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  1. Tatterdemalion

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    Yay! A thing! I'd love to be a part of this one! Now just to go actually make an interesting character...
  2. Roland Weiss

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    Well, at least I'll have someone to fix my ship when I inevitably crash land it.
    If all else fails, we'll probably need a medic...
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  3. Tatterdemalion

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    Here's my character, a hardened, cynical medic named Reynolds:

    NAME: Reynolds Seach Pottinger

    RACE: Human

    PROFESSION: Doctor w/ experience in combat surgery

    SIZE: 182 cm (6'1) Tall and ropy, although some of that height is from his prostheses.

    DESCRIPTION: One ugly son-of-a-gun. Reynolds has a long, gaunt face with tanned skin like beef jerky framed by wild, wavy brown-red hair. He's got numerous scars and burns across his body. Most notably, he's missing both of his legs below the knee, and they've been replaced by springy prostheses. He wears a long brown military-cut coat and has lots of pouches, belts, and straps holding various medical and survival equipment. He always wears a faded, dusty old beret, a memento from his years in the Protectorate.

    BACKGROUND : Reynolds grew up on Earth as the oldest son of a very large family. Although he's always displayed a rebellious streak and a tendency to break the rules, he showed quite an aptitude for medicine from an early age. He was accepted into a premier medical university, but his family was unable to afford the steep costs of tuition and he instead attended a much less prestigious college, but one he could afford. Wanting to use his medical skills for the good of humanity, he enlisted as part of the Terrene Protectorate's* relief program, delivering aid to those who need it most in the galaxy. Reynolds saw the worst of it out there. Terrorists, religious zealots, pirates, and conquerors with no sense of mercy. Reynolds grew jaded. He had to, to stay sane as you stitch children back together in the heat of plasmafire. In one of these innumerable missions he lost both of his lower legs in a terrorist bombing. Even then, he didn't give up. He kept going out there, taking missions more out of some stubborn habit than any idealism. That all changed when Earth was lost. The Protectorate fell apart and Reynolds still has no idea if anyone he knows made it out before Earth fell. Without any sort of cause to live for, Reynolds wandered from place to place until he found himself on some far-off planet called Death with nowhere else to go. Suitable name, he supposes.

    *I picture the Terrene Protectorate as a UN sort of deal, but I can change it if you so wish.


    BELONGINGS: Obviously he's always got his prostheses on him, as well as some extra parts in case of repairs. He carries general surgical and medicinal equipment on him such as stitches, gauze, bandages, painkillers, basic antibiotics compatible with most species, anesthetic, et cetera. In addition, Reynolds often carries a flask of whisky to help patients (and himself) get through the ordeal. He also carries a short-range plasma bolt-cutter that can be used for surgical cuts as well as self-defense. His main method of defense, however, is a battered old plasma carbine he traded for a few systems back on his travels. Beyond that, he's got very little to his name.

    POSITIVE RELATION: Some ex-Terrene Protectorate vets may still recall the exploits of Reynolds when he was a combat surgeon. He wonders if his old friend First Lieutenant Mina Ascari is still around. She mentioned heading out this way once, in the days after Earth fell.

    NEGATIVE RELATION: Reynolds really, really doesn’t like the USCM. He thinks that they’re a bunch of delusional, murderous, fascist psychopaths with meter-long poles up their arses. And he personally told told that to the face of Major-General Garrett C. Taylor of the USCM when he attempted recruiting Reynolds to “the cause.” Turns out, that was probably a bad idea. There’s a bounty on his head, and Reynolds has spied a few mysterious, shifty characters following him for a while now. (I can expand on this if you want. I’m keeping it intentionally vague to fit better into the story.)

    ET CETERA: Well, I think that his personality can be pretty much inferred from the history above, but to summarize: He’s wild, rough, jaded, but astoundingly effective at what he does. When fighting, he’s going to use any and all tactics to give him the advantage. There’s no honour in being dead. As for accent, I read him in my own, which is Scottish, but you can just read him in whatever your accent is.


    Your character is more skilled in some things than others; this part is about making a list of those things. This will be easier if you have traditional RPG experience; if not, I can help you with anything that gives you an issue. While it might look a bit daunting, the process is very straightforward and helpful in the long-run.

    Very Trained:



    Mechanics Marksmanship

    Sorta Trained:

    Notice Athletics Stealth

    Minor Experience:

    Close Combat Deceive Will Provoke

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  4. Vurrunna

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    That sounds great; I'll definitely have something in store for you with the USCM.

    So, we have one person with a basic concept (Hylotl shipwright), one person with the foundations to a character (a daredevil transport pilot with a cool ship), and one person with a finished character sheet (the jaded medic seen above). Sounds like this is gonna be an interesting story to be had.
  5. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    My concept is an optimistic Apex (yes, again) mechanic.
  6. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    So, might I ask where everybody is in their character process? Right now all I have to go off of in terms of future plot is: The USCM will probably cause problems, and Roland Weiss's character might have some issues getting to and on his ship. Hylotl shipwright and Apex mechanic are still too generic to pull anything off of to make conflict, and the daredevil cargo pilot could also use a specific foe to cause problems.
  7. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    I have an antagonist and vague background now... If you want I could show ya my progress in a PM.
  8. Apathy Applied

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    I'm still in development. In short he'll be a salty, short tempered Hylotl. (Heh, salty like an ocean)
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  9. Roland Weiss

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    Sorry for the delay on the character sheet, here it is... Things changed a little bit in the planning stage, but that's kind the fun part. Don't have the exact details on the ship yet however.

