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Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Hoarder Forum Moderator

    You used another mod which had this mod as a dependency. When adding mods to your game make sure to install their dependencies too. Either they're linked in the mod description or the dependencies are directly added at the steam workshop.

    ~ Iris ~
  2. anastiel

    anastiel Space Spelunker

    Yes, I've been reading this.
  3. Black Rose

    Black Rose Aquatic Astronaut

    I have a PC running Linux openSUSE Leap 42.3, which means that I had to get Wine to run Starbound because there were no .rpm files at https://software.opensuse.org/search?q=. However, the installation was successful and I was able to run Starbound without any errors showing up as soon as I double-clicked it. The problem appeared 30 seconds after I ran Starbound, and it showed me the following text:

    Fatal Exception caught: (ApplicationException)
    Couldn't initialize SDL Sound: Audio target 'pulse' not available
    (And a bunch of strange code-like text I didn't understand, full of "][" right after that)

    How to fix this error?
  4. Partridge12

    Partridge12 Space Hobo

    Hi, I have the opengl 2.0 error. I have a GTX 1060 with updated drivers running opengl 4.6... I cannot make any sense of why this would cause an error relating to opengl at all. Am I missing something?
  5. Kryger

    Kryger Intergalactic Tourist

    Launching the game, through Steam, briefly seem to flash a window which immediately closes. Happens every time, have never seen any game screens. No mods, pristine installation.

    Error from log:
    Fatal Fatal Error: Floating Point Exception Encountered!
    [11:27:21.220] [Info] Root: Loaded ImageMetadataDatabase in 0 seconds
    [11:27:21.355] [Error] Fatal Error: Floating Point Exception Encountered!
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star10fatalErrorEPKcb+0x43) [0xaaa7e3]
    /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(+0x37140) [0x7faf51061140]
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star4Time21monotonicMillisecondsEv+0x49) [0xa9fc09]
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star17AssetTextureGroup11loadTextureERKNS_6StringE+0x3b9) [0x13d6689]
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star10GuiContext11textureSizeERKNS_6StringE+0x1f) [0x141fa8f]
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star4Pane5setBGERKNS_6StringES3_S3_+0x124) [0x1442c54]
    Ubuntu 17.10 x64
    Geforce GTX 970 with Nvidia binary driver 390.12 (also tried the Nouveau driver, same error in log).
    i5-2500K CPU (3.30GHz)
    8GB RAM

    Tried a few things:
    Uninstalled and cleaned dirs and did a reinstall. Error in logs remained the same.
    Tried "Starbound - Unstable", with same result.
    Install disk have over a TB free.
    Starbound server also won't start, but there are no errors in the logs - last line is
    [11:11:38.034] [Info] Root: Loaded MaterialDatabase in 0.316 seconds
    See attached error log.

    Any advice of things to try or workarounds would greatly appreciated!

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  6. Sparkyfirecheif

    Sparkyfirecheif Space Hobo

    I've recently come to having the game as well, and long story short. It will not launch.
  7. Sharktail100

    Sharktail100 Space Hobo

    it no work

  8. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The End of Time

    Because it no like you!!!!

    That is literally the most helpful reply possible given the lack of information you gave.
  9. Kryger

    Kryger Intergalactic Tourist

    No response to me either - not even an acknowledgement. At least he got a response ;)
  10. ItsDaPervert

    ItsDaPervert Astral Cartographer

    @Kryger As far as my C++ skills go it seems like the engine has issues calculating stuff. A floating point exception usually happens when a program is told to divide something by zero which of course is impossible.
    It might as well be related to the fact that Starbound requires stuff like the .NET and C++ frameworks on Windows and Linux doesn´t have soemthing alike (or the game doesn´t recognize it as such). My experience with Linux OSs is very limited but maybe a tool like WINE may help you. Here´s a link to that: https://www.winehq.org/
  11. Kryger

    Kryger Intergalactic Tourist

    Thanks man!

    The game supports Linux (see Steam page) - that is why I bought it.

    I'll need to get Steam for Windows installed under Wine and then try to install it. Then I am not sure how well it will run in Wine... If I could get a refund and wait until they fix it, that would be great, but I can't seem to get ANY response from Chuclefish :(
  12. I like tom riddle

    I like tom riddle Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello. I deleted the Starbound files and reinstalled it via Steam and it still doesnt work. It says RUNNING when I try to start it, it just jumps to SYNC and doesnt start at all. Pls Help I would really like to play the game again.
  13. ItsDaPervert

    ItsDaPervert Astral Cartographer

    You could try and look into how these code libraries (if that´s even a word) work on Ubuntu but that may be quite time consuming.
    And regarding WINE, your gear seems decent enough to run Starbound through it. We used to play Terraria with 4 people on a server hosted by a guy with a much less powerful computer using WINE on some Linux system, too, and it ran as it should if this proof enough for you.
  14. Kryger

    Kryger Intergalactic Tourist

    My PC runs other titles just fine, I do think it should handle Starbound. Not sure where to start with the libs - I have done some checks regarding libc, but without some help I don't know what to try...

