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  1. WoodSkip

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    At the moment you can only visit the calico Desert... that's it..
    My idea is able to visit other small towns around the the valley..

    Now just a second people.. I do have a way for this to work without becoming OP.
    1) The community Center has to be completed.
    2) At lest 6 Hearts with Every NPC in the Valley, including Sandy.
    3) Discover 10 Notes that allow you to discover routes to the towns.. each town requires 10 notes to be found. These notes are hard will be hard to find.
    4) Have one big town you can visit but you have to have all artifacts donated to Gunther, as a reward he will give you the last 10th Note to that big town.

    What will the new towns be like?
    1) One big town with smaller towns around the map.
    2) Each town will limit you on where you can explore, until you become friends with 'x' amount of NPC's or complete 'x' amount of quests in those places. The more you visit, the more you become friends, the more of the town you can explore and find new items for other missions/quests in those towns or the main Valley.
    3) The big town will only be accessible once your 3rd year has passed. Grandpa leaving you with note 9 to the big town..
    4) A monument to place completed notes, likely kept in the dark forest as thats the only place that doesn't get much use. Maybe a secret passage behind that Yoba like statue.
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    • Andunelen

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      And let's also make Pam be at the Bus Stop at 9am!
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      • Nebuli

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        taking this idea to another level.. wouldn't it be cool if you could use the bus to travel to your real life friend's farms to see what they are doing with the game? Maybe you could help them out by petting their animals or give them gifts to help with their game.
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        • Fuzzyman

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          But she's dealing with a hangover
          • DarkJustice

            DarkJustice Yeah, You!

            I like that idea
            • Fuzzyman

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              For the way the story goes, I'd have another NPC get a part time job, maybe Sam or Shane and have them be at the bus stop at 7 until 9 and have an hour break until 10 when Pam shows up

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