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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Darkjudge1, Oct 9, 2017.

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    Hey gang! First time poster, first time modder (despite being a gamer for mumble-mumble years. :-D) My wife asked for some help with a map and me being a good husband decided to give it a shot.

    In short, I'm simply trying to take a map and modify it a little bit in tIDE. Per the instructions I've extracted Farm_foraging via XNB node and split it into the .tbin and .yaml file. I've opened the tbin to make the edits, but I can't seem to see the changes to the tile when I lay them. Here's some of the posts/video I've looked at:

    Based on these, it looks like this should go on the back layer. However, when I use tile ID 1274 where I want to create the river, I see no change. I've also tried erasing tiles (works, but I can't replace tiles where I've erased.) What am I doing wrong? I get the feeling I'm overlooking something VERY simple and will kick myself once I find the answer, but I've tried everything I can conceive of. Please let me know if you need additional information. Hope that I got it all right the first time. Be gentle, I'm new at this. :-D
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      Instead of using the "Lay tiles individually tool" use the "Lay a block of tiles" tool. You can still click and just place one or click and drag for squares.
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        If you really can't figure it out and the changes that you want to make are very minor / simple, if it would take me a few minutes to do then I could do it for you

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