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Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by mollygos, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Icoria

    Icoria Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm just gonna leave it at "This games sucks" and is not worth the money I spent on it. wth this many people play the game and there is no working solution. What a f******* scam. I am really disappointed with this game. I have uninstalled COUNTLESS times, tried EVERYTHING. I am a freaking computer scientist as a major and even I am getting extremely frustrated with this. I am so done :zzz:
  2. Kfiat

    Kfiat Master Chief

  3. Travis Nakasato

    Travis Nakasato Intergalactic Tourist

    I use Windows 10. I recently tried opening starbound and it started as usual: The Chucklefish logo and it's signature laugh. However, immediately after, the game closed. No error message, no nothing. I re-installed Visual +++2015, but it didn't do much. (I think.) I tried deleting the starbound folder, but that resulted in security issues where I was rejected despite having permissions. I investigated by trying to delete the folders in the starbound folder and I was met with the same security messages. Then, I clicked a folder. I got an error message and it appears that whatever was in the folder no longer exists. I also tried editing the security info on the folders, but it said I need Read permissions, which I didn't have for some reason. I hope someone else has a solution to this, as my problem seems unique. The folders that have security issues are as follows: 2015(fixed? the folder disappeared...), docs, tile, win64, _CommonRedist, and vcredist.
  4. Travis Nakasato

    Travis Nakasato Intergalactic Tourist

  5. ThePlays

    ThePlays Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey won't work with disabled Steam-Overlay. (Using OS X)
    What should i do?
  6. jedrockin3

    jedrockin3 Void-Bound Voyager

    It just stops responding even before the chucklefish logo
  7. UltimateCatTree

    UltimateCatTree Void-Bound Voyager

    [​IMG] I've been having the issue where the window pops up but doesnt load the chucklefish logo and goes straight into unresponsive.

  8. Wickerson

    Wickerson Aquatic Astronaut

    This is a HUGE problem!

    I have the same problem, it started when I tried to join a friend's game who had mods that i didn't. Now Starbound crashes/freezes at the Chucklefish splash screen.

    I can sometimes get around it by restarting my computer, does this work for anyone else?

    So getting Starbound to work is a real pain, but (sometimes) I can get it to work by following these steps:

    1. restart computer
    2. launch steam
    3. close steam
    4. launch steam again
    5. launch Starbound
    6. cross fingers
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  9. Kfiat

    Kfiat Master Chief

    Starbound is working!!!!
  10. Kyle123

    Kyle123 Space Hobo

    help im haveing a startup crash and i really want to play starbound here is a a thing https://pastebin.com/q8vgBDGN also to contact me the best way go to my steam its Leafeon_Kyle me and my friend need help

    please i WANT TO PLAYYYY
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  11. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    The quest id "fuquest_clothingfabricator" is defined twice. So deffo a modding issue on your side. Most likely Frackin Universe so i'd ask in the modding discussion for support here.

    Also avoid double posting. I merged your posts.

    Iris Blanche
  12. Kyle123

    Kyle123 Space Hobo

    is their a way i can reboot my game so it is like when i first bought it? i need to know how because me and my friend are haveing the same problem:unsure:

    Edit:never mind i found out why it was a out dated mod that was makeing me crash thanks anyway

    but i need to do the game all over again sadly
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  13. anastiel

    anastiel Orbital Explorer

    I'm in trouble, my game does not start with steam, it opens the black screen and closes, if I open the directory
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Starbound \ win64 does it work anyone know why it does not work with steam? I'm not using mods
    have solution?
    my starbound.config
    my starbound.log
    and other error
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  14. anastiel

    anastiel Orbital Explorer

  15. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    You used another mod which had this mod as a dependency. When adding mods to your game make sure to install their dependencies too. Either they're linked in the mod description or the dependencies are directly added at the steam workshop.

    ~ Iris ~
  16. anastiel

    anastiel Orbital Explorer

    Yes, I've been reading this.
  17. Black Rose

    Black Rose Void-Bound Voyager

    I have a PC running Linux openSUSE Leap 42.3, which means that I had to get Wine to run Starbound because there were no .rpm files at https://software.opensuse.org/search?q=. However, the installation was successful and I was able to run Starbound without any errors showing up as soon as I double-clicked it. The problem appeared 30 seconds after I ran Starbound, and it showed me the following text:

    Fatal Exception caught: (ApplicationException)
    Couldn't initialize SDL Sound: Audio target 'pulse' not available
    (And a bunch of strange code-like text I didn't understand, full of "][" right after that)

    How to fix this error?
  18. Partridge12

    Partridge12 Space Hobo

    Hi, I have the opengl 2.0 error. I have a GTX 1060 with updated drivers running opengl 4.6... I cannot make any sense of why this would cause an error relating to opengl at all. Am I missing something?
  19. Kryger

    Kryger Void-Bound Voyager

    Launching the game, through Steam, briefly seem to flash a window which immediately closes. Happens every time, have never seen any game screens. No mods, pristine installation.

    Error from log:
    Fatal Fatal Error: Floating Point Exception Encountered!
    [11:27:21.220] [Info] Root: Loaded ImageMetadataDatabase in 0 seconds
    [11:27:21.355] [Error] Fatal Error: Floating Point Exception Encountered!
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star10fatalErrorEPKcb+0x43) [0xaaa7e3]
    /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(+0x37140) [0x7faf51061140]
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star4Time21monotonicMillisecondsEv+0x49) [0xa9fc09]
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star17AssetTextureGroup11loadTextureERKNS_6StringE+0x3b9) [0x13d6689]
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star10GuiContext11textureSizeERKNS_6StringE+0x1f) [0x141fa8f]
    ./starbound(_ZN4Star4Pane5setBGERKNS_6StringES3_S3_+0x124) [0x1442c54]
    Ubuntu 17.10 x64
    Geforce GTX 970 with Nvidia binary driver 390.12 (also tried the Nouveau driver, same error in log).
    i5-2500K CPU (3.30GHz)
    8GB RAM

    Tried a few things:
    Uninstalled and cleaned dirs and did a reinstall. Error in logs remained the same.
    Tried "Starbound - Unstable", with same result.
    Install disk have over a TB free.
    Starbound server also won't start, but there are no errors in the logs - last line is
    [11:11:38.034] [Info] Root: Loaded MaterialDatabase in 0.316 seconds
    See attached error log.

    Any advice of things to try or workarounds would greatly appreciated!

    Attached Files:

  20. Sparkyfirecheif

    Sparkyfirecheif Space Hobo

    I've recently come to having the game as well, and long story short. It will not launch.

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