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Outdated Celestar Race 0.3.0 Upbeat Overhaul

This mod adds a vibrantly colorful race of extragalactic nomads to the game.

  1. Auren

    Auren Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    An update on functionality progress:

    I loaded the mod into my Starbound game to see if I could at least get it to work without crashing, and after a few errors (mostly with extra commas, lack of commas, and a few misplaced lines of code) I got the mod to start up in my game. So good news there. Ship tiers are in and (hopefully) aligned, but they completely lack any actual outer hull designs right now. The only downside is I had to pull out all the decorative tiles/objects from the mod temporarily since they still need code updates. I was planning on redesigning them anyway and I plan to add a bunch of new decorative stuff to use in future town/dungeon additions.

    I'm not quite ready to upload a new version yet as I don't really want to upload a mod with features missing from previous updates, but now I know what all still needs work.

    I tried adding some custom text to the other races for when you interact with them as a Celestar, but for some reason the village guard dialogues for the other races broke the mod so I need to look into that. On that note though, I have gone through all the existing npc dialogues that I had already added and made them more consistent.

    I still need to add variety to the dialogues as there's really only two things said per race, but I have set a general 'tone' for each races' relationship with the Celestar (and I plan to add codexes for each first-contact event):
    • Apex are highly suspicious of the Celestar and see them as technological rivals, however, their government has had very little access to Celestar tech.
    • Avian Stargazers are of course hostile to Celestar like they are everyone else, while the Grounded are very suspicious of Celestar based on rumors that their leader might be immortal (note: Celestar are not religious but Avians think they might be).
    • Floran are scared of Celestar and don't like being around them. This is because the Floran find it almost impossible to sneak up on them. They also don't like the Celestar's brightly colored eyes, and their particle weapons which "burn with purple fire."
    • Glitch have a rather neutral relationship with the Celestar due to the two races having very little contact so far. Celestar, however, are rather fascinated by Glitch sentience. They also sometimes mimic how the Glitch announce their mood before talking. Some Glitch like this while others find it insulting.
    • Humans refer to Celestar as 'space elves' much to the latter's confusion. However, neither species knows very much about the other and tend to meet more by chance than by intent.
    • Hylotl are very friendly towards Celestar since both prefer peaceful interaction over conflict. They also appreciate the Celestar's aesthetic styles, however, they don't like how the Celestar synthesize everything rather than crafting things by hand.
    • Novakid I haven't decided on a tone yet as there's apparently no dialogue options to give me a better idea of what they're like beyond the basic racial descriptions.
  2. Auren

    Auren Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Upbeat Giraffe progress status: ~85% complete.

    This will probably be the last preview before I finish updating the mod. All that remains for me to do is finish Staff weapon effects, make some custom hairstyles and finish designing the spaceship tiers. I'm being optimistic and hoping I can do all that before Tuesday since I have an extra day off this weekend. At the latest I'll probably finish some time next week (spaceships are big).

    On that note here is a preview of every decorative item that will be available in the forthcoming update. Two of the block types used in the building are called Exo Matter and Exo Silicate and are used in crafting every decorative object except the flags which use the vanilla recipe for flags.

    I may adjust the fridge design though. That thing stares at me... o_O
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  3. Auren

    Auren Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Slight bit of bad news. I didn't get very much time this week to work on the starship tiers so I don't think I'll be able to upload the mod this weekend. The first three were easy since I just had to make Tier 3 and break it a little, but I didn't get time to work on Tier 4 until Friday. After that I spent a lot of time the last two days finishing up Tier 5.

    Speaking of the Tier 5 ship, here's a quick preview of the design style I'm working with to give you an idea of what the ships will look like:
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  4. Auren

    Auren Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Auren updated Celestar Race with a new update entry:

    Celestar - Beta Wave

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. phoenixonfire

    phoenixonfire Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    .zip instaed of .rar dude, cuz 7 z don't work but this look sick as f#*#k
  6. Auren

    Auren Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hm. Well I haven't used regular .zip files in over a decade, had problems with WinZip ruining files on a number of occasions back then so I just stopped using it all together. Have preferred .rar files ever since. .zip files also have the lowest compression capability compared to .rar and .7z files with .7z being almost half the size of either.

    The programs WinZip, WinRar and 7Z can all open all three .zip .rar and .7z files so I'm not sure what would cause issues with extracting the mod besides having an outdated extraction program. Though I guess I could post a link to one of the other file types if .rar isn't working for some reason.

    I'll probably be switching to .7z files with the next update though since they seem to compress better. Plus I've noticed that file type becoming really common around the internet lately so It's probably time to switch away from .rar files anyway.
  7. billwopeh

    billwopeh Phantasmal Quasar

    Any chance you can add an item that lets other races craft the Celestar items.
  8. Thundercraft

    Thundercraft Phantasmal Quasar

    Looks very nice! I'd recommend that you post this in your mod description. So far, the only image of the Celestar on the Overview page is in the mod title graphic. And, no offense, but that Celestar (in the title) looks creepy to me. (Something about the horns and those black things on the chest...)

    Are you planning on (or currently) implementing the following?
    • Custom S.A.I.L.
    • Intro Cinematic
    • Racial Pet
    • Custom Descriptions to Default Objects
    I'm a big fan of 7zip, myself, and I use it all the time. I'll also agree that it compresses better than just about anything out there. In some cases, I have cut the size of an archive nearly in half by re-compressing .ZIP contents as .7z (rarely more than half). That said, those who use 7zip are in the minority, some find it hard to use, and many would get frustrated at having to install yet another program just to unzip a mod. 7zip does compress better than WinRar. However, in my experience, the size difference between .7z and .rar is usually very, very minor.
  9. Adarkchylde

    Adarkchylde Void-Bound Voyager

    Will this mod be updated to the new stable? - i really like it so i hope so
  10. Luthor614

    Luthor614 Cosmic Narwhal

    I agree, this race mod is pretty good, definitely looking forward to this one being updated to pg.
  11. E253MechaShadow

    E253MechaShadow Phantasmal Quasar

    Judging by the quality art and the features that are there so far, I can say this is rather worth updating.
    ...But it seems like the author hasn't been around for about 3 months.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2015
  12. Adarkchylde

    Adarkchylde Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah I would love to see this rescued too
  13. Sethyra

    Sethyra Big Damn Hero

    i wonder if its my pc but :0 i tried to download it, but every time i klick "download" i get to a page named "avandria" wich seems to be like a googel-like advert-search machine
    and there is no downlad button or skip button so i guess xD this is the wrong site :0 could anyone help me? <3 i would love to download that race
  14. E253MechaShadow

    E253MechaShadow Phantasmal Quasar

    It wouldn't work for the current version, anyways.
  15. Sethyra

    Sethyra Big Damn Hero

    xD i know but my Sisters Laptop still has the older version and sometimes i play there
  16. E253MechaShadow

    E253MechaShadow Phantasmal Quasar

  17. Sethyra

    Sethyra Big Damn Hero

  18. BWOSandman

    BWOSandman Big Damn Hero

    I too would like to see this one up and running again. I liked playing as this race.
  19. E253MechaShadow

    E253MechaShadow Phantasmal Quasar

    I am working on it, and most of the things already work (the species itself, ship tiers, armors, furniture), but I'm trying to grant the author's permission.

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