes spikes to rupture the ground in front of him, dealing 190% damage to enemies in front of it, snaring them briefly, and applying a bleed of 30% damage per second.)
                Screech (The experiment lets out a violent roar, knocking back enemies on either side of it and dealing 70% damage to enemies hit.)
                Primal Urge (The experiment loses itself to its true nature, causing it to lose its human form temporarily. This increases its size and the range of Lash, and a 30% damage increase to Lash, which is replaced for the duration by Rampage.)
                Ancient Sceptre Upgrade: Primordial Overload (In addition to the previous benefits, Primordial Overload causes Impale to extend behind the experiment, and increase the damage of Screech by 70%.)

                Not sure if this balanced, yet I just like the idea of a shape-shifting monstrosity. Will try to brainstorm some ideas for the unlock method, challenges, and anything else that might come into play.
                • HAN-D MAN-D

                  HAN-D MAN-D Space Hobo

                  Reaper - A somewhat proc-heavy soloer, the third brother in a lifeline, cursed after killing his brother before him to endlessly walk the world, until finding the running soul of his first brother

                  (0) Decimate - Release all of your suffering on an enemy in medium range in front of you
                  -93% damage [Minimal stun (0.43)]

                  (4.5) Anger - Gain 33% increased attack speed for 3 seconds, Decimating an enemy increases the duration as well as cooldown by 1.33, stacking up to 5 times, as well as increasing attack speed by 3%
                  (status effect)

                  (1.3) No escape - Teleport to the closest enemy towards you, striking thrice but only for 67.6% damage, after which you will teleport slightly farther back than you casted. Cannot use if you have been damaged within the last 2 and a half seconds
                  -Total damage 203% (Yes, i know, it's a high number for a normal 1.3 second cd ability, but we'll get to that later) [Applies proc effects (ATG missiles, ukelele, golden gun, etc.) 0.03 stun per hit]

                  (6.3-7.6-8.9) ALL WILL DIE - Based on the damage you dealt from all of your No escape's, release a magic blast from your skull, fearing and damaging all enemies within large range.
                  -Max damage 2345% damage -Min damage 300%. cooldown increased based on number of escapes used. (0.053 per escape used) 35 escapes needed for max damage. (67% damage per escape)

                  Well, hope you liked my character idea, tell me if any numbers need changing like that (I assume there will be a couple complaints about the last two abilities) and who knows, maybe i'll get lucky and hopoo will take my- any of our ideas into consideration.
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                  • HAN-D MAN-D

                    HAN-D MAN-D Space Hobo

                    Or he could just be chained up in that little slot next to HAN-D
                    (das me)
                    • Arra

                      Arra The End of Time

                      If I can start a petition, or a vote. I vote for this.
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                      • benjihad

                        benjihad Void-Bound Voyager

                        Is there an option somewhere to be able to change player color if multiple people are playing the same character? Not sure if I've overlooked it potentially. Would be a nice feature if it's not already there. It was quite chaotic for game night figuring out who's who!
                        • HonorableFool

                          HonorableFool Space Spelunker

                          Hey I have a suggestion regarding characters.
                          Can we some color variants for them,its really hard to play the game with friends when people pick the same class (so confusing???)
                          So 4 for each characters,would have to make 3 for each class since the default can take one of those 4.
                          I hope this is added its a small feature with a huge impact :nuruhappy:!
                          • VF17

                            VF17 Void-Bound Voyager

                            Chaos Warrior
                            "and so he left,ready to unleash chaos everywhere again..."
                            Primary: DPS Secondary:CQC
                            How to unlock:Free the jailed survivor.
                            Upon freeing:You need to defeat him before you obtain him

                            This survivor is being sentenced to death for causing chaos in Earth leading many lives got killed by him.He Bashes an enemy causing them to become an ally for few seconds.The Chaos Warrior points his mace in front of him releasing a Chaos Bolt,and he also notable teleporting to a unfortunate enemy bashing it with no mercy. But he is most known to make Chaos making everyone to attack themselves.
                            • Bash:Hits the enemy with a mace dealing 150% damage,5% chance to trigger "Chaos Ally" (Makes the enemy you hit to fight other enemies for 5 seconds with increased damage and attack speed,if the enemy dies the buff will wear off) [Minimum Knockback]
                            • Chaos Bolt:Fires a Strange Bolt in a straight line,dealing 200% damage.[Moderate Knockback]
                            • Chaos Rift:Teleports to the weakest enemy stunning it and dealing 150% damage,20% critical chance and 50% increased attack speed for 2 seconds.[Stuns an enemy for 1 seconds]
                            • Chaos:Causes all enemy in the screen attack anyone who gets near at them with increased 50% attack speed and 100% damage for 6 seconds.(Beware they will also attack you leading you to a quick death,so cast it when you are running away or in a safe distance)
                              Ancient Scepter:Pandemonium:Causes all enemy in the screen attack anyone except you with 100% increased attack speed and 150% damage for 7 seconds.
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                            • Lifire

                              Lifire Space Hobo

                              "user of fire"

                              speed: + + + + +
                              jump: + + + + +
                              regen: + + + + +

                              • kill 10 magma worms with flamethrower drones, but they don't need to all to do all the damage, just kill them
                              • drones can not be re-bought in the middle of the fight, they must last the whole fight
                              • this does not have to be in one round

                              this character is a hand to hand fighter, that lights enemy's on fire using his 4 attacks

                              • fire fingers: summon fire dealing 100% damage at a moderate speed stunning enemies for half a second, (minimum knock back)
                              • MOLOTOV: chuck a flaming grenade in a small ark at enemies for 200% damage, lighting them on fire (this causes 20% damage per second, up to 5 seconds). stuns enemies for 1 sec giving you a chance to back up (high knock back)
                              • Bowling bowl: charge up this attack for up to 5 seconds, on release, roll through enemies lighting them and the ground of fire for 300% damage each enemy you pass through. (you are invulnerable while in the rolling state)
                              • active help: summon a flame thrower drone lasting for 8 seconds, going up in 100% damage every second
                              the character should be used as a hand to hand fighter with some range and knock back to it, so enemies don't get to close to the player
                              • BlynnTV

                                BlynnTV Intergalactic Tourist

                                This woman is more of a support than a DMG dealer, she had lurned in a fight it is better to fight as one than fight alone.
                                Speed: +++++
                                Jump: +++++
                                Regen: +++++

                                • Gas Grenade Launcher (shoots 1 Gas can with a range of 2-50 meters, dealing 50% dmg on inpact and 10% DMG overtime to enemy's that stand insite the gas, allies get healed 10% overtime when standing inside the gas, The Gas remains for 5 sec )
                                • Riot shield (Blocks all frontall dmg for 7 sec)
                                • C4 Sprint (Sprint Forwards planting C4 on enemy's that are at arm range, at the end of the sprint the C4 will explode, for each enemy with C4 planted on him will add 200% DMG to each enemy Hit by the explotion)
                                • Die with glory (Deal 75% of your own healt, restoring 50% of each allied player/NPC)
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