    Regarding Wine, as it is also a Linux game, there are no recent guides, and the game does not even appear in the WineHQ database.

    Thanks again for the response, at lease someone does!
  15. thebestusername

    thebestusername Yeah, You!

    My starbound technically launches. What it does is that it launches but it won't pop-up in my taskbar for me to play it, BUT READ THIS: Task Manager shows me that starbound is running.
  16. Albussystems

    Albussystems Big Damn Hero

    (Edit: I added all my Workshop items again and had to click on my Character two times - first time the Game closed - the second time he loaded up)

    (Possible Fix for Starbound Crash before CF Logo - Steam -
    Win 7 - read!)


    Today i wanted to start Starbound and it crashed just before showing the CF Logo as many of you described here.

    So i went on the hunt.

    I tried exactly what i later saw was suggested here and tried to run the 2015 Visual C++ redist. in the Steamfolder.
    I got no reaction at all, the installer seemed to just sit there.
    I went to google and found the same Page which was also presented here and downloaded the redists manualy.
    All of those told me either not possible or not neccessary to install.

    2. Windows Update:

    After all that i tried to launch my Windowsupdate and look here it wasn`t working either.
    So i found this Page and fixed my Windowsupdate by those instructions first.


    Worked like a charme.

    Next a full update search and update of all win 7 updates. ( I was missing all since December 2017 so not that much and there were some VisualC components included)

    After the install a few reboots...blabla

    Back in Windows i started Steam and lauched Starbound.
    It took a bit longer to load and crahed again back to Desktop before logo... (Rage^^)

    But i forgot something i experienced with Starbound mods (without workshop - manually installed mods) before:

    Some Programs or Games want/need a clean start - once!

    So Steamworkshop was the last problem.
    Edit: (Erase the Starbound folder manually!!!)
    Unsubscribed from all Starboundsteamworkshop Items + uninstall Game + reinstall Game = launch game via Steam with warningmessage about re-/and deinstalling mods.

    So one last time to be sure what fixed it for me.

    1. Follow the instructions on the Page where the link gets you.

    2. Run Winupdate and install all important Updates.

    3. Unsubscribe all Workshopitems in Starbound on Steam

    4. uninstall Starbound +
    Edit: (Erase the Starbound folder manually!!!)

    5. Wait for Windowsupdates to completely finish

    6. download Starbound via Steam
    (Don`t choose any Workshop items yet)

    7. As soon as Starbound has finished to download
    start it.
    After that you can ofc add Workshopitem, but please carefully^^

    8. hopefully it works for you as it did for me.

    1000. Buildbuildbuild - Oh and if you got time check out my Hylotl Planet in the Screenshotssection - will be uploaded as soon as possible :)

    BTW: Up until today Starbound worked via Steam for 1100 hours. Yesterday i was working on the Picure of the Hylotl Planet - 64300 px x 16000 px. Everything was working fine. I actually finished the picture and today i made a last check and found a missing spot. Thats when Starbound didn`t start anymore?!?!?!? Very, very strange.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
  17. Wartavian

    Wartavian Big Damn Hero

    ..So. Run via steam, game IS running, the log is filling up with errors at FTL speed, and the game won't actually load in the bottom of the screen. So, I launched it 2 minutes ago, the log is already unable to open because it has too much on it.
    What has me confused the most is that it was working literally 3 days ago. And then it just went splat.
    EDIT: No workshop addons at all. And at this point I've basically tried everything. Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, verified it, deleted the directory and reinstalled it after all that, and it still doesn't do anything.
    EDIT AGAIN AND NOW I'M INCREDIBLY ANGRY: Now it's working... What the blah is wrong with everything.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  18. Blazemaker123

    Blazemaker123 Intergalactic Tourist

    'OpenGL 2.0 is not available!'

    Please try updating your graphics drivers! Here's a guide.

    I updated the driver to its maximum but the game still wont load.
    can you help me?
  19. JesusChrystl3r

    JesusChrystl3r Space Hobo

    well ive been having this problem
  20. JesusChrystl3r

    JesusChrystl3r Space Hobo

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