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Bug reports for Risk of Rain 1.0.2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by needsomemiracle, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. SethKipz

    SethKipz Aquatic Astronaut

    I've been occasionally encountering this as well, but just closing and reopening the game fixes it for me.
    • Calming Effect

      Calming Effect Space Spelunker

      should have screened what I got, it was barbed wire, not warbanner ( looks like thats the back item in the picture).
      • Alucard I

        Alucard I King Homestuck I

        Imp's Tentacle stops working when you activate gate switch in Risk of Rain level.
        • needsomemiracle

          needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Typo in the Wicked Ring's description:
          "The King used to sacrifice one of his own sons to embue the ring with dark spirits."
          And also Telescopic Sight:
          "... and comes with infared attachments and built-in distance finder".
          • nobleEightfold

            nobleEightfold Space Hobo

            -The arrow indicating left-over monsters' positions will point to ghosts created by Jar of Souls or Happiest Mask effects. Not sure if this is intended.

            -Pressing the jump button during the game over screen after a death that occurred during a teleporter event will move the text that indicates how much time or monsters are left up and down as if the player were actually jumping. Not really a priority but an obvious glitch that is slightly amusing.

            Apologies if these have been reported (I didn't see them in the overall list in the first post).
            • V3nom

              V3nom Starship Captain

              Another thing I just seen : The Magma Worm seems to be something like "immune" to Evicerate.
              (but it can be weird or problematic to make the Mercenary follow the worm's head)
              • Dennis

                Dennis Subatomic Cosmonaut

                It also removes $75 from your bank but gives you one of the items, resulting in negative money values.
                • nobleEightfold

                  nobleEightfold Space Hobo

                  In my experience the game closes on locking too.
                  • PixelScum

                    PixelScum Orbital Explorer

                    I'm gonna be honest, the Imp's Tentacle stops working or stops working right if you just look at it funny. I've never gotten my imp to attack anything.
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                    • Mianso

                      Mianso Black Hole Surfer

                      Well, it's a fun bug, feel free to not fix it. The flame drone when destroyed drop 2 damaged flame drones on the ground. Let me explain:

                      RoR topscore.png

                      It was originally a single drone. Of course you need money to exploit it anyway.
                      • Kavrick

                        Kavrick Void-Bound Voyager

                        After the first level you cant put your mouse over your skills to see what they do
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                        • Stovepipes

                          Stovepipes Void-Bound Voyager

                          Acrid, Miner, and Han-D still cannot be unlocked in multiplayer. The proper layouts spawn, but they still won't be where they should be. The bloated survivor might also be a part of this bug; I've never seen him in a multiplayer game either despite getting Hive Cluster dozens of times.
                          • Shwez

                            Shwez Aquatic Astronaut

                            I got crazy endless error writing bug, make the game almost unplayable..

                            I was testing out on getting all 76 passive items, curious if I can go into 5th row. As I hit Item no. 72 (last slot of 4th row), the game goes into this endless error logging, that make my character stutters in movements and disappear.

                            It seem that whenever errors came up, it release your input as you press down a key which make the stutters. Hardly noticeable if it's just one error.

                            This was in the error file, repeated thousands time.
                            ERROR in
                            action number 8
                            of Draw Event
                            for object oHUD:
                            Error in code at line 20:
                            at position 40: Unknown variable item or array index out of bounds
                            And this is the screenshot after beating the final boss. Notice the error kept going, and 4th row items.


                            Edit: OH! Woops, already reported (post #64). Sorry.
                              Last edited: Nov 15, 2013
                            • V3nom

                              V3nom Starship Captain

                              At the final screen (when you have finished, or you get killed) with the huntress, her character shows only her legs at the top right of the stats screen.
                              • Felonious

                                Felonious Existential Complex

                                This also happens when playing multiplayer. If the Huntress attacks off screen, the sprite in her bubble becomes a set of disembodied legs.
                                • needsomemiracle

                                  needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  The Sawmarang does not always correctly detect where the Huntress is facing.
                                  • warlocked200

                                    warlocked200 Starship Captain

                                    Rusty Jetpack jump animation still plays if you press jump while in Enforcer shield mode.
                                    I like making fart noises when I do this...I'm immature.
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                                    • PixelScum

                                      PixelScum Orbital Explorer

                                      I hope this isn't a bug but a feature. :V
                                      • MentleBen

                                        MentleBen Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Just had an.... interesting glitch. I was at the top right of the tundra level on top of the bridge next to the edge of the level and there were 2 Ifrit there. I activated unstable watch to get some free hits in and instead of stopping they continually slid to the right until they disappeared off the map causing them to "die". They dropped no items as far as i can tell because they were no longer visible.
                                        • warlocked200

                                          warlocked200 Starship Captain

                                          Tesla Coil damages ghosts created by Happiest Mask/Jar of Souls.
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