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Character Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Eoma

    Eoma Space Hobo

    Location: Inter-dimensional rift in the elder temple/grounds
    Back story: a being of the past sealed away by the matriarchs of the elder grounds, on occasion the seal weakens just enough for this creature to escape, he vows to purge the universe of any given evil.
    Speed: ++
    Jump: ++
    Regen: +++
    • Slash/Crush: Slash/Strikes the foe with a hammer of light or a sword of retribution for 110% Damage.
    • Mjolnir/Hammer toss: Cast out your holy hammer In a straight line causing peircing damage (passes through everything in a straight line) for 120% Damage (stops once hammer exists screen or ten foes are hit)(supposed to be lime ;~;) Stuns Smaller foes for 1-2s, knocks back larger foes (such as golems) a low amount.
    • Redemption: Heals allies around the Paladin (and the Paladin a lesser ammount) Heals for 25% ally health, 10% own health depending/varying, in solo heals for 5-10%
    • Purge/Retribution: Hold your sword/hammer up high and release a massive Ray of light down upon the area that expands around you (the area resembles the huntresses explosive shots range) for up to 200% damage (more damage closer to the player, less towards the outer ring).
    • Lv2 Purge/Retribution: Hold your sword up high and release a massive Ray of light down upon the area that expands around you (once again the area resembles the huntresses explosive shot range however in this state it is expanded a tad bit) once the beam touches down spin around with hammer in hand (effectivly finishing your foes within close range). (should be lavender)
    The Paladin would probably be more of a support class, however if ran correctly could be a wonderful tank.[DOUBLEPOST=1410302435][/DOUBLEPOST]Beast Master
    *Note this one is going to be difficult for me to work with cause I have no idea how it's going to operate in game So if it sounds stupid I apologize*

    Speed: +++
    Jump: ++++
    Regen: ++

    • Claws/Mame: Lash out with your own clawed hands (claws removed from a mighty beast) for 120% damage (minor knockback)
    • Beast Control: Either randomly selects a beast of burden and summons it to your side to unleash and attack or take control of one of the foes in front of you temporarily for your own gain. (minor knockback)
    • Shield: Grasp hold of either one of your own Beasts of burden or one of the foes in front of you to shield yourself from in coming damage. (shields up to 80% damage)
    • Sacrifice: Unleash An NPC (or grab one) strap explosives to its back and send it into battle causing a huge radius of explosion with massive knock back and 250% damage.
    • Sacrafice lv 2: Unlease two npc's in both directions (one left and one right) causing a huge radius of explosion with massive knockback and 300% damage
    • ^ Supposed to be lavender but I cant differentiate between color shades too well.
    *Unlocking method*
    Gather 20 Monster logs.
    Defeat each boss once.

    Explosives Expert- Demoman- soldier/whatever you want to make this explosives master!
    Speed: +++
    Jump: +++
    Regen: +++
    Being someone of adequate balance, the explosive guy just destroys anything he pleases, just to do it!

    • Boomstick: Shoot your shotgun Covering an array of foes in front of you for 130% damage, no knock back.
    • Launcher: point and Laugh at your foe then fire a powerful unguided rocket for 150% damage and massive knock back.
    • Grenades, Grenades Everywhere!: Look up at the sky and lob grenades randomly around you causing damage not only to yourself but to everything around you (up to 5-7 grenades lobbed) for 120% damage and moderate knock back.
    • *Boom boom hahaha Boom*: Set down two mortar tubes and launch them straight up in the air five times causing a rain of explosives all around you (and on yourself) for 200% damage.
    • *Boom Boom hahaha Boom* lv2: Set down three mortar tubes and scatter the area around you with explosives (shoots five times as well) for 300% damage (to everything)
    • *Passive ability: When hit by your own explosion you run at a benificial speed to assist in the escape of your of course, own explosives.

