Catalog ITEM REVEAL? I found a thing. Have u used it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jalm, May 16, 2017.

  1. Jalm

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    I was messing around and redecorating my house. After I cleared everything out I set out the catalog for furniture and wall paper together right for convince u know? So I was holding the purple wallpaper and then I managed to drastically miss the wall and click the paper on the furniture catalog.


    I no longer was holding a purple wall paper I was LOOKING AT A MAGMA GEOAD SITTING ON THE FURNITURE catalog WAHHHHHH???????

    I messed around a bit and it"ll show different things. If u've used the dinosaur or prismatic shard catologe trick those so up with the same wallpaper! U get stuff from floors two. It will also turn back into ur wallpaper when u pick em up. Some r realllllyyy weird like invisible or floating or funky looking.

    HAS ANYONE HEARD OF THIS BEFORE????? Sketch3.png Sketch4.png Sketch3.png
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      • Jalm

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        oh really? srry i didnt know. I'm new to fourms. thx!
        • LuthienNightwolf

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          I've heard that some wallpapers can be used in place of certain items when giving gifts, it has to do with the game's coding and the items having the same ID number or something like that. There's one that can even be used in place of a prismatic shard.
          • Lil' Mini

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            So what you're basically saying... Is that I can use a second hand wallpaper instead of a highly valueable and rare homosexual gem in order to get a space-forged sword with the power of the stars...? Actually I'm not even surprised, we've already got small apple-folk flailing around, some old creepy guy in an abandoned tower serving a drink version of cannabis, a satanic child with family issues, beardless dwarves, a "complete stop" of time and fishable pirate treasure which no one seems happy to get a share off.
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            • LuthienNightwolf

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              That might work, yes. ;)

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