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    I'm... Assuming that means you don't want to be a part anymore? Again, I apologize if I was too critical; though if you just don't feel like playing, then just do whatever you think will work best for you.

    So, right now we have two finished character sheets (@Tatterdemalion and @Roland Weiss), one character reported to have some progress (@Miss Alkane), and one character idea (@Apathy Applied).
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    You know, I'm seeing this, and I'm thinking to myself that it may be time for me to make my RPing debut on this website.
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  3. Roland Weiss

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    Welcome to the party at the very least.
  4. zeskorion

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    Name: Vise "Bigs" Runner
    Race: industrially modified glitch
    PROFESSION: Bar bouncer/Hired muscle
    SIZE: Very big (around ten feet tall), with thick arms and thicker legs.
    DESCRIPTION: A giant glitch, with black and yellow hazard markings all over. His giant arms end in vise like claws, with smaller mechanical hands that can extend from the center, when not using the claws for heavy lifting
    He has a large chest, with a compartment for various pieces of equipment, and his abdomen is slightly smaller. His legs are huge, on an axis on the side of his hips, rather than potruding below. His feet look like giant pads, designed for standing his ground rather than speed. He has a very intimidating presence overall, like a walking talking steamroller on its period.
    He also has several bullet-dents, and laser scorch marks, as well as an exposed molten gash on his shoulder, made by some sort of plasma lance

    BACKGROUND : A glitch outcast, captured by apex almost as soon as he fled. His captors were led by a fearsome masked figure, called "the Doctor"
    He was modified, for construction purposes, and put to work on the apex planet in this system, as a construction bot. Nobody knows what happened the day he snapped- except for three things
    He razed the facility he was working in
    He hijacked a ship he couldnt fly
    The Doctor escaped as the sole survivor

    He made his living after that as a bouncer in the bar, he had crashed by the novakid settlement, and sold the salvage. He is working here now, but in his heart, he knows the apex will be back for him soon
    BELONGINGS: A blowtorch and a large circular saw, specifically made to fit in his hands, an old bloodstained apex keycard, with a bullethole through the picture of the previous unfortunate owner, tied around his neck as a good-luck charm, and 731 pixels he has earned
    POSITIVE RELATION: Novakid settlers, the only folks who took him in
    NEGATIVE RELATION: Glitch hive mind, Apex colonists, specifically the Doctor
    ET CETERA: he cannot weild ranged weapons not specifically built for him well due to the vise-claws around his hands, and has no need for melee weapons, prefering his imposing bulk, industrial armor, and giant claws to simply crush his enemy and shrug off most conventional weapons fire. He is very quiet, only talking when necessary. He never talks about his time in service of the apex, but he has a prejudice against them. He is very patient, but if he is angered... Well, as i said before, steamroller on its period

    Very Trained:

    Fight, intimidation

    Sorta Trained:
    Will, intimidation, demolition

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  5. zeskorion

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  6. Alkanthe

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    Patience, young one.
  7. zeskorion

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    I check peoples online status in relation, and i am good at diagnosing alert fails. It is a problem on TCF as well
  8. TΔktik

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    I'd like to join- Are apps still open?
  9. Vurrunna

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    Ooh boy, he's a big'un. One moment...

    So. I have several mental-alert-systems for character creation. Among them are "Keep the height reasonable" and "No murder-hobos." That said, I think this guy might serve as an exception.

    While my normal fallback maximum for height is 6'6" (my height, which I refuse to allow my shorty-mac-short-short players to surpass), your character might be allowed some more leeway--if it's handled correctly. Keep in mind that he will lumber over buildings, and will likely strike fear into the hearts of whoever sees him (when you live on a planet named Death, a giant robot isn't good news). If you are fine with this, leave him as is. If you think this might cause issues, maybe make him very bulky, but not mech sized.

    Assuming that your guy will only fight when necessary, the combat build might not be too huge of a deal (though recall that his blowtorch and saw, as well as a bloody keycard around his neck, will look a bit menacing and even savage). However, I think I'll have to insist that he have a normal layout of skills. While you had the right idea with how you managed it (there's a number system behind it that I didn't mention, just to keep it simple), it leaves him more focused than I would prefer characters to be. I would suggest that his lower skills be stuff he's learned on the road, while his highest skill be whichever is more prominent--his natural build, or his learned combat skill. I'll leave that up to you.

    Other than that, I think it's a good character idea that could be very interesting if done correctly.

    And thank you for pestering me in my disappearance! It was just a temporary one for while I was at a friend's.

    Indeed they are. Though if there are many more people who join (assuming everyone that's posted so far is still interested), I'm probably gonna need to figure out how to run a game with so many players... Eh, I'll work something out.

