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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Digus, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Digus

    Digus Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm renaming classes, namespaces, project, manifest and stuff.
    I'm trying to do is as transparent as possible for the user. But the update process will still require people to copy the mod "data" directory into new mod folder. If trying to load the new version with the old one still their, the SMAPI log will show a error instructing the user to copy their data folder and deleting the old mod folder. The new version will not load in that case.
    I fixed the but with the Glazed Ham letter. It won't require tools upgrades anymore to avoid problem. It was to much trouble to do what I wanted. I just razed the Geodes cracked needed to 80 instead of 60.
    I also implemented a possible fix for the Rancher Profession affecting meat prices not working on Mac and Linux. But I can't test it since I don't have neither of these OS.
    I'm also still working on the front image for the modding page.

    I still need to work on the code for replacing the Meat Cleaver and Insemination Syringe when loading. Since I'm changing namespace of their classes, CustomElementHandler will not work and people will have a trash item on their inventory or chests. But it should not be difficult to replace them on load.
    worst case scenario people will receive the new version again in the mail, and will need to trash the old item.
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    • Digus

      Digus Cosmic Narwhal

      I warned Platonymous about the problem and he fixed it on version 1.1.1, so you can update to that version if you want. If ButcherMod is your only mod depending on it, it's not needed thought.
      • Digus

        Digus Cosmic Narwhal

        Here is the new front image of the mod.
        I might adjust something before releasing next version, but it's done for now.
        • Karmylla

          Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

          That looks GORGEOUS, holy moly!!! Nice job!
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          • Digus

            Digus Cosmic Narwhal

            Thank you!

            I was up late to finish it, could not sleep without it.
            But after working on it for days, only after posting here I saw I misspelled husbandry...
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            • Ichimatsu

              Ichimatsu Big Damn Hero

              To be fair, I didn't notice until you pointed that out :catxD:
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              • Digus

                Digus Cosmic Narwhal

                The end of the year is a really busy time, so I haven't been having time to work on the mod.
                Last night I was looking into how gifting work in the game. It's implemented in the NPC class, not in the Character class. FarmAnimals are Character, but not NPC, so there is no easy way to give them items the same way you give NPCs.
                So I'm going with a tool to feed them. I'm thinking of a feeding basket. I could use Linus basket as a base sprite and work from it.
                It would work similar to the insemination syringe to load vegetables and fruits.
                I'm still deciding if animals will only have one food they eat, or if an animal will have a favorite food, but you could give any for a lesser effect. The problem with that is because it would be more difficult to balance. I don't want people using just the cheapest food.
                Feeding will have a limit any way. I'm thinking of a treat every 4 days. But I could also do other limits, like 2 per week if only one per day. Or a 5 day cooldown for 2 different food.
                Anyway, this is just thinking.
                My first goal is to finish the changing name of the mod.
                The only thing I'm planing for next version beside bug fixes is to implement custom likes and dislikes for the villagers.
                I looked on how to do it without editing the game files. It should not be difficult. I found out that Alex already loves Steak with Mushrooms and Rabbit Stew, and Sam loves Bacon Cheese Burger and Steak Fajitas. Don't know why CA implemented it that way, but I'm not changing it.
                All raw meat will be a default dislike and the meal are already default to like.
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                • thewheatcrew

                  thewheatcrew Space Hobo

                  Thanks for the news. I don't use any other mods that depend on CustomTV but I will still update.
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                  • Luckstergal

                    Luckstergal Aquatic Astronaut

                    Oho! Definitely going to install and try this later! While I understand that CA just didn't have the heart to pull through with the butcher aspect, the lack of it has always bothered me when it comes to full fledged farmer life.

                    I'll wait until the next update you're working on before adding it! Awesome work from what I have seen here so far!
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                    • Digus

                      Digus Cosmic Narwhal

                      I'm still not having much time to work on the mod.
                      I already did everything needed to changing the name. I will test a little more, but it seems to be working. I'm only checking the player inventory and the chests around the world for the meat cleaver and insemination syringe. If anyone is placing them on the Mill or on the Junimo Hut it will not work. It's the same check I do for the letters. Since no one complained of receiving a Meat Clever everyday, I think this test is enough.

                      Now I'm going thought every villager to decide on their likes and dislikes for the dishes. It is boring but should not take long.

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