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Bugs i found & Ideas

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by leonD, Aug 21, 2016.


Did you also had those "bugs"?

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  1. leonD

    leonD Cosmic Narwhal

    I lately full upgrated my Ship to max (Looki looki here :D ; i think since i cant buy any more) And played some intense Starbound and found some stuff which might need a "fix" coz i guess not its right working (AS INFO: I play Survival):

    - The weapon Zephyr Spark Launcher
    This weapon is able to hurt "everything": Yourself, your pet, animals, crew, enemys, NPCs, etc. Since i doubt that should be "normal", it should get a fix.

    - Quartermaster at the Avian Airship
    The Quartermaster at the Avian Airship stucks around (mostly) near the capitans room, saying stuff like "follow me for my goods" but doesnt move a bit. I cant buy any weapons from him since it looks like he deosnt have a "place" where he could sell his guns and like. there is also the other "normal" merchant which only sellls his normal stuff but i mean the "gun merchant".

    - Burning Citys on vulcano/ fiery Stars & Like (Ember weather)
    The problem i had is if citys and like are placed on planets where it is able to have the "ember" weather. If it rains this fire and youre in/near a city, sometimes you get the blame for the houses "getting destroyed" (they burn down). Either a guard will tell you or sometimes you take, even if you dont want, the fallen blocks (doors, chests, etc) which are not burned by the fire but not able to stand anymore, with you and you are blamed for "theft" those - so that every NPC in the city begins to attack you for no reason.

    That are so far the "bugs" i found, which might need a fix i guess.

    I also have some ideas which might help, at least, in the endgame and might be very usefull.

    - EPP "2nd Argument" upgrate
    Mostly in the later game, i find that you just "need" to wear the EPP - i must admit i good use(d) it 90% of the game (in the beginning i used the lamp on the stick but since i use the EPP). So its also hard that you can only put 1 Argument into the EPP since some stuff should be also used with it in a combo - like the "light argument". the problem is, i also found a "damage argument" before i found a light, and light is a "need" if you are going to farm stuff underground (sure, i use torches). So my idea would be that the player is able to "install" a 2nd Argument upgrate that you can put 2 arguments into the EPP - Like Light & Damage or whatever the player like. You also should be able to actually "switch" them coz as soon as you put a new Argument into the EPP, the old gets "destroyed". the "update" could be a argument self which installs, insteed of a argument, a second slot - so you have 2 free slots. The player should be able to build it somehow but i guess not before "durasteel" tier best, in my opinion. To quote myself ( a later answer in this thread):
    - Faster building "after time"
    If youre building a bunch of stuff like medicin or food, it might needs "longer" then if you "just make 1". My idea would be that, as more you build, as less it needs time.
    As sample: if you build 50 Bandages, the first ones take the "normal" time to build but for each bandage you build, the building time is lowerd by (as sample) 0,75-0,50% (so a half %) and max down to maybe 75-50% of the normal build time. That helps more to build stuff you might need in mass since i builded ones stuff for medecin and like (coz i runned out of them) but i really needed pretty long.

    That are my ideas and Bugs i found so far, if you like or stuff like, write a comment below (and yea, i duno where i should place the thread tbh...)
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
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  2. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Yeah, I'd be pretty keen for a second EPP augment slot. Even if it is only something you have to unlock by spending resources or building a certain tier of EPP. I'd love to be able to use the light augment and the healing one.
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  3. leonD

    leonD Cosmic Narwhal

    yea, its hard mostly in the later game (like fiery planets) where you need to get somehow light and a damage boost (or like) and you have to wear the EPP - i mean there is the light-backpack, the Xenon Pack (as sample; another "more or less bad" opinion WOULD be this...), which you can build in the later game but you cant use it on those planets, you know (coz of toxic, frozen or fiery stuff...).
  4. Tamorr

    Tamorr Supernova

    Haven't run into most those.. Only 2. The town blame one, and obviously of course the EPP; that is more a design choice. Although would be nice to have a second aug slot. Then it would truly be mix n match.

    Funny thought on the blame one. The last planet I walked through a glitch village, and it started. I didn't get blame. Then again I was not in line of sight of the people when it happened. I just pressed forward checking their storage items for anything I want. Still not a single spear. By the end of that walk through the rain had stopped, and I moved on. I think that was the only time I had not gotten the blame for what happened. I guess it was because it started while I was mid stroll through their village. Surprised I didn't see a meteor the whole time I was on that planet.

    Anyway I have seen times they would blame me for damages, but I just think those sort of villages shouldn't really spawn on those worlds. I think their should be villages made for each race specifically for those worlds; in that it is not made from burning materials. Maybe even make a new block for floran that is a combination of plant and metal that is resistant to fire. After all I would think if one was to live on such a planet they would build to protect against their worst enemy. :nurutease:

    As to the rocket launcher you mentioned; assuming that is what it is. It is AOE, and well goes to say aim carefully. Another reason i don't use those things... Not used that one though. I think it is part of how it is suppose to work, assuming it is indeed a rocket launcher; unless I am mistaken. Easily one of the highest damage weapons, yet should have a drawback, and obviously it hurting all could very well be the drawback. Just my perspective on it.

    Oh wait I have seen the merchant get stuck on the avian airship. It was stuck on the steps near where it was suppose to go. Just glitching if that is what you would call it. studder stop studder stop. Basically in place as if was embedded in a single stair. Or foot caught in it. Oh well, that was also on the same planet I mentioned above, surprised the fire storm was not active while I was on that ship, unless I am getting my planet runs confused... I go to so many.

    The wait time on crafting... I don't mind. Although should have something to upgrade to make it go faster like the furnace does with copper. With certain ones... Still early for me, I'mma grab my cup of coffee tea.:nuruhappy:

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