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Bug/Issue Character freezes in mines

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fr0z3n_Banan@, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Hi, lately I've encountered a bug several times, that never happened to me before. It first was on a multilayer game, I was in the mines and I took damages from a slime, it was around floor 115
    At this moment, my character "froze", let me explain : while I was swinging my sword, my character suddenly returned in classic "stand" position and wouldn't move. Also my sword was standing behind my character, straight up. And the worse is that I couldn't do anything, no keys were working, I had to alt+f4 not to die from the mobs.
    Then I restarted the game, and same bug again as I went back into the mines as soon as the day started. I did the file check on steam but nothing was missing. I was a bit upset, so I unistalled and reinstalled the game, and after launching the game again, everything went fine.
    But on my singleplayer game, as I was fighting mobs in the mine again, the same bug came back, and I had to alt+f4. At this point I thought it had something to do with using sword and taking damage at the same time. But later on my singleplayer game again, I destroyed some woodboxes in the mines, and the same bug occurred.

    On my multilayer game I was using an obsidian sword, and on my singleplayer one, I was using the iron edge. I am sending you a screenshot of the last time I had it, with the boxes. https://ibb.co/njwrsvd
    This bug never happened to me before yesterday, and now I had it about 5 times

    Hope you can figure how to fix it
    Thank you :)

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    • Pathoschild

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      That's a longstanding bug that hasn't been tracked down yet. If you have SMAPI installed, you can enter debug canmove in the SMAPI window to fix it when it happens.

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