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Server Help Can't Update Server To 1.0.5 On Ubuntu

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by CWHITTY, Aug 24, 2016.


    CWHITTY Space Hobo

    I've been hosting a Starbound server for quite some time now, and from taking server administration classes using Unix, I've gotten used to hosting servers on Ubuntu. I like it a lot, but ever since 1.2, I haven't been able to update my Starbound server. I've tired re-installing it and updating it, but no matter what I do it says it's up-to-date. Are the updates just not being pushed out to Linux anymore or am I doing something wrong? I'd really love to go back to playing Starbound with my friends again...
  2. GhOsTeth

    GhOsTeth Space Spelunker

    Where did you purchase it from? I had problems with my GOG version updating from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3. Eventually I just did a clean install of 1.0.4 and when 1.0.5 came out the upgrade worked.

    CWHITTY Space Hobo

    Steam. I updated / installed through steacmd shell. I've also performed a clean install, but it still says 1.0.2 is the latest version.
  4. Ledhead

    Ledhead Phantasmal Quasar

    You are not by chance installing the unstable builds from steam instead of the live builds using steamCMD? just triple check you have the correct game ID. Maybe try verify the files after that. Failing that you can install whatever version it is stuck on and manually get a mate to give you the 1.0.5 build and just replace the folder and verify see if that works.

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