    *Found in a random key card room on the Risk of rain*
    Speed: +++++
    Jump: ++++
    Regen: +

    • Stab: Lunge your knife into your foes rapidly for 90% damage
    • Chainsaw: Wait what? Where'd you get that? Draw your chainsaw (from somewhere) and shred through enamies with it (infront of you) for 170% damage!
    • Hide: Vanish behind a backdrop such as a bush or a tree to avoid damage for three seconds, if any foe is remaining at the backdrop after the three seconds is up,your character jumps out and lunges his knife into their neck. 200% damage (highly situational)
    • Die Die Die hahaha: Strap a bomb to your foes back, stab them twice jump back and shoot them, causing heavy damage to the first foe but the explosion does area damage around it, up to 300% damage to foes whom are closer to the explosion. < Reccomended time 15-20 Second recharge.
    • Passive: The sociopath is always moving swiftly in attempts to kill his foe, but that doesn't mean he's got a lot of defence? -10% damage reduction
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    • AmericanTrailMix

      AmericanTrailMix Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      The Soldier

      Speed: +++++
      Jump: +++++
      Regen: +++++

      Health: +++++
      Bolt: Tap up to three times in quick succession to fire an explosive bolt for up to 250% damage
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG]150% [​IMG]200% [​IMG] 250%

      Burst: Fire a large close range blast that deals 500% damage and knocks enemies back, 10 sec cooldown

      Sky Jump: Jump high into the air, leaving an explosion where you were for 200% damage. You are faster for the duration of being in the air. 10 sec cooldown

      Beam: Fire a large beam that pierces enemies for 150% damage. If this attack kills an enemy, you may use it again, up to three times, each doing more damage than the last. 8 sec cooldown

      The Soldier is great at croud control, as most of his attacks explode or pierce. His attacks have long cool down, but do heavy damage. Make use of Sky Jump to escape crowds of enemies and regenerate your abilities. A quick trigger finger can make Bolt extremely powerful. Use Burst to take care of dangerous enemies or retreat. Use Beam on surviving crowds after your Sky Jump or Burst. Don't forget that the soldier is very slow, but has lots of health.

      To Unlock: Beat the game with 200 or more items in your inventory on Monsoon difficulty.[DOUBLEPOST=1410580908][/DOUBLEPOST]
      I really like this idea. It gives a melee class that doesn't try to tank everything, like 3 other melee classes we might know... hint hint
      Sounds like he'd have a fun and unique playstyle, which we need more of. Also, i was thinking as an extra ability so he's not underpowered, shuriken would heal him. also, every single one of his attacks should not effect whether he is moving or not. Dash attack should be replaced by a special move called Rapid Slice, which allows you to attack 10x40% damage while running, stunning enemies you hit for 1 second. Or maybe a move that would increase your movespeed, like smokebomb, but lower damage, and would have very little cooldown.[DOUBLEPOST=1410582201][/DOUBLEPOST]The Warrior
      Speed: +++++
      Jump: +++++
      Regen: +++++
      Health: +++++

      Blade: Use your large greatsword and swing for 170% damage. 0 sec cooldown.
      Slash: Use your shortsword to do a quick slash for 80% damage. You can move while attacking with this skill. 0 sec cooldown.
      Frontflip: Do a long frontflip, swinging your greatsword if you have it, and your shortsword if you don't. Greatsword deals 5x70% damage, shortsword deals 5x30% damage. You are invincible while flipping.
      Throw: Throw your greatsword across, hitting enemies as it goes for 170% damage. Must be ran over again to be picked back up, but it will teleport to you after 20 seconds.
      Launch: Throw your greatsword across, hitting enemies as it goes for 250% damage. Must be ran over again to be picked back up, but it will teleport to you after 16 seconds. You are invincible while throwing.

      Very slow, the warrior requires lots of thinking to play. Avoid using Throw near ledges and cliffs, for fear of losing your powerful greatsword.

      Provides a skill based strategic play style that can do lots of damage. Has many different ways to play.

      Unlock Method: Beat the game as Acrid, HAN-D, Mercenary and Miner on Monsoon difficulty.

      The Gunner
      Speed: +++++
      Jump: +++++
      Regen: +++++
      Health: +++++

      Shot: Fire a single shot with one of your revolvers for 90% damage. Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger.
      Requires you to reload after 12 shots.
      Quick-draw: Fire a high damage piercing shot for 240% damage. Can be activated during any other skill. 5 tick cooldown.
      Volley: Jump backwards, firing all of your shots in your chamber for up to 12(16)x60% damage. You are invincible for the duration. 6 tick cooldown.
      Reload: Reload your revolvers. Press it faster for a faster reload. -50% move speed while reloading. 0 tick cooldown.
      Reload V2: Your revolvers have 16 total shots instead of 12. -25% move speed instead of -50%.

