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Discussion in 'Other' started by sketchstick, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. sketchstick

    sketchstick Space Hobo

    Hi i played the alpha for a long time and there's some things i'd like to suggest:

    i really liked the old hotbar, an option to switch between this and that would be nice.

    i think food and drop items on death should be check boxes rather than tied to one specific difficulty.

    i do like the mechanic of having to look after food, and it rotting and degrading, but there should also be a ways to store it and stack it efficiently. the current way with each item being a separate slot really damages the idea of collecting and using food to cook, maybe a larger refrigeration unit or freezer that takes a minute to use but preserves things and stacks indefinitely? maybe some sort of pantry that you can store a whole list of seeds and biodegradable materials in? maybe have food degradation a tick box option like drop items and death? i feel that would help some people.

    i also want to say i really like the story additions, tutorial and all the other new features that have been added.

    one other thing, a scanner that can detect certain things like if a planet might have a burial ground or something that tells you that life signs or signals from a certain race had or are detected are on it would be super helpful too, not something that'd lead you to anything, just something that would give you an idea of what you might find on the planet. something like a probe you can use and it'll give you statistical estimates based on the world seed if possible? or a sail scanner upgrade!

    Thanks in advance for any consideration!
  2. Valhi

    Valhi Master Chief

    I personally loved the old hotbar, and I'd rather the new one be completely removed. I do agree with some of what else you said. Though, I really do not want timers on using this, or crafting items for that matter. It makes no sense.
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  3. sketchstick

    sketchstick Space Hobo

    i just found out that the feature of gaining a second seed when harvesting items was also removed, i really enjoyed that as over time your farm could grow, i'd like that feature back in, even if there was a reduced chance to get them so you can slowly grow your farm and increase the yield. specially when there's such a focus on hunger, at the moment time hunting and growing can barely outpace eating. thanks again!
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  4. Valhi

    Valhi Master Chief

    Seeds should resume dropping another seed once farmed, rather than the plant only granting crop when harvested. (and seeds should not drop at a reduced chance, perhaps but I feel they should not.)

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