    So, right now @Tatterdemalion and @Roland Weiss have finished characters, @zeskorion has a character sheet that's just about done, @Miss Alkane has most of a character (sent over PM), @Apathy Applied has an idea, and @Rgbunpro and @TΔktik have shown a bit of interest in joining. Man, that's a lotta people.
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    Rest assured sir, I'm working on something.
  11. zeskorion

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    I edited the skills a bit. The saw and blowtorch are stored in the chest compartment, so they wont be seen normally. And i wont go around trying to provoke fights, unless someone makes trouble in the bar in the beginning
  12. TΔktik

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    I can get my app in sometime tomorrow.
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  13. Vurrunna

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    Okie-doke; though you might wanna remember to add the fours Slightly Experienced skills (even if he's only been around for a while, he's probably picked up a few pointers here-and-there).

    Cool; I look forward to your characters!
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  14. zeskorion

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    I think the character is good enough without the slight-skills, as he hasn't been out that long enough either,really
    And only done one or two sorts of job, one involving lifting heavy objects, the other involving "gently" guiding ornery patrons to the door
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  15. TΔktik

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    The planet this takes place on has a moderate/high level of criminal and mercenary activity, right? I'm considering some sort of Glitch vigilante character.
  16. Vurrunna

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    You are correct; beyond the primary race factions, there are various colonies trying to strike out on their own on Death. As many of them have low security, pirate and bandit activity is common, making mercenaries in demand to defend from such dangers. At the same time, there are various criminals willing to benefit off of the conflict on Death, as well as mercenaries willing to fight for the primary factions in their constant conflict.

    So, a Glitch vigilante would be well in place, no matter his reason for what he does.

    Alright, that seems reasonable enough; I'll add you to the list of completed characters in the first post.
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  17. TΔktik

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    NAME: Originally Zyphir-Lik, Currently 'Phoenix-3'(Or, simply 3 for short.)
    RACE: Glitch(Male Construct, Heavily altered)
    PROFESSION: Vigilante. Most of his money is 'Confiscated' from those he has killed and captured.
    SIZE: Fairly tall, average build.
    DESCRIPTION: His structure is close to that of most Glitch, although he has four eyes(Dark-green lights) rather than two. His external plating also varies from a normal Glitch body- It is similar to their armor, but looks much sleeker and more high-tech. The 'armor' is durasteel and dark grey in color, with several scratches and dents. A red number 3 is painted onto his chestplate.
    BACKGROUND : A basic background for the character. Keep in mind that this might need to be modified; I want all of the characters to be somehow connected ("You're all in the same bar" is a lame introduction, and, realistically, would create too much tension and distrust between the characters; would you trust some weirdo you met in a seedy booze-room?).

    Well, he has had a rather interesting run... Being in existence for a few centuries and essentially dying(Hence his name, Phoenix). He was constructed under the name 'Zyphir-Lik' on an unstable Glitch hive-mind world. At this stage, he still lacked his free will. During this time, he fought through numerous battles in the name of his lord. Unfortunately, you cannot win every battle- Proven on a particularly... Fatal... Day, the day his hometown fell under siege- His people called them 'barbarians', 'savages', but in reality, they were a well-organized(And vengeful) Glitch force. The attackers had set up several ballista-style weapons- A javelin was sent through poor Zyphir's chest, shutting him down indefinitely in effect. His computer-brain remained intact, however...

    Around 350(Human) years after this event, an archaeological expedition landed on the now-barren planet. The archaeologists took various artifacts aboard their ship- Remains of Glitch, along with their weapons and structures. Zyphir was among these 'artifacts'. The ship's crew, out of curiosity, had removed the javelin and tried to patch up the damage to his body the best they could(Not very well- They weren't technicians, after all.) His consciousness was restored, but his limbs remained completely immobilized. He was now freed from the hive-mind- But he was limited by the crew. (Who were bombarded with a colorful variety of Glitch insults, often comparing them to livestock.) Unknown to him, however, he was about to be put into an even less ideal situation- A nearby mercenary vessel was aware of the ship's contents, and it had its weapons primed.

    The unarmed research ship didn't stand a chance- The merc vessel tore it apart, sending the entire crew, along with its payload of salvaged Glitch, into space. The mercenaries saw potential in the Glitch, taking them aboard- The archaeologists, however, were left dead. The mercenary crew had been able to emulate a Glitch hive-mind signal. The Glitch, including Zyphir, had been completely scrapped save their processing units, with new and improved bodies being built for them, modeled after their original forms. They were also given enhanced versions of the primitive weapons they were used to(They gave Zyphir a crossbow-style weapon). The Glitch, once again under the hive's control, were deployed by the mercenaries(These Glitch, essentially brought back from the dead, were named 'Project Phoenix' as a whole. Zyphir's new name was Phoenix-3). This mercenary operation was eventually shut down by a USCM unit(But not before almost all of the other Phoenix-Glitch had been destroyed in combat)- The hive-mind emulator was destroyed. The USCM captain, Alek Griffin, displayed morality- A rare event for a Human officer- And, deciding that the remaining Phoenix Glitch had been through enough, decided to spare them. 3 was freed once again, instilled with a new hatred of criminals, specifically mercenaries.