      Passive:Getting a kill with any attack reduces 1 tick of cooldown on all your skills. Your skills do not cool down over time.

      A complex skill class where one must make sure they aren't out of skills to use in a pinch. It is about ammo management and skill balance. Never use a skill when you don't need to.

      Unlock Method: Collect the monster logs from every boss. (except for providence.)
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      • AmericanTrailMix

        AmericanTrailMix Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        120% damage
        fires as fast as you can press
        OP as hell.[DOUBLEPOST=1412194275][/DOUBLEPOST]
        Aww I made mine called the Gunner before I saw this. Oh well. Nice idea, by the way, but it feels too much like the enforcer.
        • Matanui3

          Matanui3 Phantasmal Quasar

          DOC (another robot, this time a medical unit)
          Stats TBD, but probably slow with high regen

          -Multi hit melee attack with a buzzsaw; should hit more than one enemy at a time
          -Stabs single target with a syringe, applying a DoT and a slow. Stacks up to three times (refreshes duration and adds damage/slow when reapplied). Killing n infected target spreads the infection to nearby targets.
          -Attempts to grab a target. If successful, transform into a high-speed vehicle that can jump but cannot climb and must keep moving (grabbing a boss transforms, but does not pick the boss up). Upon timeout (with a rather long duration) or activating any skill, slam the grabbed enemy onto the ground, dealing damage in a shockwave.
          -Drops an item on the ground, able to heal you or any ally that picks it up. Health restored is proportional to DOC's life.
          • KalvinHobbez

            KalvinHobbez Orbital Explorer

            The Mechanic
            Speed: +++++
            Jump: ++++
            Regen: +++
            A woman with robotic legs that have attached rocket thrusters, she's able to have some strong kicks. Her current images have her gray-scale as she has an undecided color scheme at the moment, but it's easier to animate a simple color scheme anyways. Supposed unlock method is beating the game in under 40 minutes or so, as she is a quick character so this method symbolizes her speed. Another moveset style, yet a bit complex in a way, is having each ability do something different in the air and on the ground. This would total in 8 abilities, but technically CHEF has 8 as well anyways.

            Quick Strikes (0 sec):

            A trio of quick kicks that each deal 100% damage. Using this in the air will slow your descent slowly. Able to be spammed, but not held down to spam. A single button press will get three quick kicks immediately, but moving can cancel further kicks. In Air idea would be a bicycle kick.

            Rocket Slam (3 sec):

            Sudden rockets on the feet will probably slam you down into the ground pretty fast. Primarily useful in the air but alike To the Stars, it still has a ground use. Using it on the ground will just cause a small jump and then slam downwards. This ability is primarily useful in combo with the Headstompers. On ground idea would be a slide.

            Engines Fired (8 sec):
            Gain a temporary buff towards all damage you deal. Any damage from items or abilities has 100% added onto it during this buff. The start up on the buff isn't exactly part of the buff as when I animated it I forgot buffs in the game appear immediately. In Air idea would possibly be a buff to cause your jumps and lands to do damage.

            Roundhouse Kick (7 sec):
            A chargeable kick that has further distance the longer it is charged. Just using it immediately allows the kick. It was not stated in the ability picture but the ending kick knocks enemies back as well. In Air idea would be a downwards flying kick.

            Enjoy a little additional gif I made, with legs like that how could she not dunk?

            "...and so she left, adjusting to her horrid new form."
            • Roundhouse Kitty

              Roundhouse Kitty Phantasmal Quasar

              Ooh, I wanna try this!

              Unbound Lemurian:
              An evolved lemurian female enraged by Providence's control of her race, somehow unaffected by the very same. Not really crashed on the planet, for obvious reasons. She does, however, want to beat the hell out of Providence.

              Speed: ++++
              Jump: +++++

              The evolved Lemurian can glide normally, which allows her to reduce falling speed by holding the jump button (and gaining slightly better air control).

