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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by EmbiTea, Mar 30, 2017.

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    So recently, I found out that the SAIL Station is what determines the color of your pet. Naturally, I went straight to picking which pet color scheme I liked the most while fancying up my ship :nurutease:. Then, I realized I could also pick the other racial SAIL Stations for those pets as well.

    Only thing is, I worry about this possibly creating errors in the game upon loading the game/character or returning to the ship at any time. Is that a possibility? The need to own the Avian ship pet bunny is a mighty need indeed and I just want to make sure before I go and heck things up.
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    I'm going to guess you're just patching "shipPetType" here? No it isn't going to cause a problem.

    I'm currently doing something far more involved. Making sail select a pet based off of the ship owner's race as to better support mod races. I still lack race mod data, but the base code is probably done pending changes.

    I might make something that lets you alter pets too - bring a new GUI for changing pets... and turning shields on/off. That gui would pop up instead when the techstations are wired with input node 0 on, else it brings the regular interface.
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    Perfect, and I'm quite interested in this project you're working on, looking forward to it!
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    Well I guess you can see the code for it in the Vepr Ship mod. But that code will probably change before I've made effective use of it.

    Also present in my WIP of Hull Plating Blocks Revived
    which I have a "Testers Wanted" thread relatively towards the top of this forum. That mod has quite a few variants to the tech stations - but they're the old style so I probably should cook up some new styled versions too(eventually).

    You can check those out, as I added a "loader" to them for conditional loading (check for "no pet" type mods). I'll probably change the actual script up... I went to great lengths to hook stupid functions when in THIS case I should just over-write the stupid script entirely! It would be a heck of a lot cleaner and easier to maintain.

    I didn't mention this BTW, but the code supports weighted lists for the pets themselves(optional). I don't remember if I currently support custom parameters in those lists or not. They're part of the "format" but I don't remember if I'm actually using it yet. I "think" I am already though. Yes that would mean defining colors or any other thing. I DO know that I haven't tested a custom parameter yet.
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