Modding Help Can you help me? Convert PNG to XNB Files (SV Android)

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    Hello all, nice to meet u, a newbie at SV here...

    First lemme explain..
    I've only played SV ONLY AT ANDROID (never play at PC)

    I can use mods using xnb. files (and it Self taught) - using some tutorial at utube (APK Extractor etc.)
    I've modded my furniture, bulding etc, but I really want using some wallpaper and floors that I've taken a liking at nexusmods (using Zosa's and Lynn0 wallpaper and floor together).

    And I've mixed them together into 1 PNG files...

    I'm trying to convert it to XNB File. Really I'm trying so damn hard to not ask here, but it seems there's no tutorial to convert it (especially for SV's mobile player like me)...

    1. I don't have yaml. file cause I don't have SV PC ver.
    2. I tried to use XNB Builder ( but confused about the XNA 4.0 & Net 4.0 )

    So can anyone help me please?
    any tutorial? any tips? or can someone pls convert it to xnb. files?

    thank you & sorry if I offend someone in this forum or nexusmods, I just a newbie, reading the rules but not really sociable to understand this kind of forum discussion..

    I would really appreciate it if u can help me :DD, thanks

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