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Closed Character erased as art of magic

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by archerel, Dec 9, 2013.


Can you make it come back?

Poll closed Dec 9, 2014.
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  1. archerel

    archerel Space Hobo

    Hello, i had a hytoil character almost reaching lvl 40 planets and got tired of playing for to long so i decided to go to watch TV, i clicked save and quit, and went. When i camed back i tried to open my character and it was gone, it disapeared, deleted from the game. i'd like to know if theres something you could do. i had 40 hours of my life wasted if you can't. And it wasn't a cheap one...
  2. Cayote

    Cayote Aquatic Astronaut

    There is one thing you must understand, Characters will be removed. either now by a bug, or in a little while by the next update that requires it. don't get attached to characters while the beta is still going on.
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  3. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    When they said they'd release beta, they said that your characters will be lost pretty often due to updates.
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  4. archerel

    archerel Space Hobo

    ooasodasobajsbdoabsod im like starting to hate this game, like i was in love with my hytoli
  5. archerel

    archerel Space Hobo

    the charactar didn't disapeared after de update. i created the character the 5th or 4th of dec, the update was the 5th night... and my character was earesed on the 8th...
  6. Cayote

    Cayote Aquatic Astronaut

    I didn't say the update removed your character, but something did and your character was bound to be deleted anyways tomorrow or maybe the day after, It's still a bug to report, but not something to be bothered about.
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  7. Arceale

    Arceale Void-Bound Voyager

    It's been already said that you shouldn't feel too attached to the characters you create this early in beta since they're bound to disappear multiple times, may it be by a bug (like now) or by updates that need to wipe out data (like the one coming in a few days).

    Word of advice: don't play too seriously for now. Try crazy things, experiment, travel to different planets each day or something. It all won't matter because your character will probably be deleted. Even if you aren't playing seriously, you'll have a good grasp of how the game works, and when the time comes you will have a smooth start.
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  8. archerel

    archerel Space Hobo

    You are saying that i cheated the game... and i had my character removed...?
  9. archerel

    archerel Space Hobo

    I was told that i can make a backup of my character, am i right?
  10. IvoryOwl

    IvoryOwl Pangalactic Porcupine

    No one here mentioned "cheating" but yourself...
    I've been watching NorthernLion's LP of this game and his character got deleted after the update - its a standard procedure during this beta test, because of file corruption and incompatibility. How come yours wasn't deleted right away?

    You can make a backup of your character's appearance, nothing else.
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  11. archerel

    archerel Space Hobo

    what do you mean with ''apeareance''?
  12. IvoryOwl

    IvoryOwl Pangalactic Porcupine

    That you can use the character creation from this website to emulate the looks you want for your character. I thought that's what you meant with "backup" because if you meant your save file, I'm sorry to break it for you but its gone, forever. Updates may comes with modifications that alter the way the core mechanics work, an old save file may cause more harm than not - incompatibility issues, file corruptions, etc.
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  13. archerel

    archerel Space Hobo

    And things like my chests or wepons saved at ma home?
  14. Cayote

    Cayote Aquatic Astronaut

    I'm going out on a limb here and say the'll be gone too, You could do a nice little experiment by going to the home planet of another character of yours seeing if everything is there. Still doesn't say anything about it still being there after a data wipe.
  15. Arceale

    Arceale Void-Bound Voyager

    Those will probably dissappear too. The point of the upcoming data wipe is to test the rebalance of early game stuff as far as I'm aware, so the logical way to go is to not let people take back their mid-late game stuff and completely skip what the devs wanted to be tested, it would make the Early Access completely nonsensical.
  16. IvoryOwl

    IvoryOwl Pangalactic Porcupine

    Everything's gone - house, armor, weapons, achievements, loot, chests, worlds, stars explored, etc, kiss it all goodbye. The worlds are randomly generated each time you make a new character, even if you end up in a world resembles a former one (same color schemes and such) they are still two different worlds. Trust me when I say that everything's gone. A character wipe is a character wipe, its like completely uninstalling a game(including saves) and starting over from fresh.
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  17. SquarelyCircle

    SquarelyCircle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Actually, Tiy has said something along the lines of character wipes being bad. I'm sure they wouldn't do it on purpose.
    Rather, the new combat system will inherently change the way that items are saved, making it so that the old save files will be nonsensical, and the game can't use them.
  18. InfiniteRemnant

    InfiniteRemnant Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I've already had to rebuild Dusttail and Fire-Eater twice... you get used to it.
  19. Turtwig321

    Turtwig321 Cosmic Narwhal

  20. username652719

    username652719 Space Hobo

    And what of us who payed $15 on steam with no mention of that little link you just referenced.
    I can tell you I would have waited with my money if I knew this kind of mess was going to a thing.

    Going to have to contact Steam customer service on this one.
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