Mob Captured creature`s usefulness?

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    Sometimes those capture pods are utterly useless. A new player would get a capture pod, learn how to use it off the wiki, and capture a gleap/poptop/nutmidge or mostly some indescribable horror. they send it into battle with another indescribable horror. the... gleap/poptop/nutmidge or some indescribable horror would die in one hit. USELESS.
    Now lets say that a pro gets a bucketful of capture pods, and they go to a magma planet to get a fiery minion, so they decide to capture a pyromantle. They capture one, and send it into battle once more. it dies, in about two hits. USELESS.

    What if you could use your pets for much more that fighting? Here are some examples of (possibly implemented) uses for pets. it for your ship pet!:cathug: mabye you could capture a pet and put that pet in place of you ship pet, but you could switch back regularly. Because it would be a shame if you lost your poor kitty cat. :nurusad:

    2. Have flying pets carry you. There are things in the game that your wouldnt be able to get to without an odd placement of blocks, or mods. Examples are avian airships. you cant get to them unless you make a tall pillair of those extra... thousand... pieces of dirt. What about the asteroids? How are you supposed to get there? I say you should be able to have flying pets carry you. Proceduraly generated small monsters that fly can go up to a little under the spawn range for large flying monsters. you could not use any items in the status. You could also ride large Proceduraly generated large flying
    monsters and you would be able to use one-handed items. (you wouldnt be able to ride unique monsters.)

    3. Ride monsters! Certain ground monsters could be mounted and ridden. You could get saddles for different types of monsters (e.g. unique ground monsters that werent really jumpy or tiny have saddles, and small/large quadruped Procedurally generated monsters could have one). You could tell it where to move, when to attack, when to swim up, and when to jump. Cool, right?
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