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Bug/Issue Can't beam down from ship unless in admin mode, but can't move ship at all

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Ereptor, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Ereptor

    Ereptor Space Hobo

    When I load into the game, I am on my ship, however I am unable to interact with the teleporter or the chair to allow me to move my ship to a different planet. The "Beam down" button is disabled.

    If I type /admin to enable admin mode, I can use the teleporter as normal but only with admin mode enabled. Still, however, I can also not move the ship, as whenever I try to use the chair I get the buzzing error sound.

    This started after I joined my girlfriend's session on steam as I normally do, and as I was going through a challenge portal the server lagged and I had to rejoin. When I rejoined I was on the ship with this problem.

    This problem persists even when playing on solo. It only effects this particular character on Casual mode though, as I made a new character to test if I could beam down without admin and it is possible.
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  2. sasakibomber

    sasakibomber Aquatic Astronaut

    /spawnitem shipT3
    make sure the cursor is on the ship
    then teleport on to the Ark and go to the guy who upgrades your ship
    upgrade your ship and teleport back to your ship.
    It should be able to work itself out then. The same happened to me but this managed to fix my problem. Good luck!
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