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Bug/Issue Bug/Suggestion Collective (Possible Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Molvonos, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Molvonos

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    There's a chance that planting flowers(might be other plantables as well) will result in Weeds. Weeds have no value and three different variations (None, Silver, and Gold Star). If you end up pulling weeds in your Greenhouse, you'll be able to pull an infinite amount and be unable to use your pick (or anything else) to remove the offending seeds.

    Reproducible?: Unsure. I'm using Iridium Sprinklers and have a wide variety of plantables from throughout the year.

    Spouse Ghostwalk:
    I went with Leah (Mah waifu), one night, I forgot to pet the cat, who was nestled just in front of the bed. After clicking on the cat and getting the heart emote, Leah, who had been sleeping soundly moments before, did a Question Mark emote and immediately beat feet due east, right through her special art room and every physical object that stood in her way.

    I suspect she was scared of toxoplasmosis, as she was pregnant at the time.

    Reproducible?: I haven't seen it since, but I've noticed others making comments about it.

    Spooky, scary Skele-- Wedding:
    After proposing to Leah and going about my business, Tuesday (three days later) snuck up on me. After going to bed to move onto Tuesday, the screen faded out and I was immediately greeted with the Wedding Scene. However, several things caught my attention.

    1. Lack of a background: It was black, rather than having a 'sky' template.
    2. Cackling: There was a female-soundbyte cackling repeatedly, twice initially and once more, while Lewis was doing his spiel before the game errored out.
    3. Lack of a Groom: My character's sprite was missing entirely. I was afraid he slept through his own wedding and had cold feet, leaving my precious Leah to the cold of an unforgiving autumn night
    This crashes the game. It took me several reboots and super-fast clickings later for it to get through enough to save, before crashing. When I opened it up after that save settled in, the wedding went without a hitch. Marnie's weird.

    Possible Bug and/or Suggestion:

    Spouse Activity:
    I'm unsure if our spouses are supposed to go about their normal business (or a variation therein) after getting married, however, in my experiences with Leah I've seen the following.

    She doesn't leave the property unless there's an event. I kind of miss seeing her on the beach or at the lake just west of her (old) house.

    After she's had a child, she has not yet gone back to her painting easel. I've found her in a total of 2 places, either at the stove or outside on the porch having done some of my chores for me.

    **Suggestion: Add in unique interactions that occasionally happen. Leah, for example, makes wooden statues or gives you drift wood (That she couldn't use for her statues), something small. Abigail gives you broken CDs, etc. I've seen that Leah can get really bitey and show emotion (I gave Haley a salad, somehow the misses found out I gave a 'secret present' to Haley and got jealous).

    **Suggestion: I don't really like the overall vibe I'm getting with Leah. I don't know the Relationship storylines with the other spouses, but here's the basic run-down with Leah. Jealous Boyfriend calls and gets into an arguement with Leah. Jealous boyfriend shows up at her Art Show (I noticed, with my discerning eye being the douchebag he was), Jealous boyfriend shows up at picknick uninvited and, because of my choice, gets knocked right the heck out by Leah.

    I loved this, it showed that she had personality, she was passionate and was unwavering and me, having made the choices I did, showed her absolute support. However, after the wedding, she never leaves home, rarely does anything involving her passion, gets jealous if I give gifts to other people and says, more or less, 'I miss the people in town, tell them hi when you see them.'

    This isn't really ok by me and it makes me disappointed in choosing Leah. I expected a strong woman and ended up with precisely the opposite after the fact.

    Fiddlehead Ferns:
    They can't be planted. They're not bought (I've never seen it on the Gypsy, even after checking all year long, so I might be wrong). Supposedly they're foraged up in the forest south of the farm, during the summer. Again, I missed it an entire year. I'm three items away from completing the Community Center -- Truffle (I have pigs, waiting for winter to end so they can truffle shuffle), Duck Feather (haven't had them drop yet, but I know it's a distinct possibility), and the Fiddlehead Fern. I've opened up the Desert and got my hopes up when I saw Sandy (haw haw) had seed packs. I was equally gloomy when none of them were my ferns.

    Perhaps the spawn-rate needs to be adjusted slightly.

    20 Lumber to make a single piece of Coal? I can live with that, however my level 10 mining perk doesn't seem to give me more coal, since I'm not finding it. Also, I don't seem to be getting more coal for having the mining perk, as I've gone through the entirety of the first dungeon several times, only to come away with maybe 10 pieces.

    "This house is a mess! I can't get anywhere!":
    I don't know how to fix this. It appears that when Leah (enter your spouse here) tries to go somewhere and there's something in her path, she grumbles and fusses. I tested this theory by removing the plasma TV temporarily. She immediately restarted her path and stared at the painting that was hiding behind the TV. Occasionally, she'll make this remark in the kitchen, staring at the kitchen table and chairs, yet nothing I can do to will appease her. I'm more curious about the logic behind the sprite's movement tables and how this outcome happens.

    I'd say give the spouse the capacity to move your furniture around how they see fit, but I feel we'd have tables in the walls and my poor cat might end up outside the boundary of reality, forever meowing for love and adoration until the next day.

    That's it for now. It's 2:20am in the morning and I'm tired. I'll update this as needed.
    • steffjes

      steffjes Big Damn Hero

      You can get fiddlehead ferns during the summer in this location: ( THEY SPAWN A LOT ) - Not rare at all

      secret forest (Just above wizard tower)
      • Molvonos

        Molvonos Space Spelunker

        Mushroom, Mushroom?
        Location: Mines
        Reproducible?: Yes
        Trying to pick up red mushrooms while inventory is full makes sprite on ground disappear and it looks as if you're picking up 'Fiber', without anything going into your inventory (for obvious reasons).

        Where are I going?!
        Location: Anywhere
        Reproducible?: Yes
        Occasionally, if you loot ground-spawns while moving, you'll be locked into running in that direction for a prolonged period of time.
        • Molvonos

          Molvonos Space Spelunker

          Leah's got eyes for Brunette Fabio
          Location: Spring Dance
          Reproducible?: Yes
          So I expected the fact I could and should be able to dance with Leah again, now that i've made her my wife. After asking if we were going home soon and telling me not to worry, that she's not going to talk to any guys ( >:C ), she refused to dance with me. But, she'll dance with Elliot instead, since that's her male 'counter'. Can we make bottles of poison to give him? Yes? Or, just being able to dance with the lady who bore my character's child would be spiffy too.

          Location: Farm, southwest corner
          Reproducible?: Unsure
          I have my second set of barn/coop set up in the southwestern corner, where my pigs, sheep and ducks are located. There is a Truffle that I should be able to grab, out of reach up on the ledge that creates a natural barrier. I NEED TO GET LEWIS HIS MARNIE LUBE!
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          • Kit Ballard

            Kit Ballard Tentacle Wrangler

            I'd like to also voice my troubles with this issue, specially since my house looks like this:
            I don't know what she's trying to Nav-path too, but she should have full reign of the house.
            • PeanutButterCupquake

              PeanutButterCupquake Void-Bound Voyager

              Thank you! I am not the only one who thinks he looks like Fabio!
              • Kit Ballard

                Kit Ballard Tentacle Wrangler

                I think I've figured it out. The, er, Nav-Path problem. The game is trying to make them walk to a side of the prop that's blocked, by say a wall, and they are getting frustrated. So instead of the game trying to pick a new side of an object for them to "stare" at, they just instantly give up and complain.

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