              Chomp: The lemurian chomps enemies in front of her for light damage. Hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown of firebreath. Applies on-hit.
              Firebreath: The lemurian breathes fire, dealing moderate damage and stunning enemies in a moderate area in front of her for a short duration.
              Evolved: The lemurian takes off from the ground, allowing her to fly for a short duration before she falls.
              Shred: The lemurian flies forward in a shallow arc, dealing a moderate amount of damage to every enemy in front of her and causing all enemies affected to bleed for additional damage over time. The lemurian is immune to damage during the dash. Applies on-hit.
              Scepter - Disembowel: The lemurian flies forward in a shallow arc, dealing a moderate amount of damage to every enemy in front of her and causing all enemies affected to bleed for additional damage over time over a shorter duration. The lemurian is immune to damage during the dash. Applies on-hit both on initial hit and each bleed tick from then (approx. 3 procs total on each enemy).
              • IrishBullocks

                IrishBullocks Yeah, You!

                "And so he left, looking for more things to punch."

                Speed: ++++
                Jump: +
                Regen: +++
                Quick jab: Preform a quick strike forward for 120% damage [minimal knockback]
                Tuck and Roll: Duck down for a moment, then unleash a heavy upper that deals 300% damage to all enemies in front of you, launching them into the air. [heavy knockback, minimal stun, launcher]
                Backstep: Jump backwards, dodging all incoming damage for the duration of the step.
                The ORAnge flurry: Unleash a heavy barrage of punches in the direction you're facing, striking for 8x80% damage and stunning all enemies who get caught in the attack. [Stun] (That's not a typo also, I kinda want this to refference JJBA since it's similar to the stand rush in that series and its fighting games. It also just happened to be that I had made this character orange mostly!)
                I was thinking of having him move like huntress does; auto aiming towards enemies while striking and moving. It's true to how a boxer moves (they don't usually stop moving to attack unless they are staring their opponent down or they have them in a corner) and feels like it works well enough to be used for a melee character.
                I started work on some sprites, the higher res being the result of taking directly from a model I have and then I shrunk it down a bit to be more in line with the game. I hope it's sized right! They are of course just standing, but I am working on a walk cycle right now, and I will have the quick jab done after that. Should be simple enough. Sprites are done for most animations
                Edit: More pictures and downsized them.
                Edit 2: Added another set of pictures, the ones with the bigger legs were suggested by a friend because the first set looked too noodly to them
                Edit 3: Added uppercut because I was putting it off, though I finally figured it out after a while.
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                • Jepton

                  Jepton Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  I.T ( A robot) or Technician (Human)

                  (A Huntress-sized Human or a Loader-sized robot)

                  Jump: +++++
                  Speed: +++++
                  Regen: +++++

                  Whack/Compile - Hit an enemy in front of you, with your Wrench, for 110% damage (Minor knock-back). Lightning damages up to 2 more enemies near it for 80% damage. A 2-hit-combo. Second hit doesn't arc, but deals 140% damage to all enemies in front of attack.
                  Refuctor/Hijack - Fire a projectile into an enemy, dealing 150% damage. The 'Hijacked' enemy attacks other enemies for ~5 seconds, with slightly buffed damage. The enemy takes 40% damage every second they are 'Hijacked'. 6-second cool-down.
                  E.M.P/Antivirus - Throw an E.M.P grenade, stunning all enemies in a large radius for 2.5 seconds, while dealing 400% damage. 8-second cool-down. Enemies hit can arc to another enemy, dealing 80% damage.
                  Firewall - Set up a 'firewall', similar to Loader. Deals 70% damage to enemies that are near it, arching to another enemy if possible. Lasts 4.5 seconds, 9-second cool-down.

                  Scepter (Defrag) - A "firewall" is created, that fears enemies around it, dealing 90% damage to enemies near it, and can arch to enemies near 'zapped' hostiles.
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                  • Bluepanda

                    Bluepanda Void-Bound Voyager


                    A crystal powered metal armed with spartan gear

                    power systemup to 6 power

                    Z Slash 1 power every comboeach strike stuns target for 0.2 second
                    1. Stab 180% damage2. Swing 120% damage
                    3. spin and swing 150% damage
                    4. Lunge and stab 230% damage
                    combo complete on a target or more, gain a power
                    X Fighting Stance - 2 power required
                    Increases speed by 40%, damage by 30% and cannot be knocked back by all attacks

                    C Javelin - 2 power required
                    Launches the spear embedded with the blue energy. 300% damage to the target and returns

