Character/NPC Character Showcase!

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  1. VuesaMerced

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    This is José Luis, the Wandering Crow, or Joseph to his friends (which are few)

    José Luis.png

    He is a bearish and mistrustful Avian wizard who spends most of his time studying ancient texts and watching American sitcoms.
    Here we can see him after ordering a pizza. He lives in a 7th floor and the elevator is broken. He didn't tip the delivery girl.

    José Luis.jpg
  2. Pangaea

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    That made me chucklefish.
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  3. Pangaea

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    This is Melon, my current character.

  4. Waagh!

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    Arak'Shi, cursed elf. Occupation - Chaos witch.
  5. Catherine Franz

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    Tenta-kun gon' appear once again if this was in another uhh "world"
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  6. Chamsterdam

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    Not sure if anyone still checks this!
    But my unending love for this game has me playing thru once more..
    This is probably one of my favorite looks.. haven't ever found this head piece before

    This is Chams
    Human Male
    Slowly mapping out this great big universe, and finding all kinds of fun ways to turn a profit ;)

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  7. Pangaea

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    I'll go stretches where I won't play for months but 2 years later and I'm still playing Melon. :)

  8. nightlol543

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    Capture 2.PNG
    Race : Alta
    Gender : female
    Description :
    Aya is an explorer ,
    She is on the search for precursor anomalies.
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