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Capt. Ignoble BOUNTY HUNT TUTORIAL is Bugged

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Gunwild, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Gunwild

    Gunwild Space Spelunker

    So, everytime I try to kill the Captain Ignoble in the bounty hunt tutorial he escapes (I can kill him with a few blows so its not a matter of time or damage power) and then The AI tells me I have to search in the containers for clues. I do that everytime. Sometimes theres a letter in one of the boxes near with the new location, and theres always like a "Signature trace" in one of the windows that can be scanned with the Scanning tool that says [SIGNATURE TRACE COMPLETE: UPDATING CO-ORDINATES]. Also, Supposedly the new location is also shown in the PC this guy has in that room. So theres like three different clues pointing at that new planet/location, but neither one of them works. The AI continues to point at the first target and even if I go to the new planet, the enemy never appears. (I already fully checked the new locations, excavate the whole planets and nothing). I assume the developers forgot to do everything else in the case the enemy escapes, because after the fifth attempt I thought I was doing something wrong and I found on youtube this has also happened to more people, not just me (This youtuber in his first attempt for example at minute 13:00 : ) So the problem is, the new objective/location/planet is not updated by the AI and the enemy is not appearing in the new planet. In the video the guy managed to capture him after the first attempt, so my hypothesis is the devs putted an escape option for the enemy at the beginning when they were building the mission, but forgot about it and put an easier solution afterwards. then they left the first option incomplete so when the enemy escapes its impossible to complete the mission and thats why the clues doesnt trigger the new locations.

    Im to tired right now after 5 attempts. i have to work tomorrow. But please fix this issue. And please, stop trying to work and looking at porn at the same time. This things could happen.

    Thank you.

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