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Bug/Issue Can't Place Fences

Discussion in 'Support' started by LuciaCK, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. LuciaCK

    LuciaCK Space Hobo

    My game has recently developed an issue where i can't place fences. I have tried to place both normal wood and hardwood fences, and even though I'm placing on a green square, it just disappears when I try to place.
    • LuciaCK

      LuciaCK Space Hobo

      UPDATE: Just to say firstly that this is mid-game, I have loads of fences already, I just suddenly can't place them anymore (or walls) - have also discoverd that this is also true for sprinklers. Again, try to place them and they just disappear. Again, I already had a sprinkler placed, I picked it up to move it, and now I can't place it - Please help!!

      Another issue I'm having (unrelated?) is that when I'm moving items from my inventory to a chest, the curser jumps to the chest after clicking on an item in the inventory. So I have to move the curser back to the inventory every time if I want to move multiple things.

      or cherry bombs...
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      • endly

        endly Void-Bound Voyager

        if you are using any mod, especially a mod that modifies terrain, try to disable it.
        keep in mind that terrain mods usually also modifies the save data ID, so copy it to another folder first before disabling the mod.
        for the other bug, honestly i never heard of that issue. i suggest you re-install the game, wouldn't be much of a hassle because the game's size is small, but make sure you move/copy the save data to another folder first to avoid the risk losing it.

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