    NAME: Lucca “Look Out!” Owen

    RACE: Female Human

    PROFESSION: Owner and Pilot of the Maverick, operating it in the business of couriering.

    SIZE: Below Average Height; she'll joke that her spine must've collapsed due to all the high-G manoeuvres she pulls while flying.

    DESCRIPTION: Easily visible in a crowd due to her shock of red hair, and the constant manic grin plastered on her face. She is usually seen wearing her pilot suit, coloured red to match her hair, as well as a set of flight goggles.

    BACKGROUND : The daughter of a weathy family, Lucca was never one in need of much, however boredom struck her at a very early age. Dreaming of adventure she become a bit of a troublemaker, and once she was old enough to be trusted with the keys, developed a strong passion for flying. The source of her family’s weath was it’s connection to a major ship building a shipping company, of which she inherited a small portion of; which allowed her to purchase her own ship, and found her own company. However, before long due to her antics behind the ‘wheel’ plus a series of what we’ll call… ‘bad breaks’ her company collapsed and her employees deserted her. Left stranded on the world fittingly called ‘Death’, she planned on reclaiming her business, and maybe her dignity.

    BELONGINGS: Besides her ship, she carries a pistol for self defence, wears a counter-pressure vacuum suit that protects against acceleration induced black-outs and the occational unplanned EVA. When she’s expecting trouble, she brings a shotgun normally kept under the ‘dashboard’ of her ship.

    POSITIVE RELATION: Although her crew may not apreciate her flying skills, her clients do apreciate her efficiancy. She also has several contacts within the world of shipping.

    NEGATIVE RELATION: Her ‘bad breaks’ left her with several enemies, misplacing a perticular piece of precious cargo resulted in a nasty lawsuit, the ship being one of the assets supposed to be seized to pay off the settlement in question; but unwilling to surrender her ship, she ran off with it. No doubt they’ll want it back.


    Personality: in short, Andrenaline Junkie.

    Fighting style: behind the controls of her ship would be described as ‘Bushwhacker’ with a mix of 'Steamroller' once she thinks she has the upper hand. Click here for details.

    Theme Song: Run Rabbit Junk

    Very Trained:



    Drive Mechanics

    Sorta Trained:

    Marksmanship Athletics Notice

    Minor Experience:

    Rapport Contacts Will Investigate
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  10. Vurrunna

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    That sounds like a good idea; although you could just post it on this thread, unless you have some stuff you want kept secret for now.

    Sounds interesting; I'd suggest keeping some of the species stuff in mind if you need ideas on why your character acts the way he does.

    Very nice; I assume the specific organization she's in trouble with is left to my discretion?
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  11. Roland Weiss

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    Indeed, as well as the current state of the ship.
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  12. Alkanthe

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    Well, I'm not sure if it's okay or not yet; I'm kinda unsure about posting it in public yet.
  13. Apathy Applied

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    It already sounds like there may be some dog fights in this rp's future.
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  14. Vurrunna

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    That's fine; you can just PM me if you prefer, or you can wait until you have it more figured out.

    Ooh, that sounds exciting! I'll have to make sure to plan that in.

    Sweet! I shall await your character.
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  15. Roland Weiss

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    I should probably mention that cargo vessels don't exactly 'dogfight' as much as bulldoze through firing their defensive guns at anyone who gets too close... then get shot down because it's not a freaking fighter.
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  16. Apathy Applied

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    Space ship battles, you know what I mean :p
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  17. Vurrunna

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    Oh, right, I forgot about that. Yeah, I guess you probably aren't going to want to be getting into any air-combat, unless you people were to find a way to arm the Maverick with better defenses (which, while the nature of Death would mean weapons might be easier to acquire, still might be too expensive to get your hands on).
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  18. Vurrunna

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    Hm... This character seems a bit overpowered; his background says that he's very trained in multiple fields, while the skills say he focuses on physical abilities. I'd suggest that he have most focus on living on his own, and that his minor experiences are from the few times here-and-there where he needed to get by with stuff he didn't exactly own.

    Another thing is his backstory and relations. Having his parents be dead is fine by all means; I just prefer that this mean something beyond having to live on his own. Why they died could be the source of some very interesting conflict. For his relations, the positive relation is not only unexplained, but also a bit unrealistic (as Florans are generally very violent, it would be hard to gain one's trust, let alone learn to trust one). Having some Apex be after him is good, but the other group seems a bit like a complacent conflict; it's a problem, but not a dangerous one. On Death, many are very willing to kill to get what they want; it's in the planet's very name. Also, keep in mind that ships are a bit hard to come by, and there should be a good reason as to why these relations have one.

    Lastly, hes carrying a lot of stuff; a bit too much to hold in a small satchel, let alone to carry in any organized manner. You might want to consider lightening his load, or say he's carrying a backpack.

    Sorry if that's too critical; I think it's a good foundation that could make a fun and interesting character with a bit of modification.
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    Ignore my existence.
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    I agree, ignore him.

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