                    V Overload - 6
                    Strong red energy covers the metal
                    Takes 40 damage per second
                    increase speed by 150%
                    increase damage by 100%
                    increase attack speed by 80%
                    Reduce damage from enemies by 50%
                    on death come back to blue and start cool down
                    +With ancient sceptre, take 30 damage instead of 40 every second
                    • Zenopo

                      Zenopo Space Hobo

                      I like this idea, if only because I think it would be cool to play as your enemies, sort of like Acrid, and the Lemurian is my favorite enemy.
                      I do have some quarrels with the moves though.
                      Chomp: It sounds like it would be as weak as Acrid's attack but without the poison effect. Cooldown for another move sounds alright, but on to that move.
                      Firebreath: Sounds like what the Elder Lemurian does, without the stun, again, I feel like it can be better or have a better move.
                      Evolved: Not to bad, perhaps it can include move-speed and invulnerability?
                      Shred: Sounds good.
                      (I thought every only has 4 moves?) Scepter - Disembowel: Sounds like a better version of Shred, keep this one instead and add 3 uses to it.
                      • KlickIt

                        KlickIt Void-Bound Voyager

                        Scepter is an item that gives the 4th Skill an upgrade.

                        Although, I'm glad another Lemurian idea is around.
                        • evilmatt669

                          evilmatt669 Void-Bound Voyager

                          (I had no idea what to call him.)

                          Speed: +++++
                          Jump: +++++
                          Regen: +++++
                          • .45 Cal (Fire a bullet penetrating up to three enemies dealing 100% damage. [Minimal Knockback] "Possibly firing 6 bullets then a cooldown for reloading?")
                          • Russian Roulette (Attempt to fire a single bullet from a six chamber doing the same as the .45 Cal but if an enemy is killed you gain enthusiasm giving you increased attack speed, enthusiasm lasts for 10 seconds. [Minimal Knockback + Enthusiasm stacks up to 6 times])
                          • Front Flip (Perform a Front Flip propelling you forward, hitting enemies will perform another Front Flip [Invulnerable while Front Flipping + Can Front Flip up to 3 times])
                          • Dual Wield (Pull out a second revolver doubling your fire rate and movement speed for a certain amount of time. [10s] "The cooldown would most likely be somewhere around 20-30 seconds.")
                          • Echaen

                            Echaen Space Hobo

                            Aracha (Pronounced "Ah" "Rah" "Kah")
                            I haven't read the entire thread yet, or unlocked many characters, but I really want to get this down before I forget, so sorry if this kind of thing has already been suggested or implemented!
                            This character's main feature is his lack of regeneration altogether. In order to restore his health, he must use his third ability. He can also double jump by default.
                            Looks: A robotic Mechsuit, with four arms out of the back in Doctor-Octopus fashion fitted with four pulse cannons.
                            Speed: +++++
                            Jump: +++++
                            Regen: +++++
                            • Pulse Cannons: The player fires four, fast shots, doing 30% damage each. [No Knockback] (This ability can be held down)
                            • Static Launch: The player fires cannons vertically beneath him, launching him into the air and damaging enemies for 30% damage per shot, 12 shots total [No Knockback] (This ability can be used fast enough to raise the character into the air continuously)
                            • Phase Out: The player becomes temporarily invincible, charging forward in the direction they were previously facing. Upon contact with an enemy, the player travels through them, appearing on the other side having done 650% damage to the enemy and been healed for 80% of the damage they did [Maximum Stun]
                            • Spectre Bolt: The player fires a beam of energy along all four diagonals, freezing the the player in the air temporarily and doing 250% damage with each of the penetrating beams [Massive Knockback + Moderate Stun]
                            Values may be unrealistic so any balances would be welcome.
                            • Bughunter

                              Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

                              A bit late, but also not exactly your idea.

                              I am working on this infected.png

                              I will resize it, but for now there it is.

                              (Gonna be real hard to see :C )
                              • MaZa

                                MaZa Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                Simply put: my "quick" search didn't end up finding anything too similar so I decided to throw my idea here, just in case.
                                I went maybe too detailed with this, and it might have too many functions for one character.
                                I hope there's not too many mistakes because of editing text around.

