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Can’t move casks iOS

Discussion in 'Support' started by ArcanaNoir, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. ArcanaNoir

    ArcanaNoir Space Hobo

    Version 1.20, iOS version 11.4.1
    I can’t move casks. When I try to move a cask that’s in the cellar, I just get the same non-response like when you try to chop down a plant that isn’t choppable. When I try to move a cask that is not in the cellar (whoops!) I get the notification “can only be used in the cellar”. I have tried using all of my tools. The casks are empty. When I had an older version I was able to move casks with no problems. My tools are iridium grade.
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    • knk2317932

      knk2317932 Seal Broken

      The same thing is happening to me (except my casks are not empty, I’m currently aging Ancient Fruit Wine) and I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING. Have you had any luck?
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      • Zanden

        Zanden Space Hobo

        Same here. I put cask in my shed and cellar and cannot remove them empty or full. I’ve tried all tools.
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        • knk2317932

          knk2317932 Seal Broken

          What do we need to do to fix this?! It’s driving me crazy!
          • Alison-Yumiko

            Alison-Yumiko Intergalactic Tourist

            It was possible to move casks before the recent updates, but now it is not possible - I am also on ios (iPhone)
            • Zanden

              Zanden Space Hobo

              Same. I guess wait until the next update see if it’s fixed :/
              • Mamas2Girls

                Mamas2Girls Space Hobo

                I’m having the exact same issue and it’s time to harvest my wine.
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                • MizzSmartyPants

                  MizzSmartyPants Intergalactic Tourist

                  This is also an issue on Android. I haven't found anyone else reporting it for Android yet.

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