"Camera linked to mouse" switcher + ingame zoom.

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Rin-Kin, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Rin-Kin

    Rin-Kin Phantasmal Quasar

    As we know CTRL allows us to move camera to different position and lock it there on release.
    Second press of CTRL returns the camera back to original position.
    Technically you CAN move camera along with the mouse, but you have to hold CTRL to do that.
    Would be convinient to have a switch like CAPSLOCK to link camera to mouse like CTRL does, and release it when pressed the second time.

    Also there is a ZOOM option in game menu, that you can use and it changes zoom instantly, but to do so you need to make 4-5 clicks.
    Wouldnt it be more usefull to link this option to say, PGUP PGDOWN?
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  2. Steveman

    Steveman Yeah, You!

    Love this idea. I'm trying to learn to mod just so I can try to add this feature...I have no idea how to figure it out and would love help.
  3. Jake10

    Jake10 Space Hobo

    I think that the zoom in and out hotkey is essential. The amount of times I have to go into the menu just to zoom in and out in a play through is mental. Having your game zoomed out gives you an advantage when spotting enemies and treasure however, for combat it is much more effective to have your game zoomed in so you can see the enemies better in relation to your character. I hope this gets added soon :)

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