RELEASED Cat and dog at the same time

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  1. keyten

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    So, this small guide will allow you to add more cats and dogs to your farm so you could have something like this:
    If you have a cat or dog you need to add this into your save file:
    <NPC xsi:type="Dog"><name>Estos</name><isEmoting>false</isEmoting><isCharging>false</isCharging><willDestroyObjectsUnderfoot>false</willDestroyObjectsUnderfoot><isGlowing>false</isGlowing><coloredBorder>false</coloredBorder><flip>false</flip><drawOnTop>false</drawOnTop><faceTowardFarmer>false</faceTowardFarmer><faceAwayFromFarmer>false</faceAwayFromFarmer><scale>1</scale><timeBeforeAIMovementAgain>0</timeBeforeAIMovementAgain><glowingTransparency>0</glowingTransparency><glowRate>0</glowRate><Position><X>3392</X><Y>512</Y></Position><Speed>2</Speed><IsEmoting>false</IsEmoting><CurrentEmote>24</CurrentEmote><age>0</age><manners>0</manners><socialAnxiety>0</socialAnxiety><optimism>0</optimism><gender>0</gender><id>-1</id><homeRegion>0</homeRegion><daysUntilBirthing>-1</daysUntilBirthing><daysAfterLastBirth>-1</daysAfterLastBirth><birthday_Day>0</birthday_Day><moveTowardPlayerThreshold>0</moveTowardPlayerThreshold><isInvisible>false</isInvisible><followSchedule>true</followSchedule><datable>false</datable><datingFarmer>false</datingFarmer><daysMarried>0</daysMarried><DefaultFacingDirection>0</DefaultFacingDirection><DefaultPosition><X>3456</X><Y>512</Y></DefaultPosition><IsWalkingInSquare>false</IsWalkingInSquare><IsWalkingTowardPlayer>false</IsWalkingTowardPlayer><friendshipTowardFarmer>192</friendshipTowardFarmer><CurrentBehavior>1</CurrentBehavior></NPC>

    After code of your cat/dog which should look exactly the same. Basically you need to find a fragment that starts with <NPC xsi:type="Dog">, ends with </NPC> and double it. And change one dog to cat in one of that fragments.
    That code will give you 1 dog. If you want Cat change <NPC xsi:type="Dog"> to <NPC xsi:type="Cat">
    You can add more that code to have more cats/dogs.
    I currently have 29 cats and 27 dogs.
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    • Kiatsu

      Kiatsu Industrial Terraformer

      Finally! A way to have more pet~you're awesome! Thank you~ :)
      • Jokerine

        Jokerine Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        I'd love to have both one cat and one dog. Can we get some more elaborate instructions? :)
        • MrIce

          MrIce Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Can you make a tutorial of how make it?
          • Aryade

            Aryade Void-Bound Voyager

            Is there a purpose to having more than one pet?
            • She Meows

              She Meows Subatomic Cosmonaut

              More pets = cuteness overloadX3:kitten2::kitten2::kitten2::kitten2::kitten2::kitten2::kitten2::kitten2:
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              • keyten

                keyten Cosmic Narwhal

                Is there a purpose to have even one cat?
                • Oyakodown

                  Oyakodown Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  Are those codes supposed to be added in the save file? I need more clarification:pwease:
                  • mehmehmoh

                    mehmehmoh Seal Broken

                    Open your save file (named something like: "Name_Numbers" (not the "SaveGameInfo" file)) in something like Notepad++
                    Search for Dog (or Cat if you currently have a Cat)
                    Scroll a bit further 'til you see "</NPC>" followed by "</characters>"
                    Paste in between those two tags and save.
                    • Oyakodown

                      Oyakodown Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      Thank you for the instruction!
                      • mehmehmoh

                        mehmehmoh Seal Broken

                        You're welcome.

                        Additionally, to make them a bit more distinguishable from each other you can edit the <scale> values as well.
                        I wouldn't recommend (or do I? :lolwut:) going above 1 because then you'll have a dog as big as your house.

                        For example you can have a momma cat with scale 1 and a couple never-growing-up baby cats with scale ~0.7/0.8

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                        • AuroraBlades42

                          AuroraBlades42 Void-Bound Voyager

                          This is so great! I love both cats and dogs, and only chose a dog in-game because I currently have a pet dog. After a while I started considering marrying Abigail, but I felt bad because she's always wanted a cat and I didn't have one. Now everyone's happy! I'm definitely going to try this out in my game later <3
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                          • Zhuria

                            Zhuria Cosmic Narwhal

                            You're a genius. Thank you so much for this!

                            Does having more than one cause any issues at all? I'm guessing no if you have upwards of 50 lol
                            • keyten

                              keyten Cosmic Narwhal

                              Didn't encounter any. They even sleep in different places.
                              • Abokado

                                Abokado Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Worked great, thanks!

                                Oh, are you not bothered by the amount of barking? Or do you know a way of disabling that somehow? (I wouldn't mind not having any dog sounds at all.)
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                                • aniseedling

                                  aniseedling Intergalactic Tourist

                                  For some reason this isn't working for me. When I paste the code in it just makes 0 pets show up at all (including my original one).

                                  Edit: NVM, got it to work. If anybody else has the same problem as me, it was because I was having a series of rainy days.. instead of showing up inside or outside the animals just weren't there. Once it was a sunny day though they showed up.
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                                  • SasuraUchiha

                                    SasuraUchiha Cosmic Narwhal

                                    Tried it out and edited one cat to my already existing dog. Works great!
                                    Only downside is, when I exit my house in the morning and look at my two pets, they are sleeping in the exact same spot... Do you know any method to mod there standard sleeping place at morning? If not its ok too, cause its only at the morning, but it would be nice, if there is a way for that. ^^
                                    Otherwise nice job figuring that out, always felt a little down, that you can only have pet, especially with all those cute Pet mods for both Cat and Dog.
                                    • Walknoot

                                      Walknoot Tentacle Wrangler

                                      • blargsnarf

                                        blargsnarf Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        Yeah I'm curious what 50 Sans/Annoying Dogs look like in the morning all overlapping each other. Even having one dog and two cats causes a lot of sprite flickering until they wake up!
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                                        • keyten

                                          keyten Cosmic Narwhal

                                          Indeed they are. But at least they sleep in different locations when they are inside the house.

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