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Bug/Issue Can't update mobile app, tried everything

Discussion in 'Support' started by kec602, May 27, 2019.

  1. kec602

    kec602 Void-Bound Voyager

    Hi there!

    Really hoping someone can help because I paid for the game when it first came out, but the issues with saving and raising animals are so bad it's somewhat unplayable. My problem is that my app won't update, and apparently never has. The rest of my apps update fine.

    My Troubleshooting :

    Here are the things I already tried!

    (1) Updating phone
    (2) Updating all other apps on phone
    (3) Dragging app update screen to "refresh updates"
    (4) Turning off automatic update, reinstalling the app, checking for updates
    (5) Restarting phone
    (6) Uninstalling the app, restarting phone, reinstalling the app
    (7) Attempted to murder iCloud (failed)
    (8) Uninstall of app, hard reset of phone, reinstall app
    (9) Contacted my friend who used to work at the genius bar. The following is the only other suggestion she had.
    (10) Updated iTunes, Backed up phone, reinstalled the app
    (11) Found your forum & commenced begging :(

    The only other thing I was able to do was find a solution on Stack Overflow for developers that talked about how to set up your app so that people can only download the most recent version. Obviously I'm not the developer, and since I'm the only person that seems to have this problem, I'm sure you guys have already done that. By the way, I did look everywhere to try to see if anyone else is having this problem before I posted. This is my last resort - otherwise I wouldn't bother you guys.

    Technical Information :
    PC :
    Windows 10
    iTunes : 12.8.4
    App Version : 1.061
    iPhone : 6S, 12.3.1
    iPhone capacity/available space : 128GB/78.65GB

    I've always used the same Apple ID, I'm currently logged into it, my payment method is updated, and I know my password (lol) so I haven't had any problems confirming it as asked.
    The ONLY other thing that I can mention is that my iCloud storage is apparently full, and apple wants me to pay now - which I won't do, because I don't want iCloud but I can't get rid of it.

    Please help me, Stardew friends! I love Stardew Valley to pieces and it makes me so sad that I have to repeat days all of the time, my slimes don't survive outside, and I can't get my animals to love me ;_; ...Don't mind paying for tech support, and I can provide other contact info! I would just really appreciate the help if you're able. Otherwise, I'll have to make a new apple ID and pay for the game again, and that might mess up everything else on my phone. My geek squad friend says it's death to try to use a new apple ID.

    Thanks so much for reading this far!
    ~ Kari
    • Shubeans

      Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

      This is super weird ~
      Could you let me know what version SDV is saying that it is running, latest version 1.30 if that's any help.

      I'll try and do some tech support with you and see what we can figure out!

      Also what Save and Animal Handling issues are you having?

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