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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by ive beaten tetris, Apr 1, 2018.

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    greetings to all ladies and gentlemen out there in this vast universe. ah, and happy holidays i guess.

    first off, please pardon me if this might be the wrong forum for this topic. but in that case i suggest to first bump it and then dump it where it belongs. let's dive into the thread.


    since behaviors and nodes haven't been discussed so far in this forum, i've found exactly two topics where Healthire points to his developer tool to manage these assets. on his github page he also explains the installation process in a nutshell. now, this is what it should look like... more or less:

    screenshot from renatopp/behavior3editor github repository

    and this is what it looks like for me:


    the menu bar has no functions as well as the property and nodes/trees panels which i can only see if i use the tab key.

    i've installed nodes.js, electron and github a couple of days ago for the very first time. i'm able to clone a repository already but that's it. but i really don't know how to setup the whole environment for working with healthire's editor. the thing that confuses me the most is the installation explanation which states, that installing it prerequisites electron (1.3.1). but in the end i have to install electron separately again INTO the cloned repository. i've also tried several npm inits and npm install electron variants but all failed. i'm not even able to open the app via npm start command. the only thing i can do is drag and drop the dev.html file from "/src" into the electron app, found in "/node_modules/electron/dist".

    now i've spend the last days trying to find out how to get the behavior3editor to work but i fell restless now. so what i really desire is someone who maybe could explain to me the whole setup process step by step.

    i appreciate every answer. may it even turn out that i'm dumb as heck :slowpoke:

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