Can't Find Avian Market Stalls

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    So does anyone have the coordinates to an avian village that has a marketplace with stalls, I've looked through the entire megathread and there are no coordinates stating that there is or is not a market, I haven't seen any markets in a few years and i'm starting to think that they might have been removed, but after going to the Starbounder for the specific stall the log only says that all of the names have been changed from "Avian _____ stall" to "_____ stall" and there is no mention of the items being removed.
    However I still haven't found and markets myself or in recent posts, so if anyone has coordinates for an avian market stall in 1.3.2 for windows 7 or 10 (pretty sure it doesn't matter) please send them to me, Thanks.
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    Got the coordination for ya!


    The planet is Raze Waste V-a, should be the second-outermost planet in the system. I'm not exactly sure if this is the place you're looking for


    But I hope it is! The village is some distance to the left, no EPP required.
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  3. RoyalSanadwichMaker

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    This is exactly what I am looking for. thank you.
    I used to find these all the time a few years ago but maybe the developers decreased the spawn rate because I think I've done more exploring and found less and less of what you would have seen a few years ago.
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