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    First off, congrats to Apple's App Store editorial staff for having the good sense to celebrate an _honest_ game maker for once, in their feature on CA/Stardew today (not some shady data-harvesting/ad-funded F2P/IAP pushing a venal veneer of "entertainment"*). But for us forum-goers, I think the most interesting tidbit is his saying at the end he'd like to add "new and interesting areas". Absolutely nothing in the way of indicating per se how that consideration sits as a priority relative to the zillion others vying for his attention, but I'm excited to hear he's dedicating that kind of creative attention to Stardew. He had said before there would be more than the 1.4 he's currently working on but this is the first public indication, to my knowledge, of the type of scope he's considering beyond that version.

    P. S. He mentions Dead Cells which is way too gross for me but its anti-aliased pixel art style is perfectly done, right down to pixellated strobing of parallaxed sprites and textures' line-work (e.g. the supporting pillars of the docks and the player avatar's scarf) all with an invisibly fluid framerate. I crave this look but in free-roam 3D with radiosity lighting and effects like specularity, which would probably be tricky to pull off. I dearly loved Ōkami's art style, as well as Jet Set Radio's, and I wonder whether or not stroke-based elements like theirs could somehow stay coherent in a pixellated take. But that honestly deserves to be its own whole separate discussion.

    * Not that they never have (e.g. Monument Valley), just that the vast majority that they have were not (not least because their store's incentives disempower indies and reward, however inadvertently, bottom-feeders—IMO, obvs).
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