                                Here's the quick concept of what he could look like:
                                Sorry for not scaling them :unsure:
                                [​IMG] [​IMG]
                                (don't mind the shadow on ground, it's not accurate!)

                                And some skill icons in order:
                                [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
                                (first two definitely need some rework!)

                                In short:
                                This character is using his guitar for shocking enemies with riffs and burn them with sparkling fires.
                                He's still nameless, can't come up with anything snappy.

                                And here comes the wall of text:

                                I hope you had fun reading! :3
                                • HadronV

                                  HadronV Orbital Explorer

                                • HadronV

                                  HadronV Orbital Explorer

                                  Incorrect, good sir.
                                  • Shephard

                                    Shephard Space Hobo

                                    So he left, his last strand of humanity slowly slipping away

                                    The Corporal is best known for his ability to be versatile he can avoid attacks, do Area of effect damage, have a very fast damage output and also the ability to increase his damage and movement speed

                                    Unlock: 1 out of five chance to have a drop pod with the orange label "Rescue Party" To crash in a place outside the tower, there is an option that says [Default A] Open pod . Opening the pod will reveal the Corporal laying on the ground and other rescue party members in similar clothing to the corporal but appear to be deformed and are visibly bloated. After a few seconds the bloated members will emerge and attack you acting as a mini boss, each member has about 1000 hp and individual health bars. Killing all the bloated members will unlock the corporal

                                    I am not a good artist so I apologize for no imagery, In my mind he would look like a mix between the merc and commando [having the helmet with the visor and body armor] except with a grey coloration and a dark green visor [visor will glow a neon green for the duration of the last ability]
                                    Open Fire [Rapidly fire 3 shots hitting for 40% damage]
                                    Fire in the hole! [Throw a grenade hitting enemies in the Area of effect for 230 % damage]
                                    Delta Roll [Roll Toward's the nearest enemy said enemy and other enemies you roll into are stunned and you are unable to be hit while you roll if there is no enemy nearby then it will not trigger]
                                    I'M GETTING OFF THIS DAMN PLANET!!! [get a damage boost the boost is added onto the damage of all of your abilities and is 80% times your current damage output and also a 50% movement speed boost for 4 seconds]
                                    Speed: 2.0
                                    Jump: 2.5
                                    Regen: 0.9 hp/sec
                                    HP : 110
                                    Thank you for reading my idea it was based off of the commando as you can see by the stats I wanted more classes with the military feel, thank you for reading this and considering
                                    Also I do apologize if this is similar to other classes that I did not read yet
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                                    • RedZek

                                      RedZek Space Hobo

                                      The Syphon
                                      • Slash (Slash enemies with you claws dealing 90% damage to all enemies in range)
                                      • Health Siphon (Dash forwards, dealing 160% damage initially, dealing 100% damage every second for 10 seconds, giving you half of the health lost by the monster.)
                                      • Apparition (Turn invisible for 6 seconds.)
                                      • Drain Spike (Drop a trap that deals 140% damage every second for 10 seconds, giving you half of the health lost by the monster. Hold up to seven.)

                                      The Brawler
                                      • Jab (Jab in front of you for 60% damage. You gain immunity for the duration of the attack. Attempting to use more than five jabs and kicks in a row results in being paralyzed for 7 seconds.)
                                      • Kick (Kick in front of you for 70% damage. You gain immunity for the duration of the attack. Attempting to use more than five jabs and kicks in a row results in being paralyzed for 7 seconds.)
                                      • Sidestep Pivot (Sidestep behind you, gaining immunity, and turning you the other direction,)
                                      • Uppercut (Uppercut enemies in front of you for 2000%, the correct combo of jabs and kicks must be performed first to avoid being paralyzed for 7 seconds. No two combos can be repeated.)
                                      • Jab, Jab, Kick, Jab
                                      • Kick, Jab, Kick, Jab, Jab
                                      • Jab, Kick, Kick, Jab
                                      • Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Jab

                                      *These of course would not be the exact characters that would be implemented. I know full well that they may be under powered/overpowered. Any change of the characters would be great and would probably be an improvement. I just want to portray the general idea to have a character that steals health and one that is strong, quick, but is difficult to master.
                                      • aidan12342

                                        aidan12342 Void-Bound Voyager

                                        this is more of a request, can you make the Bandit to more main damage please? He seems... weak

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