Can someone help me with recovering my save file?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Aaron700, Oct 5, 2018.

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    Good night for everyone.

    I want to know you're opinions about a game file or a savegame of Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005), I reinstalled the game for making some changes, but not changing the save file, so, I managed to reinstall the game, but after entering to it, the game said that my file seem to be damaged and that in consequence, it could not be used.

    The I started looking solutions around the internet and well, I found you, I signed up and then I found a post talking about recovering corrupted files (more specifically for Stardust Valley, here is the link: using NotePad ++, so I want to send to you're people two files (both comprised in a zip. file) and two screenshots, the file called "Aaron" is the apparently "corrupted" savegame, meanwhile the other with the name "NOMBRE" (just "NAME" in spanish) is a quickly and flesh savegame that I created recently, the results with Notepad are contemplated in the screenshots.

    What I didn't understand about his post is about how many "NULL" files must have a file to consider it "completely corrupted and loss", because I have a lot of "NULL", but not all the code is composed of "NULL", the curious part is that the good savegame still has "NULL" parts and It still functions very well. So I what to know what could you're people say to me about this and if the corrupted file can be recovered.

    Thanks. (Sorry If I have mistakes but english is not my native language).

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    Hmm... I don't know, it is two different games already. What I mean is Stardew Valley save file is less complicated than Need For Speed: Most Wanted save file. I take a look at your screenshot, and I can't even sure what I am looking at, I can't read it. I think there is nothing we can do, sorry.

    You better start a new game. The possibly thing that might corrupted your save game is the reinstalling process. Do you separate the save file from the game? Because when reinstalling, the setup might affect the save file as well.

    Anyway, your English is not that bad. English is also not my native language.
  3. Aaron700

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    I see, thanks for answering me.

    Now for you're question, to be fairly honest, nope, because this is the first time it happens, from what I know, you're save files are (forgive the redundancy) saved by default in the "Documents" section of you're PC and they normally stay here even after uninstalling the game, this is the first time something like this occurs to me, maybe what you said was the trigger of the problem :/.

    I said that it's a little strange because is like Need For Speed: Carbon, in that game, after using a serial key and creating a savefile here, if you uninstall the game and install it again, the only way you can re-use you're old savefile is introducing the same serial key that you used when installing in that time, it seems like both savefiles and the serial keys are connected.

    In NFS: MW, that never happened and from what I know, this game in comparison with Carbon doesn't obligates you to use the same serial key for using again a savefile (I say this to you from first hand), but I'm discarding options to understand better the situation, so I will take you're hypothesis as the most probably from now. Anyway, fortunately I didn't advanced so much in MW, so I don't feel so "sad". Thanks for you're support.

    Note I: Thanks, you too have a good English (at least from my perspective).
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    Well, thank you. Have a good day then.
  5. Aaron700

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    You too.

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