    Phoenix-3 was placed on the nearby planet of 'Death'. He has fought a personal war against the mercenary and gang activity on the planet, with not much regard for collateral damage he may be causing.

    He is currently on 'leave' from said personal war, at a neutral novakid-owned town. He met up with a few colorful people at this town- They seem interesting and fairly trustworthy, maybe he could make friends out of them.

    BELONGINGS: A titanium crossbow-type weapon. It is able to fabricate steel bolts from pixels, given enough time. It works effectively at mid-range.
    POSITIVE RELATION: What is a group/organization your character is in positive standing with, and who's a specific individual in that group?
    The USCM- Closer to a non-violence pact than an alliance. Capt. Alek Griffin is the USCM captain who spared 3 and placed him on this planet.
    NEGATIVE RELATION: Local authorities- Not too much tension between them, but he is a vigilante, after all...
    Mercenaries- 3 has antagonized numerous gangs and mercenary groups on this planet. The mercenary group that had previously captured him would most likely not expect him to still be alive, but if they did locate him, the would certainly attempt to kill him or take him back into their ownership. This group specializes in machinery.
    ET CETERA: If you feel like anything else would be important to know about your character, feel free to mention it here; personality, accent, fighting style (if they have one, though it's not required), etc.
    He's something of a morally ambiguous character- He will not hesitate to kill. He seems cold at first, but if you befriend him, you may see an underlying sense of loyalty and honor.
    He's not much of a talker, he generally lets his actions speak for him.

    He prefers to keep his enemies at a distance(He's rather inexperienced in close combat.)
    Very trained- Shoot
    Trained- Notice, Investigate
    Sorta Trained- Physique, Athletics, Will
    Minor Experience- Fight
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  18. Rgbunpro

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    Hey there, sorry for the wait, but here's a thing. I may have had some help from the lovely miss alkane as well on this one.
    NAME: Tetra Elizabeth Quasar
    RACE: Novakid
    PROFESSION: Behavioral Scientist, answers communicators for a living
    SIZE: Not particularly tall or short, just kinda average.
    BACKGROUND : She grew up being very curious about why people do what they do. After she began to study these things, other Novakid started to shun her as they turned to banditry and smuggling. After a disagreement with her boss at the call center, she was sent (More like exiled really) to Death to get her out of their hair. She Is currently headed to Redstar looking for work.

    BELONGINGS: Has a holobook where she keeps her notes on behavior and her books to study up on them. Carries a basic six-shooter for self-defense, along with a few basic medical supplies.

    POSITIVE RELATION: There was a particular group of Apex scientists that visited her homeworld once. They were quite impressed with her science skills, especially given the fact that Novakid aren’t known for their concentration or focus. There’s also a particular group of bandits known as the Blue Suns whose leader fancies her, though she doesn’t like him much. She has a brother who she gets along with, he left some time ago however and is out wandering the galaxy somewhere. An old Glitch named Rustbucket that their family took in when she was little, she treats him like an uncle.

    NEGATIVE RELATION: Most Novakid know about her and don’t like her because she’s into peace and not robbing people, they’d rather make a profit than listen to her. She angered a tribe of Florans called the Darkthorns when she asked too many prodding questions to their leader. Her old boss, a hylotl named Sanjoe, got into a fight with her, which was the catalyst event that ended in her being sent to Death.

    ET CETERA: It’s not easy for her to study behavioral patterns, what with being constantly distracted. It can take her much more time to get something done that is basic to most scientists, however she has a laser-like focus on things she really wants to study. She is smart and shy and a little girlish, but she doesn’t like clingy people. She wants to eventually stop the war and hope that people can get along with each other, which is going to be a lot of work.

    Very Trained:

    Lore (behavioral science), Will

    Sorta Trained:
    Shoot, Fight, Investigate

    Minor Experience:
    Athletics, Burglary, Crafts, Physique
  19. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    That's a healthy dose of backstory, right there; definitely makes his characteristics much more defined!

    I'd suggest that he have a specific relation in the USCM, and that there be a reason he wasn't scrapped or even taken for USCM use (in this setting, the USCM are very controlling and human-oriented). Perhaps there was an officer or soldier that took pity on him or decided against violence once the hive-mind was destroyed? And is the guy still active, or has he retired or something similar?

    Same goes for the negative relations; my personal suggestion is that the mercenaries are still out there, and they might either rise up again or are still a big problem.

    Very nice! I like how she has multiple relations, as well as how she still seems like a Nova despite being a scientist. I also like your interpretation of the Novakids as mostly bandits and smugglers. I can't think of much other than I'd appreciate a more fleshed out backstory. While I can piece it together with the other parts, it'd be nice if it was all in one spot and could offer some easier reference.

    Okie-doke; that leaves @Apathy Applied and @Miss Alkane for characters. At the very least, I'd like a notification that you two are still working on your characters (since Alkane still seems to be sticking around, I'll assume she's in, but I'm not certain if Apathy still is).
  20. Rgbunpro

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    Ah, alright, I'll stick a needle in my brain and see what I can pull out.
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