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RELEASED Carlucci Ace Inventory - Visual Update 2.50


  1. carlucci

    carlucci Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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  2. carlucci

    carlucci Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Installation of my mod
    This must be installed on a new game. It will mess up your game if you try anything else. Find out more info on my discord or find Bk3k mod page for instructions.

    This might help >https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/882900100/133259956011112917/#c2132869574268909855

    "armoryBag" //weapons
    "armorBag" //armor
    "throwBag" //throwable items, breakable items
    "toolBag" //tool
    "augmentsBag" //epp, collar and lure augments
    "medsBag" //medicine
    "foodBag" //food
    "objectBag" //furniture and platforms
    "materialBag" //building blocks
    "liquidBag" //liquids
    "farmBag" //seeds, saplings, gardenbots and pets
    "hobbyBag" //music and documents
    "vehicleBag" //mech, spaceship, boat and vehicle parts, anything that has to do with these items
    "reagentBag" //crafting materials
    "transportBag" //rails and elevators, flags and teleporters
    "objectBag2" //decorations
    "lightingBag" //lighting
    "moneyBag" //voxels and pixels
    "storageBag" // chests, lockers (old skool storage)
    "mainBag" //junk bag, other and leftovers
    "deviceBag" //device stations
    "digitalBag" //digital transportation and storage
    "powerBag" //anything that creates, gives and supplies power

    MY DISCORD - https://discord.gg/E7KFxKE
    MY DISCORD -https://discord.gg/E7KFxKE

    ALL BUGS ARE TO BE REPORTED ON MY DISCORD. In order for me to fix your bug you must provide screen shots of the items in question, the name of the mod or if its vanilla and a link to the mod on Chuckle forum or Steam. If these are not posted on my discord, I cant do anything for you. Thank you.
  3. dundy12

    dundy12 Space Hobo

    when i click on download takes me to discord. How can i download this mod?

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